The breakout star of this summer's blockbuster Avengers film Clint Barton aka the self made hero Hawkeye fights for justice With ex Young Avenger Kate Bishop by his side he's out to prove himself as one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes SHIELD recruits Clint to intercept a packet of incriminating evidence before he becomes the most wanted man in the world You won't believe what is on The Tape What is the Vagabond Code? Matt Fraction pens a Hawkeye thriller that spans the globeand the darkest parts of Hawkeye's mind Barton and Bishop mean double the Hawkeye and double the troubleand stealing from the rich never looked so goodCollecting Hawkeye 1 5 Young Avengers Presents 6

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    WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO PICK THIS UP? Hawkeye is the best This was loaded with action humor All I need when it comes to comics tbh Also Kate Bishop is bae

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    all right all right all right anne is correct in all things and maybe hawkeye can be interesting in the right hands so anne was kind enough to bully me into reading a hawkeye book i'm not a superhero person and i've read very little in the way of superhero based graphic novels i read Watchmen and X Men The Dark Phoenix Saga because they were assigned for one of my library school readers' advisory classes and i've read a bunch of batman books because batman but as far as the rest of the world of superheroes is concerned i was completely at a loss they're not approachable to me; too many different artists and conflicting storylinesalternate timelines and the early ones seem dated and cheesy but i felt like you would NEED to read the early ones in order to have a foundation for the characters and to see how things evolved or to understand the references or to get the jokes and it was one of those things that seemed too much trouble to even begin getting into now when i'm probably than halfway through my lifespan and hawkeye meh i may not know much about superheroes in graphic novels but i do watch all the superhero movies that come out because i'm a sucker for the action films kaboom kaboom pow pow and while i didn't actively dislike hawkeye the way i did captain america he's just kinda there there's nothing particularly appealing about him he's just the guy with the arrows and he doesn't have pretty elfhairand he's not katnissso it's hard for me to be enthusiastic about archery when there's a giant green thing stomping and smashing and there's scarlett johansson and her attributes to look at instead but sometime it's good to be bullied into things because that's kinda the point of this hawkeye book he's just a guy just a regular old joe whose heroic deeds include paying a dog's vet bills and preventing his neighbors from getting evicted just a guy who can't even keep his arrows organized and labeled but still gets to intercourse pretty girls and fumble into car chases and kick the butts of ninjas and magicians and various other hoods along with girl hawkeye while making plenty of self deprecating remarks and having some great banter along the way it's a fun story and i'm glad i read it despite my initial reservations of i do not like this art and what is going on with this formatting and are these pages out of order because why does this dog story keep popping up into the middle of this other story and what is even happening? but greg assured me things were as they should be and even though i did not understand the last story at all and i think it relates to something outside of the boundaries of this book and is exactly the kind of thing i was worried about being confused by coming so late to the superhero world i still enjoyed reading this for the laughs and the pizza dog and the general shrugged tone of the narrativeso yesgreg sent me the next group of hawkeye adventures and i will read those soon and thanks to anne for giving me virtual swirlies and beating me up by the internet flagpole and all that i have promised to make her turtles from this book Milk Bar Life Recipes Stories and i will be making good on that promise probably next week as soon as it cools off a little bit here and they won't turn into liuid blobs in the mail just don't make me read a captain america even i have my limitsturtles TK come to my blog

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    Hey Marvel Instead of massive crossovers and killing off major characters as publicity stunts do like this Please and thank youHawkeye seems like an odd character for Matt Fraction to do after his acclaimed run on Invincible Iron Man where he wrote Tony Stark as a slightly dickish genuis who was interesting than the superhero aspect He uses a similar style to give us a version of Clint Barton that relies on the character’s history instead of discarding it yet could be picked up by any casual fan and enjoyed As a result we get a fresh perspective on Hawkeye and one helluva of a fun bookThis should be the usual thing of a hero best known for being part of a larger group having some side adventures on their own Hawkeye is longtime Avenger where his insecurities about his lack of superpowers often manifested in a smart ass attitude and problem with authority As Clint points out several times here he’s just a guy with a bow n arrow who usually works with people far powerful than him The easy thing to do would have been to revamp him closer to the Ultimate version that was used in The Avengers movie to make Clint a super secret SHIELD agent who goes out and has covert adventures That could have worked but would have seemed very Wolverine ishWhat’s brilliant about this is that Fraction went in the opposite direction and plays up the angle that Clint Barton doesn’t have any powers and is freuently in over his head The first panel shows him crashing out a high window and the fall puts him the hospital for six weeks When he’s not off avenging Clint wants to live a somewhat normal life in his Brooklyn apartment where he enjoys grilling out with his neighbors on the roof but he keeps getting sucked into bad situations like dealing with a Russian mafia slumlord who owns his building Even when he does a side job for SHIELD that involves going to sleazy Madripoor Clint has to fight off thieves trying to steal his wallet And since he doesn’t have the powers of a Norse god or a high tech suit of armor Clint freuently gets the crap kicked out of himAll of this is done with plenty of humor and heart If the storyline involving Pizza Dog doesn’t get to you then get tested because you’re probably a sociopath I also love that they’re using Kate Bishop as a kind of partnersidekick There’s a funny dynamic to that because Kate replaced Clint when he was suffering from a minor case of superhero death and she’s kept the name of Hawkeye too So it’s Hawkeye and Hawkeye Batman wouldn’t put up with that but it’s perfect for the adventures of a slightly scruffy superhero

