What do you do when you’ve got a hillbilly tiger by the tail? Or maybe the question should be what wouldn’t you doNikolai Vorislav likes his single life just as it is Simple relaxing and quiet What he doesn’t need is some foul mouthed Texan hellcat living in his house eating his food flirting with his idiot brothers and shooting holes in his home with his granddaddy’s gun But those long legs dark eyes and lethal tongue are making Nik insane and he fears he may be caught in the sexiest animal trap everAngelina Santiago doesn’t know how she got from Texas to North Carolina in a night or how she ended up in some hillbilly tiger’s house wearing only a sheet What she does know is that she doesn’t like good ol’ boys with slow sexy drawls who can’t seem to stop rubbing up against her Yet in order to protect her friends Angie has to stay with a cat who seems hellbent on finding all sorts of delicious ways to make her purr

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    Here Kitty Kitty was my favorite of the three books in this series The heroine was kinda crazy and a bit bitchy but she fit right in with Nik's nutty family Nik is a hillbilly tiger shapeshifter who is also filthy rich with a crazy backwoods family that includes OEG One Eyed Grandma a cousin Cleatus Cleats for short and parents who fight like crazy and love it The love scenes were hot hot hot Plus I actually liked the two leads they fit well together The background characters were a hoot we even get some banjo playing and overalls Definitely a fun read