New York Times Bestselling Author David Levithan Tells The Based On True Events Story Of Harry And Craig, TwoYear Olds Who Are About To Take Part In AHour Marathon Of Kissing To Set A New Guinness World Record All Of Which Is Narrated By A Greek Chorus Of The Generation Of Gay Men Lost To AIDS While The Two Increasingly Dehydrated And Sleep Deprived Boys Are Locking Lips, They Become A Focal Point In The Lives Of Other Teen Boys Dealing With Languishing Long Term Relationships, Coming Out, Navigating Gender Identity, And Falling Deeper Into The Digital Rabbit Hole Of Gay Hookup Sites All While The Kissing Former Couple Tries To Figure Out Their Own Feelings For Each Other

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    David Levithan has just become my new coup de c ur author Every time I will find my heart aching for an LGBT book or a meaningful read, it s in his works that I will look forward to plunge myself And there are so many books of his that I have not had the occasion to devour yet Yet.It s with a lingering sensation that I turned the last page While this may be the kind of story that needs a certain conclusion to its plot and you can feel it , I didn t want to let go of the endearing, realistic and remarkably well developed and original characters that became so dear to me with every new page read.I always thought that you couldn t love every character in a book at a same intensity level or some maybe not at all and still think so for they are all different and sharing various traits that may or may not appeal to you It can also depend on the degree of connection and reliability you feel toward those characters in question Nonetheless, it s with joy that I can announce that every character in this book felt utterly unforgettable to me and I like to think that they will not be the cause of you not enjoying the novel after all if such thing happens Of course, there are some that are very flawed there is no perfect being in this and that only made Two Boys Kissing look even authentic I have no negative comment to make regarding those elements.There is one main story inside this and three less prominent but still important ones that are linked in a way to the principal one You can also see it as four short stories being connected to one another due to something they all have in common and with characters that are beautifully crafted and looking for something of most importance love self discovery and acceptance.I have to admit that I had read the blurb a while ago before starting this novel, and so had no idea who actually narrated the story Although, throughout my read, I had these hypotheses could they be guardian angels A metaphor for hope, love and courage brought to life somehow Dead relatives At some point, I ran out of ideas and believed what prettied the writing and tone for me most, which worked well in the end It is after reading the actual summary that I realized how I searched too far and deep when the answer was right in front of me Nonetheless, my reading experience wasn t affected and I actually appreciated having the possibility to choose my narrators I felt the same while reading Falling into Place a quite interesting book This is not my first read by David Levithan, since I have devoured Will Grayson, Will Grayson sometime ago, but that is a book that he co wrote with John Green and I was perhaps, somehow, too caught up in Green s words because of how excited I was to be reading an LGBT book by him to be astonished as I am now by Levithan s Incidentally, regarding this novel, the author s note was absolutely perfect and so wonderfully honest I feel like I am going to be amazed by this writer some , if I continue reading his works Which I will For sure.This was the loveliest of surprises I had this month hum, that doesn t say much since I read it in December but I do mean it and would love for you to feel the same If the story and plot don t end up making you react in any positive way, there are still good chances the writing and characters will It is not a book for everyone, I agree, but it contains such such I am lost for words marvellous ingredients that I cannot help but excitingly recommend it to you

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    OIGAN POR QU NADIE ME INSISTI MIL VECES QUE LEYERA A DAVID LEVITHAN Este libro es PRECIOSO Lo am con todo mi coraz n, y escuch el audiolibro narrado por el mismo autor Y ay, todo fue tan bonito.

