Pretty good story but really needs better editing Errors made it difficult to read at times. Escrito de aquella manera y sin mucho argumento Pero la verdad es que me enganch y los protas se le an como adolescentes. Justin Parker And Derrick Wilson Have Been Best Friends Since Meeting Back In Middle School Currently They Are In Their Junior Year At Chandler High School, And Living The Good Life As Teenagers They Have Great Girlfriends, Plenty Of Close Friends, Their Own Cars, And Parents Who Are Well Off As Nice As Things Might Look To An Outsider, Something Is Missing From Each Of Their LivesJustin Has Become The Invisible Son In The Midst Of His Parents Failing Marriage In An Effort To Get His Parent S Attention, Justin Keeps Getting Into Trouble So Far He Has Been Able To Get Away With Anything Without Facing Any Repercussions, While Derrick Is Feeling Distant And Tired Of What He Feels Is A Too Perfect Family He Just Wants To Have A Normal Social Life And Spend Time With His Friends Without The Pressures From His Family To Spend Time With Them With Blurring The Lines Of Friendship In The Process To Realizing What Was Missing And Discovering Who They Really AreJustin And Derrick Take Turns Narrating The Story Of Their Junior Year In High School And All Of The Events That Take Place In Their Lives Being A Teenager Can Be Tough Being Gay Can Be Tougher For Derrick And Justin They Are Both, And Life Cannot Get Any ComplicatedWhat Happens When Two Best Friends Cross The Boundaries Of Friendship Will They Be Able To Be Happy Together Will They Keep Their Secret Raw, emotional and realistic telling of childhood friends, turned confidants and eventually, lovers High school is hard enough, try being gay as well Finding our Way chronicles the junior year of Justin and Derrick as they navigate their slow building attraction to one another, family struggles, insecurities and the limits of friendships Alternating POV between Justin and Derrick, this book reads like a journal and brings you not only into the mindset, but the lives of these two young men. You tell it from your perspective Then I will tell it from mine What happens when two friends skirt the boundaries of friendship and a relationship Do they keep it a secret from family and friends Secrets like this are hard to keep hidden James has an ability to convey the raw emotion of his teenage characters with realism and depth They are flawed and make mistakes, which gives them realism They are undeniably in love with each other, yet don t always know the appropriate way to express this At one point Justin tells Derrick he wants this, he wants to be with him, but he values his friendship and he can t loose that regardless This gives them depth There are some appropriately sexy scenes with Justin and Derrick as they delve further into their relationship, learningabout each other, exploring the mutual attraction I especially loved the making out in the back of the car scene This was the first M M book I ve read where the guys went parking There is some drama along the way when friends and family start to find out about the true nature of their relationship, and not everyone is exactly thrilled Aside from a few typos and a bit of teenage angst, Finding our Way was an intimate narration of a year in the life of Justin and Derrick. I ve read two of the three books in this trilogy just getting Justin and Derrick out of Chandler High.Three stars reflects my mixed feelings about these books I ve read scores of YA books every possible variation on the coming out nerd jock friends to lovers themes The best aspect of these books assuming it carries on into the third volume is the layered complexity of the boys lives, and the wider community of friends who become part of the story There is an authenticity to the shifting POVs in the books that makes me suspect that they reflect Jayson James own life they re too real not to be real As a middle aged gay man, I remember a lot of this, even though my high school years were forty years ago What has changed, and dramatically, is the possibility of really finding love for a gay boy in high school, and the possibility that being out won t destroy your life I don t think those options were really on the books for my generation.As part of a two dad family with teenagers whom we ve raised since infancy , I confess that I m appalled at the way parents are presented in these books I m not saying that it s not accurate, from a teenager s perspective simply that it is depressing to think that teenagers see adults, and specifically their parents, in this way I suppose my own kids, in spite of having gay dads who are lenient and liberal, feel this way about us, and it just makes me want to weep Then again, as much as I adored and loved being with my parents as a teenager, I know I saw them as essentially alien beings Sigh.The negative aspects of the book are the poor editing and even worse grammar Weirdly, these two significant defects make them feel oddly authentic just the sort of sloppy writing I d expect from teenage boys However, I don t think that the author, who is a teacher did this intentionally These are very long books for YA, and part of that length is simply meandering, unedited plot In the end, after two of the three books, I feel like I ve experienced something very realistic, very true to life As folk narratives these are fascinating and, possibly, important As literature, I m afraid I have to say I think the writing interferes with the reader s enjoyment. Finding Our Way, written entirely in first person with alternating narrator voices, chronicles the coming out stories and relationship of the two main characters, Justin and Derrick The story is a friends to lovers teen romance Justin and Derrick have been inseparable best friends since