The Sleepy, Eastern Washington Wheat Town Of Antioch Has Become A Gateway For The Supernatural From Sightings Of Angels And A Weeping Crucifix To A Self Proclaimed Prophet With An Astounding MessageThe National Media And The Curious All Flock To The Little Town A Great Boon For Local Business But Not For Travis Jordan The Burned Out Former Pastor Has Been Trying To Hide His Past In Antioch Now The Whole World Is Headed To His Backyard To Find The Messiah, And In The Process, Every Spiritual Assumption He Has Ever Held Will Be Challenged The Startling Secret Behind This Visitation Ultimately Pushes One Man Into A Supernatural Confrontation That Has Eternal Consequences

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    Peretti can run hot and cold but here he s in top form as we follow the twin stories that make up this book Good drama with just enough humor.There are some efforts by Peretti that haven twell, haven t been my cup of tea I like his attitude and his point of view, but sometimes his storytelling in my opinion of course leaves a little to be desired In this case however I found myself getting involved with the injured minister and the people around him To say too much about what I like will entail spoilers but I will say that the supernatural story here meshes well with the life story of the minister The story of his journey from a personal shattering through the horror that settles on the people around him drew me in and held me It s well told, sprinkled with just enough humor to leaven it during the horror type story.I like it and while I originally gave it 4 stars upon reflection I m moving my rating up to 5 view spoiler This is overtly a Christian story concerning a minister who has lost his wife and had his life shatter around him He s crawled back into a shell and is doing his best to pull it in behind himself He s basically saying, leave me alone And mostly he s saying it to a gung ho new young minister who is enthusiastically intent on helping his predecessor That s whether the said predecessor our protagonist wants his help or not.In the midst of all this a mysterious young man along with an equally mysterious or even mysterious entourage arrives in town doing miracles There is a strange fanatical religious reaction to the young man and his followers that ranges from the eccentrically humorous My soul doth magnify the Lord and behold, peas are 3 for a dollar intones one woman in a grocery store to the dangerous protection of their young..messiah. with lethal force if necessary Is Brandon who he s leading people to think he is Good book.By the way, two things This is overtly a Christian book as I said before If that s not what you re looking for be aware Also, some seem to think the book uses parody of Pentecostal beliefs I don t see that The story does deal with the damage dogma can do when applied judgmentally Christians, as do all people who hold strong beliefs must be careful not to get into a them and vs us frame of mind Having been called to share the Gospel the Good News with all mankind our differences in belief, need to be held subordinate to that Gospel What is the Good News That God has made provision for ALLthat s ALL people Doctrine is of course important, it s how we come to know and relate to God Here Peretti looks at what can happen if we allow our rules about our denomination to become to us the gospel We see characters pictured here who will be familiar to many of us The biggest mistake we could make is to get judgmental about them, thus making the same mistake many in the book make A misguided young man here sets out thinking that he has some extra special calling from God and that people just need to recognize it I m speaking here of the protagonist in his youth Brandon doesn t think his calling is from God He s an example of someone wounded by a lie, by cruelty, an evil done in God s name He thinks he hates God based on this lie The hero of the book has a difficult road to get to the reality of God The book isn t parody it s about love The Love that originates in God hide spoiler

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    Peretti presents an interesting topic How many of us know what the Bible says about Jesus return How will we know him How can we be sure A prophet who seems to be Jesus appears in Antioch He works miracles and inspires people all over the nation to come to the small town and worship him Members of the Ministerial society don t know what to think about him, so how can the expect their members to Formal Pentecostal Minister, Travis Jordan, is skeptical from the beginning, even though he is one of the first people to actually talk to the man This whole story is a reference to the passage in Revelations that warns us that people will come in Jesus name and will deceive even the elect Peretti works out the confusion in town in the fast paced, action packed style he is known for There is a lot of action, a little romance, and a lot of Biblical truth presented in a very interesting, page turning style.

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    As a Christian author myself, I m interested in the genre, especially the fiction side Peretti is the dean of Christian supernatural fiction, and this book another of his fine entries, but it seems whenever anyone tries to make spiritual battles into physical ones, the result is strangely anti climactic and unsatisfying, perhaps because the greatest conflicts exist in the human heart, and when you try to put those conflicts into the workaday world, they seem somehow less compelling Nevertheless, if you re interested in this genre, this book is well worth the time.