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    Love is so painful, how could you ever wish it on anybody And love is so essential, how could you ever stand in its way Oh my deep sigh How am I even supposed to write a review about this wonderful piece of literature I ll try Of course I ll try, but I m pretty certain it will be than just tough to describe my deep love for this wonderful book Two Boys Kissing hit me right in the heart and triggered all those horrible and amazing feels and if I m entirely honest I still don t know how to deal with them I usually try my very best to either hide them away or to keep them really close to my frail heart, but while I read this book I kind of failed to do both Our happiness had defiance, and our happiness had fear Sometimes there was anonymity, and sometimes you were surrounded by friends and friends of friends Either way, you were connected By your desires By your defiance By the simple, complicated fact of who you were There s something about the narration that makes it impossible to escape your emotions It s intense, it s haunting, it s honest and it hit me so damn hard I sometimes found myself faced with the inability to take a deep and necessary breath There is so much truth in this 196 pages book and if you re not prepared for it, it hits you like a truck and leaves you hurting on the road Well, I certainly wasn t ready for it and about halfway in I found myself crying and gasping without any particular reason There would be a paragraph that resonated with me, or a situation where a character did something that brought tears to my eyes You need to love him I don t care who you thought he was, or who you want him to be, you need to love him exactly as he is because your son is a remarkable human being You have to understand that Bless Tariq and Mr Bellamy I loved those two side characters so damn much They are such amazing and kind human beings They deserve the world and even 333 And the narration Those many gay men that came before, the generation that died of AIDS because it was so unknown and no one dared to do research To find a cure So many people that could have helped them, yet they were too afraid to do anything because they were scared they d get sick as well We are rarely unanimous about anything Some of us loved Some of us couldn t Some of us were loved Some of us weren t Some of us never understood what the fuss was about Some of us wanted it so badly that we died trying Some of us swear we died of heartbreak, not AIDS That first generation that had to fight for everything Either be out and live with the consequences this entailed or stay in the closet and try to live a secret life As much as it hurts me to say this, I still think that not a lot has changed Sure, there are people that are openly gay and live their lives, but there are still so many who live in the darkness So many people that don t dare to show who they truly are because they are afraid their families might shun them if they knew Acceptance is something we all crave for Acceptance and love And the only people who can take that away from us are the ones who are closest to us The ones we should trust than anyone else, yet at the same time they are also the only ones that have the power to destroy us by simply not accepting who we are In the interest of self preservation, it is sometimes best to keep something back, to keep something hidden But there usually comes a moment and Neil is hitting his now when you don t want self preservation to define who you are, or who your family is Truces may stop the battles, but part of you will always feel like you re at war To come out to your loved ones is still a leap of faith Even in our modern times No matter how advanced and open minded our society has become, there are still people who would tolerate the LGBTQ community, maybe even support it to some degree, but still would feel than just a little shocked and negative if their own child would come out to them It are people like that who make it so damn hard to love yourself for who you are It are people like that who force you to stay in the closet Don t preach water and drink wine And yes, I won t even talk about the people that still don t accept the LGBTQ community and are homophobic af Just not worth it shakes head I think all told, there s still a lot of work ahead of us and it are books like Two Boys Kissing that can change the world If enough people read it, if those in the closet read it, they might take heart from it and feel better about themselves They don t have to come out, but to accept yourself with all your insecurities and flaws, with all your amazing qualities well this is the first step to being accepted by others Some people might even surprise you If you don t try you ll never know Our kisses were seismic When seen by the wrong person, they could destroy us When shared with the right person, they had the power of confirmation, the force of destiny Share yourself with the right person and always try to be who you truly are Even if it doesn t seem possible right now There will come a day and you ll know when it s there XD And even if this day never comes, know that you are accepted, that you are loved and that you are perfect just the way you are 333Conclusion This is an amazing story and everyone should read it Some of us will love it because it captures the LGBTQ community so well and others might be taught a little bit acceptance and tolerance while reading the book Either way, Two Boys Kissing will cause you to think and feel Don t pass up on this opportunity, embrace it XDThank you for this amazing book, David I hope many other people will read it too HAPPY PRIDE MONTH TO YOU ALL 333

