When Marc D Alessio First Rescued The Curvaceous And Spirited Italian Angelina Giardano At The Masters At Arms Club, He Never Expected Her To Turn His Safe, Controlled Life Upside Down And Pull At His Long Broken Heartstrings Months Later, The Intense Fire Of Their Attraction Still Rages, But Something Holds Him Back From Committing To Her Completely Worse, Secrets And Memories From His Past Join Forces To Further Complicate His Relationships With Family, Friends, And His Beautiful Angel Angelina Cannot Give All Of Herself To Someone Who Hides Himself From Her She Loves Marc, The BDSM World He Brought Her Into, And The Way Their Bodies Respond To One Another, But She Needs Though She Destroyed The Wolf Mask He Once Wore, Only He Can Remove The Mask He Dons Daily To Hide His Emotions In A Desperate Attempt To Break Through His Defences And Reclaim Her Connection To The Man She Loves, She Attempts A Full Frontal Assault That Sends Him Into A Fast Retreat, Leaving Her Nobody S Angel Once Again Marc Finds That Running To The Mountains No Longer Gives Him Solace But Instead Leaves Him Empty And Alone Angelina Is The One Woman Worth The Risk Of Opening His Heart Will He Risk Everything To Become The Man She Deserves And The Man He Wants To Be

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    It s LIVE It s live It s finally live OMG I feel like I ve been waiting forever for this book Best Christmas gift EVER

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    I like this series, but this one was a little over done I really feel that the story really did not need 588 pages to tell this one I understand Marc had growing up issues and that is what made him run from everything But, we get about two hundred pages of Marc hashing the same things over and over And going back through his childhood It was really boring I skipped five chapters because of the boredom Also, the last two chapters were of Marc rehashing his childhood and that was boring.This is how I feel about the story not the Author, so don t take my comment the wrong way There were good and bad telling of the story but, I had to give the story three stars That is just my opinion.

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    wtf, come on already I can t wait any longer, this is torture.

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    This is not a stand alone book You must read the previous books in the series to have any sort of understanding of what is going on.This may be of a comment than a review I think the author is trying to write a series that is all things for all readers This effort was completely overdone for what Marc was going through It was so convoluted at times with such a big lead up, that when the secret came out I wasn t really sure if that was it.I am not in the lifestyle I read about it only There seemed to be a whole lot of wrong with the RACK scene I find it very hard understand that Adam would take Marc where he did, besides the fact that he is not a psychiatrist or a psycologist Yes, I understand this is fiction but it appears that the author has investigated many aspects of the lifestyle, has interviewed and consulted with Dom s on these scenes and they thought this was ok This worries me and is sending me a message that a Dom may be able to fix people with some serious problems using BDSM and mindfucks Apparently you just have to know the right Dom or have served with them in the military I will be leaving this series The next one up is about a girl that can t be in a room with men because of an alluded to gang rape BDSM to the rescue Sorry Kally, you have gone somewhere I don t want to be Too many damaged souls to save Truly, best of luck on your journey.

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    A bit disappointed in this book I ve loved the series so far, but this book just didn t hook me It definitely wrapped something s up, but I felt it was a bit long winded.

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    There was way too much time between book 4 and book 5 in this Series I would like to say first off this has always been my favorite series until now I waited so long for this book to be released I think I gave it to much of a build up in my head.This story about Marc and Angelina needed to be told His journey of self awareness is interesting and long It s just not the story I expected about these two It was however an interesting journey I thought in a way it took all of Marc s manliness away Even when it made him a stronger man I know that sounds odd but you have to read the story and see what you think.I understand and appreciate hearing and catching up with other characters in a series but I didn t like the way these other characters were added in There are full chapters of some of the other characters Ok maybe not full chapters but it seemed that way And why did someone else s wedding take up so much coverage and time Jeezzz it was like being there, I didn t think it would ever get over with You know I don t like to write bad reviews but I just had to be honest about this book I was really disappointed I hope I don t make any Kallypso Masters fans angry because I m a fan of hers too I just thought this would be an over the top great book She said she had a lot of input from outside sources for this one Maybe she should just stick to the way she has always done it before Fans don t know how to write books That s why we are fans and not writers.

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    So tired of stories with a D s relationship where there is no trust Even working on trust in D s is so stupid and they should be doing scenes, which they basically were doing, not having an actual relationship And ugh with Adam not wanting to touch Karla This book just irked me in every single way Don t know if I care to read any because of this one, and I had loved the others 1 1 2 stars because I m feeling generous.

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    Let me begin by saying I have really enjoyed this series up until this book I haven t finished it, and honestly don t think I will I was so confused about the main characters Marc and Angelina Their personalities would change in.001 seconds One would be loving or understanding one minute and not even 2 words later the character went the exact opposite While reading 1chapter the ending was cut off, I still don t know what happened Next issue I had was the timeline Didn t Marisol help Angelina bake Damian s birthday cake But it was never mentioned in Somebody s Angel Why didn t Adam and Karla share their exciting news, instead they have kept it a secret up to where I have read We have waited so long for this book to come out and it was a major let down Clearly I am very disappointed.

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    4.25 stars I ve been waiting for a long time to read this book and it s been on the back burner for months Somebody s Angel was well worth the wait I fell in love with Marc even I actually loved this even than Nobody s Angel because it seemed real I loved learning about Marc and his pain and the depths both Angelina and Marc would go through for one another I am so happy Marc and Angelina had gotten their happily ever after.

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    I truly enjoy this series It brings a realism to the story We are not perfect and neither are these characters While submissive sexually, Angelina is a strong woman, capable of being independent until she chooses to relinquish herself to Marc.Thank you Kallypso for another wonderful story