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    I didn t know what I was going to get myself into reading a well known Christian author s novel for the first time I saw that quite a few of my friends and people I follow on Goodreads had read this novel Almost everyone gave it a 4 5, and I m here thinking like, So why the one less star I really understand why now The Visitation has a very interesting premise and it is an all around good novel I think the only reason why someone might not enjoy it so much is the fact that it s dragged out a little too much and the change between point of views from First person to Third can get some people I know, cough Melanie cough , REALLY annoyed AND Peretti also throws in so many characters at the same time, I needed to go back a couple of pages to remember who was who I m not kidding like 30 40 characters.seriously.The plot s simple Charming dude arrives at a town Happens to look like Jesus Performs miracles People praise him and call him the Messiah Most of the town s ministers and pastors, I use that word very loosely, are like And the only concerned minister, Kyle, is urgently trying to convince Travis Jordan, the protagonist when the point of view isn t Third Person , to help him unmask the supposed Jesus Travis, a former pastor, however, is pretty sick of church and church related stuff to give mind to any nut considering himself to be the Messiah I mean, Travis is fed up Then it came the one sentence predestined from all eternity for this moment, this place exactly what it would take to set me off Travis, we re going to take this city for Christ I would have to quote two full pages to show you his response to that statement And, boy, was it caliente Basically Pastor Kyle Sherman, dreams and goals in ministry are fine and good, but spare me this take the town for Christ stuff I ve been taking as much of this town as wants to go for the past fifteen years I ve been there, done that, got the t shirt, and the town and I are sick of it He looked up at me from the couch His face seemed so different, so tranquil, when his mouth wasn t moving You seem bitter Yup, yes Yes Indeed he was.Relatable It was so easy too easy to relate to Travis What true follower of Christ hasn t gotten sick of the church and one way or the other its unloving behavior Remember I told you earlier that this novel seems to drag out a lot In this, it does Don t get me wrong, it s detrimental for character development And it s very therapeutic to someone like me who s been through similar circumstances Reading some of the earlier chapters where Travis reminisces of his past, I swear it was like reading a journal by 15 year old Bianca ranting about the things she d seen at church Almost every messed up thing someone in the novel said or did I ve seen, too Very therapeutic and sincere book for people to understand that while people fail you, whether they re believers or non, church or the world, Jesus never will.The real Jesus, of course Not the fake one in the book.Though the novel drags in some areas, the story does get interesting and sinister as it goes To paraphrase another review, The Visitation is a novel in which Christians need discernment to understand why not everyone that says Lord Lord is of God Terrific story overall The Visitation will definitely not be the last novel I ll read by Frank Peretti.

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    What a fascinating book I don t usually like Peretti s novels too much his writing style longwindedness get on my nerves but this one gripped me and didn t let go Travis is so great, as are Kyle and Marian It was interesting, seeing the different denominations portrayed in this book, as were all of Travis flashbacks Overall, an excellent thriller I just wish that Nicholls had been saved in the end Incidentally, this is the second Christian novel I ve read where someone comes along, claiming to be Jesus, and deceives a whole bunch of people the other one being Tartarus by Jack Cavanaugh It s pretty freaky, the way so many people fall for it I can t say which take on the idea I like better they re both well written and chilling.

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    I thought that this book was good