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    Love is so painful, how could you ever wish it on anybody And Love is so essential, how could you ever stand in its way I don t even know how to do this book justice so I will simply say READ IT Seriously, read it This is a book I want to go out and tell everyone I know about There is no reason that we should ever be ashamed of our bodies or ashamed of our love I loved, loved, loved the narration of the book by the Greek Chorus of gay men who died of AIDS It was simply beautiful and extremely well written There were sections I went back and read again and again and then a third time In this book seventeen year old former boyfriends, Harry and Craig attempt to beat the world record of kissing While doing so, they face many issues and have many experiences together All the while, other teens in this book are struggling with gender identity, acceptance, their parents learning they are gay, the relationships they have with others, and issues such as bullying and rejection By the way, did I mention this book is based on true events It is That joy in discovering that the right person at the right time can open all the windows and unlock all the doors I opened this book and did not stop reading until the final page I LOVED every single page of this book Again, the writing is simply eloquent and poetic This is a fast yet very moving book with various themes and the Author addresses the many issues his characters are facing with grace I felt as if I were standing with the Chorus watching the events unfold I read Leviathan before but not like this I believe this is his swan song I choose to read this book for a book challenge I had to pick a book that had been banned or had some controversy surrounding it This book fit the controversy part It has two teenage boys kissing on the cover and is about two seventeen year old s attempting to get into the Guinness book of world records for kissing This is a YA book, but some high schools have not carried this book, or have been asked not to offer it by parents One of the concerns is the cover, the other is the fact that teens may be bullied for checking it out, and of course there is the issue of the book being about gay teens The Author had this to say in response Even for the kids who don t feel comfortable taking it out of the library or buying it in the bookstore yet, they know it s there They know they are represented If you see that book in your library or in your bookstore or at your friend s house you know that there is part of you that belongs there, and is accepted There is such power in that I know there s worry about kids who might be ashamed of being seen with an out book with an out cover but that is far outweighed by the kids who take pride in it, or find some sort of meaning through it.As for challenges and censors the book is called Two Boys Kissing It is about two boys kissing Why hide that What good would that do The people who are going to object to two boys kissing on the cover were going to object to the book from the moment I typed the first sentence They can argue it all they want They will always be wrong read here ve said it before and I will say it again, I love doing book challenges as the broaden my reading horizon and introduce me to books that I did not know existed or might not have picked up had it not been for the book challenge So I challenge you to go out on a limb, and pick up this book, the writing is beautiful and evokes emotion 2013 Named to the National Book Award Longlist 2014 A Lambda Literary Award Winner2014 A Stonewall Honor BookSee of my reviews at

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    This small little 196 page book packs of a punch that some 800 page puppy squishers that I ve read Just beautiful.Freedom is also about what you will allow yourself to do.Craig and Henry they are the two boys kissing Going for the world s record longest kiss Peter and Neil already a coupleAvery and Ryan new to a relationship and trying to make their wayAnd Cooper who feels so lostTariq My favorite character in the whole book Just read this book The first sentence of the truth is always the hardest Each of us had a first sentence, and most of us found the strength to say it out loud to someone who deserved to hear it The phrase rush to judgement is a silly one When it comes to judgement, most of us don t rush We don t even have to leave the couch Our judgement is so easy to reach for.

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    We think of the boys we kissed, the boys we screwed, the boys we loved, the boys who didn t love us back, the boys who were with us at the end, the boys who were with us beyond the end Love is so painful, how could you ever wish it on anybody And love is so essential, how could you ever stand in its way The Good This kind of book is still very much needed What the blurb doesn t tell you is that this feels like several short stories woven into one, all of them surrounding the theme of gay teenage boys coming out, having relationships with other boys, and coming to terms with who they are The central plot of the two boys participating in a kissathon is really only one small part of this book, the rest is built around it There are some beautifully written passages that are brimming with genuine emotion It was a quick read and I breezed through the individual stories of young men dealing with families who wouldn t accept them, online hookup sites, and first love What I like most about David Levithan and what makes me want to check out his books every time even when some didn t work for me in the past is his experimental style He never writes the same style of book He never attempts to fit in with trends that are taking over the market He hits you with something unique and surprising, if often depressing, every single time And once again he has delivered something strange and completely different a chorus of narrators who are the generation of gay men that have died from AIDs The Bad Sadly, this is one of those cases where the style of narration just didn t work for me The voice of the AIDs victims was exhausting and sometimes stopped me from fully engaging with the individual stories, especially when the novelty factor ran out Sometimes experimental styles get it just right as I believe Levithan did with The Lover s Dictionary but this one wasn t doing it for me I also found some of the victims monologue to be repetitive The Ugly My face during some of the emotional parts of this book.Whatever I may say about it, this book is very relevant and some of the stories are incredibly sad and or moving I recommend Two Boys Kissing but with some hesitation How much do you enjoy experimental writing styles that offer something completely different and totally weird If your answer is a lot , then this could be your next favourite book.