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    My library actually got in a bunch of new graphic novels So I was really excited to pick this one up because 1 Avengers2 This guy Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye is pretty cool Even though he doesn't have the powers that the other Avengers have at their disposal He has a boomerang arrow for crap's sake I should have loved it All my friends on Goodreads that have read this book have rated it uite highly So of course I go and read it wrongthat's just what I do I think that is itAnyways The art wasn't my favorite but I overlooked it because I almost got to see Hawkeye's wanker There is much ado about a tape that everyone wantsincluding an evil heiferness The only part I really liked was Pizza Dogbecause dogs goes to sit in shame corner

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    I'd been looking forward to reading this for so long that I think I had a little mini anxiety attack when I realized I was looking at itI mean all the cool kids had already read itAnd here it was in my handsI Was Cool Then I opened it up And I shit you not my first reaction was this Wha? No But? Mother fucker What's up with this ugly ass art? Well shit This is just great So that's what they were all talking about That's justfuuuuck God I can'tughSo I shut itYes I was so pissed at the blocky drawings that I put it down and went to make myself some coffee Because coffee is my comfort foodAnd I'll bet my secret stash mini Snickers that you guys are all going What? Is she insane? The art is the best part of the bookWell sorry I wasn't expecting that And coupled with my sky high expectations for this one? Let's just say that I'm not terribly surprised that I had a bit of a hissy fitmental breakdown In fact I can actually feel my blood pressure rising just reliving those first few momentsHang on Gonna make some coffeeI'm back shlurp Ahhhhh Did I overreact?Of course Even I can see that now Hell I could see it then But I didn't care at the time because I was in the middle of a hormone induced break with reality Couldn't be helped There are some days when the slightest thing can send an otherwise rational woman spiraling into Crazy Eyed She Devil territory Yesterday was one of those days for me shlurpI'm fine today Mostly Although I would advise that you wait a few days before mentioning that this review has turned into a bowl of rambling nonsense just to be safeSo how did this go from I Want To Shove It In My Toilet But It Won't Fit Down The Tiny Hole In The Bottom Of The Bowl to 5 stars?Coffee of course shlurpAnd maybe I raided the kid's Easter baskets for any leftover chocolateThen I sat down again And this time I read itOh My GodIt was everything you guys said it would be and Hawkeye and HawkeyeBroThis looks badAndThe dogIf you didn't get a little misty eyed about ArrowLucky then I'm afraid we can't be friends Personally I was slightly choked up by the time Clint named the dog Slightly choked up mind you Not a blotchy snotty mess Nope Because I wasn't a fountain of raging mood swings when I read this This volume also included a story from the Young Avengers at the end and it was phenomenalButI'll let you in on a little secret I missed the artwork from the Hawkeye title when I was reading itDon't Say ItGet this review and at

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    If someone had told me that one of the best graphic novel collections of the past year would be about Hawkeye the Avenger not the MASH character I would have scoffed Hawkeye? Really? The bow and arrow dude with a big mouth and identity issues MehWell true believers they would have been correct In this collection he’s a compulsive impetuous big mouth first super hero second who’s not above getting his butt kicked repeatedly One issue recounts how Clint Barton aka Hawkeye on the way to the store to get post it notes to keep track of his arrow collection gets sidetracked making one bad decision after another until he’s rescued again by Kate Bishop his female counter partIt’s smart funny and well written David Aja’s art is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a Marvel comic since Mike Allred did X StatixHighly recommended BroBonus A clever place to hide your credit cards is suggested