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    When I first picked up The Visitation, I had one question that I desperately wanted to know the answer to How would Frank Peretti depict the man known as the Antichrist Would he use biblical allusions or create a fictional character These questions were clearly answered in the book The book takes place in the small sleepy town of Antioch, Washington The last thing this town would ever expect is the supernatural There are sightings of angles and messianic images, and a crucifix cries liquid that can heal any physical limitations Above all, a self proclaimed prophet appears claming to be Jesus Nobody dares to face his transcendence Except for one man named Travis Jordon Travis Jordon, the protagonist, is a burnt out former pastor from Antioch He has been trying to hide his past ever since the death of his wife About one quarter of this book is about Travis s past Those parts are boring and hard to read because they seem irrelevant to the story In reality they are really important This is the only reason I demoted the book from five stars to four stars It was like reading a book within a book Brandon Nichols, Antioch s Messiah, is the antagonist in this book He is self proclaimed prophet claiming to be Jesus He is the reason this book is so excellent The chapters involving his preaching and performances of his supernatural abilities are exceptionally exciting I also truly enjoy when he argues with Travis This is Peretti s version of Satan vs God or good vs evil Brandon s messed up mind fools with everybody else s, converting them to his side He tears away at peoples hearts but heals their physical limitations He heals the outside but destroys the inside The book has deep religious overtones Travis Jordon is a devout Christian and Brandon Nichols is proclaiming to be Jesus and wants to turn everyone away from God Brandon challenges every spiritual assumption that Travis all Christians have This leads to citizens of Antioch turning away from God and fallowing Brandon Peretti spectacularly weaves together the background stories of Travis and Brandon Throughout the book the theme of similarity between these two is very apparent Travis says My hunch is, he s looking for some kind of sympathy, some kind of justification for what he s doing He thinks I ll agree with himHe s after me because he thinks we have something in common 197 One obvious similarity that they have in common is that they both believe in a man called Jesus Travis believes in a Jesus that came down from Heaven acting as the scapegoat of the human race Brandon believes he is a new and improved Jesus The irony throughout this book is that the true attributes of Jesus shine through Travis like love, kindness, and patience The opposite comes from Brandon like his hatred for everything everyone and his attitude toward others These twin stories come to a smashing conclusion in the end Travis s relationship with Brandon is very much like Clarice Starling s relationship with Dr Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs Even though they are opposites, they seem to understand each other It is a very interesting and intriguing part of the story line I really enjoyed reading this book Peretti s writing is at times slow but at others times perfect His choice of language throughout the story makes you believe that you are a human who lives in Antioch experiencing these supernatural events He especially does a good job crafting Brandon into a possible Antichrist that we might see someday Frank Peretti strongly shows his message to the reader on how faith and trust in God will prevail over evil, no matter the opponent Interesting enough, The Visitationwas made into a movie in 2006.

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    I have heard great things about this writer and even Ted Dekker was compared to his work also read the book they did together and seen the movie via DVD I read another previous work and thought it was an okay read Now reading this one, caught my interest at certain peaks, and think it is quite a bit long with some of the backstoriestoo many characters to keep up withis my only downfall with this read Aside from my minor dislikes, I do like the biblical messages given and stated religion is a cry of the human heart for meaningtradition has its myths and visitationsinstead are worshipping idols by waiting and seeking God, the image it represents paraphrased As a Bible Study teacher, this is so beneficial in an upcoming lesson He emphasizes on regular people where some are always in church every Sunday, habitual attenders just for show reminds me of the Pharisees, religious leaders I think of all kinds of things to do to please God Spiritual band aids and need to PTL praise the Lord I love these symbolic terms and initials used over, he touches on wolves in sheep clothing this type of deception will cost people souls straight to HELL I hope to complete this read in the next couple of days Visitation has too many characters to keep up with but they all have similar occurrences with the visitor Some are skeptics believing its the Antichrist as others believe it is the Messiah Early on I agree with the skeptics since the Bible states when Christ returns that He will not touch the Earth again with his feet but come as He left in the sky I was interested in finding out about this visitation that goes from a mystery man to a mystery event to a great suspicion that took until the very end of a real thrill Leisure read 2015

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    HERE is my all time favorite Peretti novel Now, about thrillers They have a very natural tendency to be extremely plot driven Granted, a good thriller requires a tight, unexpected plot in order to be a page turner A lot of thriller authors, however, construct this awesome, mind blowing plot, but give little or not attention to the painting of their characters Peretti handles this masterfully He populates his exciting stories with characters that are rounded out with style and quirks.

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    Extraordinary novel, in which the description of Christian life in America seemed to overshadow the actual supernatural plot, until you discover that they merge beautifully in the end With this novel, I can put Frank Peretti next to C.S Lewis and William Peter Blatty in my personal list of Christian authors, who left deep impression to me with their books Review in Bulgarian here