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    Actual rating is 4.5 stars We gather the things we learned, and they don t nearly add up to fill the space of a life You will miss the taste of Froot Loops You will miss the sound of traffic You will miss your back against his You will miss him stealing the sheets Do not ignore these things This review is not really a review concerning the book s merits so much as me rambling about how important I feel this book is for gay teens My apologies Two Boys Kissing has officially cemented my love, appreciation, and respect for David Levithan It has cemented my love, appreciation, and respect for him both as a person, from the standpoint of someone who is and always will be an active supporter of gay rights, and it has also cemented my love, appreciation, and respect for him as a writer, from the standpoint of a reader who is in a state of endless wonder and awe every time she picks up a novel of Levithan s.However, as much as I found myself loving Levithan s previous novel, Every Day, I have to say that Two Boys Kissing is my absolute favorite work by him Two Boys Kissing is important Two Boys Kissing is gorgeous stunning Two Boys Kissing is poignant, and it s touching, and it s an utter charm And it needs to be read The beginning may be rough for some readers it was for me, however slightly I initially found the narrative of gay men having lost their lives to AIDs at first odd, and to be honest, rather disconcerting I found their use of we to note something, as well as their looking upon their lives and their deaths, irrevocably creepy at times But as the novel progressed I grew to appreciate the originality of the narrative, and can say with absolute certainty that Two Boys Kissing would in no way bear the same amount of poignancy had it not been narrated by, as the synopsis put it, a Greek Chorus of the generation of gay men lost to AIDs Levithan tackles multiple perspectives throughout the course of Two Boys Kissing some interesting than others, some emotional, but all utterly captivating and spellbinding Each perspective follows a gay teenager and their daily plights being just that a gay teen, in a world where such a thing is so deeply frowned upon by far too many This is a problem so many gay teens face today their struggle, seeing such contempt towards homosexuals as a whole almost every time they turn on the television, turn on the radio, go on the internet Their hesitation to be who they are and embrace it, in fear of disappointing or even shaming their own parents, who are supposed to love them regardless Their fear of being shunned and ignored eternally by their friends, with whom yesterday they were friendlier than ever, all for being who they are.This is what David Levithan depicts with Two Boys Kissing, sometimes subtly, sometimes not With one perspective, the fear of opening yourself up the others and welcoming yourself to love, in the fear that your partner may not accept you for who you are fully Another perspective, depicting the fear of opening yourself up to your parents, and the everlasting fear of how they may react And another, portraying the situation every gay teen dreads most your parents don t accept you for who you are While one was lacking the depth that I feel could have made it have of an impact, each of these perspectives is met with such beauty and emotion seeping through the pages that you can t help but feel that each of these teenagers Harry, Craig, Cooper, Avery, Ryan, Neil, and Peter, are real people And the fact of the matter is, they are The real life parallels of these characters may not go by the names of the characters in the novel, but the undeniable fact is that people like the aforementioned characters do exist in real life, and their problems exist within each of those people, as well Each of the problems the characters face in this novel are ones real teens, and even adults, face daily But the thing is, they end up getting through it all, with support from friends Support from family Support from strangers There will always be the haters There will be the people who oppose what you stand for and make it a point to let you know But then again, isn t there always Among all of the valuable things to be understood while reading Two Boys Kissing, this much is true, and I feel is crucial for any gay teenagers living in the constant fear of disproval, dereliction, or anything else for every person to go out of their way to strike down everything you are, and everything you stand for, there will be ten people waiting there for you to help you restore the damage and build you up again And that, in essence, is Two Boys Kissing.To quote the Greek Chorus of the generation of gay men lost to AIDs that narrates this beautiful novel, please know that the above is true Please, always keep these things in mind Do not ignore these things.

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    5 poignant, wise, profound stars 2017 Honorable Mention with High Distinction Read This is a YA masterpiece I am so immensely moved by this novel If you know a gay youthbuy this for him and kiss him and let him know that you care If you want to understand what it means to be a gay youth read this book yourself and allow your heart to open, swell and if its like mine will explode with sadness, gladness, thankfulness and hope These are such genuine stories of a variety of young gay men living their lives, loving their loves and struggling against a world that at times hates them but importantly also loves them and longs to have them participate fully in our society Behind them there is the chorus of men that have died from Aids when in large part the world didn t care and allowed them to die This still happens in other parts of the world but not to gay men but to women who are unable to have power over their bodies and are infected by men who refuse contraception who pass the disease onto their children I digress but each and every one of us need the help and support of others I wish there was a similar book for young lesbians of color, bisexual youth with disabilites or impoverished trans youth Perhaps there is and I hope to learn about them.I am immensely grateful for this novel and the writing of Mr Levithan and this book will be gifted and recommended to whomever I meet that needs affirmation or understanding.Outstanding and beautiful Uh oh here it comesI know I know.this book inspired a small poem of my own KIss inspired by David Levithan s Two Boys Kissing Mark Kissed Fatima Suudlus Julia Kissed Roi Bacio Tyrell Kissed Patrick Poljub Stephanie Kissed Amanda Busu I Kissed You and melted Bo All Kisses EqualAll Kisses WonderfulAll Kisses Ridiculous JaideeThank you for this gift of a novel Mr Levithan