childhood, and as they begin to discover they have feelings for each other, they each initially deny their attractions Eventually they act upon their feelings, starting with a kiss Gradually they come out to their circle of friends and face the reality that not everyone they expected would be supportive proves loyal and accepting The strength of this novel, in my opinion, is the multi layered characterization of this believable cast of characters Each character is revealed, not by mere description of their personalities, but by showing their flaws, humor, and unique quirky characteristics I grew to care about many of these characters, including the ebullient set of identical twins Tyler and Tyson, the hero worshiping little brother Devon, the ex girlfriend turned fag hag Stacy, and several other memorable friends and family members.Although the overall feel of the narrative was authentic, I took issue with the formality of the writing The lack of contractions, particularly in speech, was off putting And the manuscript was in need of professional editing.Overall, the story touched my heart, and I particularly empathized with Derrick who struggled with coming out to his family The inclusion of a LOT of underage drinking was unsettling, though probably not unrealistic That particular issue was a prominent factor throughout the story, yet toward the end it was dismissively brushed aside Justin, the other protagonist, struggled with alcoholism, yet ultimately decided to just quit drinking.I suspect the story may continue in a sequel, and perhaps we ll get some closure regarding Justin s alcoholism and Derrick s attempt to gain the support and acceptance of his family I d like to add that when I began writing, I received a lot of criticism concerning formal dialogue, failure to use contractions, etc I think that this author might be guilty of my own shortcoming, and I see it merely as an opportunity to improve While reading, I often hear the dialogue in my head as I think it should sound, and thus create my own mental contractions and shortcuts But when reading the text word for word, it can be annoying because it sounds stiff and very unrealistic With that being said, there were really no issues with the writing that couldn t have been easily fixed with a good edit I m now officially a fan of this author and plan to readof his work I m also anxious forof Derrick and Justin. I received this book for an honest reviewThis story is about Justin and Derrick who meet in middle school and have been best friends ever since Both boys had girlfriends but always knew something was off One night with there girlfriends and friends they were drinking and decided to play truth or dare that is when there whole life s changedthey had to kiss and not just a peck they had to make out with tongue Both boys were afraid because they really enjoyed it That is were there struggles begin, they have no idea what to do about there true feelings They tried to keep everything secret but every time they are alone together things just happened They try and keep things secret but all they wanted was just to be together They go through the emotions of there friends and girlfriends finding out Will there friends, and family except them for who they are Is it just experimental This book was amazing I could not stop reading i keep in touch with Jayson the whole way through If i had a question he was there to answer everything for me I literally cried because i was laughing so hard, there is so many emotions throughout the whole story but i loved how Jayson threw in so much humor in just the right parts love you Jayson and can not wait to read all your stories I really enjoyed the story of this book and watching the realistic portrayal of two people discovering they aren t like everyone else and trying to navigate turning from friends to lovers The only problem I had with this book was the language used most of the time When the boys were talking they used contractions like don t and wouldn t, but in the non verbal sections, even though they were written from the boys perspective, they tended to use proper English, do not and would not, the switch between the two methods was jarring.The book is worth a read, if you can get past the language issue this is a great story. I love best friends to lovers, but I didn t find this that enjoyable I think the relationship between Derrick and Justin was a smooth transition from friends to lovers, but the writing is just so awkward and the editing mistakes are atrocious This is the same with the sequel Tormented Discovery.This is a book I read just to see what happens for the most part rather than enjoying the journey of the book itself I think it had great potential, but as I m reading the sequel now, I m finding that the storyline is just stalling and that the characters are going in different directions than I would like.I wouldn t recommend this one, it s not horrible, but it s hard to get through and I find the sequel especially frustrating Maybe I would think of this book in a different light if reading the sequel was not so frustrating All this being said, I can seriously relate to these characters and these characters, their home lives and many of their social interactions with each other definitely reflect what my life was like as a teenager So I appreciated and smiled at this as I remembered my younger days and this helped make the story realistic to me and this is why I liked the characters. 3.75 StarsTwo long time friends discover that what they feel for the other is muchthan friendship This is the story of them finding their way.Full review can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews and at On Top Down Under s sister YA site, Greedy Bug Book Reviews This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.