En Route To London, Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot Has Booked Winter Passage On The Fabled Orient Express Among The Assortment Of Fellow Passengers, One Wealthy American Holds A Unique Distinction He Has Been Found Dead Of Multiple Stab Wounds In The Night Compartment Of The Calais Coach By Dawn, Thirteen Travelers, Each Bearing A Secret, Will Find Themselves Suspect In The Most Ingenious Crime Poirot Has Ever Solved Some crimes God does not forgive Last week, I watched for the gazillionth time ITV s 2010 production of Murder on the Orient Express with the inimitable David Suchet in the role of our beloved Hercule Poirot and it prompted certain thoughts in my mind Why is this considered one of Christie s finest creations Many say that, arguably, it is her best work and this view I do share.I don t think any of us need a synopsis To say the story is well known would be an understatement Even people who haven t read the book know of the outstanding outcome and the resolution of, possibly, the most controversial murder but is it a crime in Christie s marvellous works So what is it that makes this novel by the Lady of Crime so iconic and a point of reference Is is the exceptional cast of characters, each one battling with the demons of the past Is it the wintry atmosphere The intense feeling of claustrophobia, of being trapped in a train, within a snowstorm, in a foreign country with a dead body lying in a compartment Or is it the absolute, ultimate questioning of the moral values we have come to adopt What is right and wrong When injustice isn t punished, to what extent can we bend the human limits God and Law can t always protect usHere, Hercule discovers that his little grey cells are only a small part of the solution It is his heart that has to do the rest.This is a jewel not only of Crime Fiction, but of Literature in general, regardless of the genre A work that doesn t ask the reader to think of the who has done it question, but to contemplate on the what would you have done issue And as for me, I fully agree with Greta Ohlsson Some crimes God doesn t forgive.My reviews can be found in When all the other little girls wanted to be princesses do you know what I wanted to be And no, it wasn t a vampire, either it wasHERCULE POIROT S SIDEKICK The fact that I actually took the time to edit my face into that picture should tell you something about a my Poirot love, and b the kind of hopelessly boring day I have suffered through D This was my first Agatha Christie novel and it definitely did not disappoint I was not expecting that ending, which is obviously a good thing in a murder mystery story, but I am proud of myself for picking up on some other clues I am so impressed by how she was able to weave this intricate of a story in only 200 pages and I can t wait to pick up another one of her novels in the future 5 stars to Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express I chose to read this Christie spectacular after finishing And There Were None She s such a treasure never disappoints.A train A murder Multiple suspects Nearly an alibi for everyone But wait, there s a motive for everyone How did this seemingly impossible murder occur Hercule Poirot knows.Well, I m glad he did because I was stumped But with good reason as this plot twist will have your knickers locked down and not just in a bunch .The plot is just too delicious The characters are just fascinating No modern day electronics No ability to research anything other than by asking questions And Christie wrote this nearly 100 years ago That s why it s a 5 for me it s pure good storytelling without anything in the way.