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    Cross posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews Don t let the provocative cover stop you from picking up this book It is about two boys, Craig and Harry, who are still good friends, but no longer together, locking lips to break the world s record for the longest kiss Enough time had gone by that when they started kissing again, the electricity was gone, replaced by something closer to architecture They were kissing with a purpose, but the purpose wasn t them it was the kiss itself They weren t using the kiss to keep their love alive, but were using their friendship to keep the kiss alive First for minutes Then for hours. Peter and Neil are an established couple whose kisses may not be nearly as intense, but are no less meaningful Nobody is watching as Peter and Neil kiss It is just a quick kiss as they leave the IHOP, before they head home It is a syrupy kiss, a buttery kiss It is a kiss with nothing to prove They don t worry about who might see, who might pass by They re not thinking about anyone but themselves, and even that feels like an afterthought It is just a part of who they are together, something that they do. Avery, the boy with pink hair who the world thinks is a girl, and Ryan, are dealing with the anxiety that is common in all new relationships It is not as simple as Ryan looking at Avery and feeling they ve known each other forever In fact, it doesn t feel like that at all Ryan feels like he is just getting to know Avery, and that getting to know Avery isn t going to be like getting to know anyone else he s ever gotten to know Cooper is not in a relationship at all He struggles with his loneliness, spending time on his computer texting strangers and having difficulty with parents who cannot accept him as he is His mind is on fire now, and it will be hours until it cools itself back into the right temperature for sleep He is angry at his father, angry at his mother, but mostly he s come to feel that all this was inevitable, that he was born to be a boy who must sleep in his car, that there was no way he was going to make it through high school without being caught He feels he s been soured by his own desires, squandered by his own impulses He despises himself, and that is the flame that sets his mind on fire. Even though this was a fast and easy read, this is a powerful, moving, beautiful story that should be read by everyone It deals with the past and present It explores the lives, loves and struggles of a group of teenagers It shows that as cruel and mean spirited as people can be, they can also be kind, supportive and generous I ll admit I was reluctant to read this book because of the unusual narration Told by the voices of men who lost their lives to AIDS, I saw my friend Mark s ghost among them, observing the lives of boys who share some similarities but in many ways are living a very different kind of life than he was We did not have the Internet, but we had a network We did not have websites, but we had sites where we wove our web You could see it most in the cities Even someone as young as Cooper, as young as Tariq, could find it Piers and coffee shops Sports in the park, and bookstores where Wilde, Whitman, and Baldwin reigned as bastard kings These were the safe harbors, even when we feared that being too open meant we were opening ourselves to attack Our happiness had defiance, and our happiness had fear Sometimes there was anonymity, and sometimes you were surrounded by friends and friends of friends Either way, you were connected By your desires By your defiance By the simple, complicated fact of who you were. Mark would have been ecstatic that gays now have the right to marry in the US, but he would have lamented the loss of all the clubs and bookstores that closed once Internet changed the world He worked in the computer industry and would have adapted, though He would have embraced the chat sites and discovered that his social life would be as active as it was when he was frequenting the clubs The easy access to all kinds of books, than the stores ever stocked, would have made him happy too He probably would have even stopped subscribing to those porny magazines I had to pick up from all over the apartment just before my mom dropped by Minor complaints aside, I am sad that Mark died so young and missed so much He was always out and proud, but even he would have appreciated how far we ve come in spite of all the problems that still exist.He would have loved this book Even though it made me cry, it touched me deeply It is full of love, hope and wisdom As soon as I return the book to the library, I m going to buy copies to push on other people Very highly recommended.

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