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    “Okay This Looks Bad You cowboy around with the Avengers some Guys got what armor Magic Super powers Super strength Shrink dust Grow rays Magic Healing factors I’m an orphan raised by carnies Fighting with a stick and a string from the Paleolithic era So when I say this looks ‘bad’? I promise you it feels worse Paleolithic I looked it up”That’s how Marvel’s influential surprise hit first launched in 2012 starts and it’s a good indicator of the title’s successful marketing strategy At its core Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye is a superhero comedy targeted at the politically and economically marginalized “emerging adult” who has a hard time identifying with say everybody’s favorite millionaire Bruce Wayne Or with anybody in a position of power for that matter And as the uote suggests the series initially matches its own ambitions uite wellIt uickly becomes clear however that Hawkeye does not really care about the underdog at all Instead it very much embraces the inherently conservative rules of the superhero genre and even takes them to the extreme in places “Hobos” serve as the butt of several jokes for example In issue #1 Russian mobsters rather than an exploitative system are blamed for an increasingly unaffordable rental market In issue #2 our hero for a brief moment considers the sad fact that “many” of the “ultra rich” are “bad guys” but then instead of pursuing this thought goes for the generic baddies anyway those who try to steal from the ultra rich and are portrayed as even despicable individuals of courseIn issues #4 and 5 the videotaped record of secret government controlled yet undemocratic so called anti terrorism activities that involve the Avengers and even murder is about to leak Captain America’s response “Make no mistake This is very bad” SHIELD Agent Maria Hill couldn’t agree “We have 72 hours before the tape goes up for auction After that it’s out in the wild The tape gets out and it’s bad for you for SHIELD the Avengers the military and it is personally very bad for the President of the United States” Oh my Thankfully our hero saves the day by ensuring that the government’s illegal secret activities remain hidden from “the wild” Phew I guess we can all breathe a sigh of relief nowWith its refusal to acknowledge the systemic roots of poverty and its endorsement of government secrecy even of the government’s right to have people secretly assassinated at will Hawkeye Vol1 My Life as a Weapon ultimately promotes a reactionary world view that feels problematic today than ever before Ironically it is the kind of ideology that has contributed to the gradual disempowerment of young adults in North America since the 1980s—the very group of people that represents the title’s target audienceFrom an ideological perspective then Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye is typical Disney fare Thanks to its engaging “loser” protagonist though it feels surprisingly relevant for a mainstream superhero title It is also competently executed and even pretty funny in places at least if you don’t let its underlying reactionary messages sour your mood

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    Actual rating 35 stars░ Why did I find this hilarious? ░✔ Because Clint Barton has the best bad ideas✔ Because Captain America calls him Okay ONCE Whatever✔ Because BOOMERANG Oh yeah that's the moment where you pretend to understand what I say Huh huh ✔ Because I discovered many kinds of arrows and of course that's absolutely fascinating RIGHT? ✔ Because Clint says DAMN a lot So do I so do I✔ Because Kate totally rocks Fortunately Oh And there's this dogThat's probably my useless review EVER Sorry about that For of my reviews please visit

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    I believe this will be my first time writing a review for graphic novels I firmly believe that graphic novels need the same attention and effort given to regular novels From now on I'll be reviewing graphic novelsHawkeye is probably the most hated avenger and I used to be one of them I believe I used to think of him as a ripoff Green Arrow but maybe I was a huge DC fanboy then I even researched who came first and was glad that Green Arrow came first If you even saw my profile it's stated there that I'm a huge Green Arrow fan so there's thatThis new graphic novel series about Hawkeye focuses on his life outside the avengers I wasn't that interested in reading it but I eventually bought this and was obliged to read this I have to say I'm glad I decided to read this Not only did it make me want to know about Hawkeye but it also made me like him a bit Like I said his life outside of the avengers I'm not sure if this new series was a new take on Hawkeye but he still had a pretty cool life outside avengers He's rich and good with the ladies Somewhat like a brighter Batman who do I keep comparing DC and Marvel characters Even when he's not with Capt America and the others his life was still action packed A few appearances of the avengers cast produced a smile from my face especially Spider man45 stars While I was really entertained I was also hoping for This is a very good first volume for fellow Hawkeye newbies It will not blow your mind but this is kinda new in terms of style I'm not a huge reader Marvel wise DC fanboy but I am trying to be updated especially on X men and Wolverine I can be unbiased even if DC dominates my childhood and my life Marvel is starting to grow on me though

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    I started out reading Kate Bishop Hawkeye This was first but it's so similar to Kate Bishop that it didn't feel new to me after starting with the later read I can tell this is a story people like and it introduces characthers that stick around in the stories to come It's a thriller and the story is a little choppy at times It's a good story and the artwork was cool but it was a little bit melodrama I thought I'm interested to see where this story goes and to keep on with it Still it's not my favorite I find that there aren't many Marvel comics that I think are amazing I love the movies but the comics seem to be missing something maybe a connectivity They try to be too action packed or something