This story was quick for me but I enjoyed it a great deal This lovely gem covered some major issues that teens go through but the main issue that pops up is suicide This is a tough subject to cover but the author handles it with great care I did think how or what could drive someone to consider suicide while reading this story but I was mostly focused on the main character Piper and her journey.Piper is the main character who is quite an a regular teen but with issues The things she goes through in life makes her unique and a tough cookie, but sadly Piper decides to puts her flame out It was a heart wrenching decision Things change once Piper ends up at the Station I liked this concept a great deal To have another place to go other than heaven or hell is quite interesting to me I m sure the concept has been done but I think the way Trish explains what The Station is makes you think there is another chance to be happy with aspiration So what choice does Piper make Does she go to earth as a subconscious for a person who needs help or does she spend an eternity lost in her pain The decision she makes is quite cool The story was so good that I m not giving you the whole thing because I WANT you to go get it and read it Although I must say there Piper s mentor who seems to be interesting I am curious of his story I wonder if the author will do his story but back to this book One other character that popped out at me was Sloan and it was quite fascinating Each page of the story was filled with such wonderful writing as it held my attention in the late hours of when I was reading I got lost in this story and finished it The ending left me wanting It was a cliffhanger It was amazing I want and I will have of this Piper s story.The cover is stunning It popped out at me when I was browsing online I want those boots from the cover Someone get them for me The cover and the synopsis sealed the deal for me so I had to purchase this book for my iPad I m so glad I did I would have loved to have a paper copy of the book as well I enjoy having both copies paper and electronic Cover AStory APosted at my blog I loved this book I felt incredibly sorry for her at first, thinking when is she ever going to catch a break The fact that she thought suicide was her only option, is sad, as I ve dealt with a suicide in my family It s hard to think they are that desolate.BUT she finds something that she s actually good at She becomes a volunteer at the Station She s not sure where it is or how the people that are there have gotten there, but she thrives at what she chooses to do She becomes the voice in a person s head who is thinking about suicide themselves, and she enjoys it The ending was surprising to me and I LOVE SLOAN Definately can t wait to read the next one Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BSRKAUFor Some, The Day You Die Is Only The Beginning The Station Books Are Part Of A YA NA Fantasy Series That Follow Teenage Anti Heroine, Piper Willow, After She Dies And Wakes Up In The Afterlife At A Place Called The Station, And Is Offered Redemption In The Form Of A Job After Piper Dies, She Gets Two Choices Enter Her Own Personal Hell, Or Go Back To Earth And Become The Voice Of Conscience Inside A Boy S Head Can She Save Sloan From Meeting The Same Fate A Tale Of Hope That Will Warm Your Heart 1.5 StarsTo be honest, I don t want to write this review I can t remember the last time I ve wanted to throw a book across the room due to plot devices but this book conjured up that feeling multiple times throughout The story starts out with Piper at a party, who is then drugged and raped A few months pass and she is struggling with depression, which includes reckless endangerment of her and others and she starts cutting herself Fast forward a little and she causes someones death due to lack of caring and commits suicide as a result.This is when she enters the Station, which is a place where those who commit suicide make it their mission to help those still alive fight their suicidal thoughts and depression After glossed over training and therapy sessions, she s good As in, she s mentally at a state where she understands she was a survivor of rape and that causing her friend s death was an accident All truths but how can there be such extreme cases that causes her to commit suicide be wrapped up in a couple paragraphs Let s move on, because that s not what made me mad What really had me fired up and if you read my status updates you ll see was when she enters the mind of a man As a way to help those still alive, the suicidal dead enters the body of the living and experiences everything they do Everything Piper didn t even know her assignment was a man until she got down there and sees herself Instead of freaking out, the only thing she cares about is how handsome he is I couldn t wrap my mind around it The only experience Piper had with a naked man was when she was being raped and now she s living inside a man and has no issues Having a few glossed over therapy sessions isn t believable enough for me as a reader to think Piper is okay with this.Anyways, the book continues on She experiences a few intimate settings as the man doing some heavy make out sessions with his girlfriend Which, I have to point out, Piper is extremely judgemental Instead of being happy for her assignment who was about to shoot himself in the head She s concerned about the single mom who is showing interesting in him Calling her a cougar and other nasty things It was terrible.There s I could say about this book How she helps a girl beat bullying by straightening her hair How the first time she even has a reaction to the memory of her raper is when a boy kisses the girl that s her current assignment I guess she had to be in a girl s body for it mean something Aside from all the pretty terrible plot devices and judgmental lead character which I could be forgiving of if she improved the idea was good I loved the thought of sending personal agents to someone who was about to give up on life So, it wasn t all terrible I just didn t like how everything went about. This review was updated on A Weebish Book Blog as part of my TBT Review feature Review publishes on 12 07 2017.DYING TO FORGET is a freebie I picked up on a whim while perusing BookBub I m so thankful it caught my eye, because it was just as spectacular and mysterious as the synopsis made it sound.Oh, the life you can live in someone s else s mind When Piper s first date goes horribly awry, she looses herself in reckless behavior which winds up leading her to haunting decisions with life altering ramifications Now she must face the consequences of her actions volunteer to coach teens into making better life choices or face her own personal hell for all eternity.Guess which option she chooses Initially, I wasn t sure DYING TO FORGET was the right fit for me Heavy emotional stuff is introduced early on, as was some slut shaming which is a big no no for me However, once I waded through the first few chapters and important events come to a head, I became enthralled and was able to shrug off some of my irritation The stellar character growth helped, too The writing was so descriptive that the images it conjured felt almost touchable I quickly became invested in the characters and their issues.The Station a limbo of sorts is described as a group of several sterile buildings that includes lots of paperwork as penance Ick Admissions is where the volunteer would decide on their choice, sign paperwork, and review their lives to their downfall Can you imagine having to relive all the wrong choices you made Yikes.I couldn t live with the pain and the guilt spending eternity with it would just be unbearable.Piper was a great antiheroine It was wonderful to watch her outlook on life change and with it, her character She becomes devoted to helping others make better choices and grows to care for her charges She s the guardian angel you never knew you wanted, but every angsty teen needs.Piper s very first charge, Sloan, is a pretty boy on the outside but inside he s full of self hatred He s living by himself after the accidental death of his step brother, the suicide of his mother, and the abandonment of his step father It s understandable that he doesn t want to be alone any That is where Piper comes in She uses the best of her abilities as this guys subconscious poor guy he has a female as a subconscious can you imagine the confusion to move him down the right path, away from self harm, and towards loving himself If anyone deserves love and happiness, it s Sloan.Plainly speaking, DYING TO FORGET was spectacular I had some bumpy spots along the way, but character growth buffed out the edges The Afterlife iDawson designed is so intriguing, the characters realistic and loveable, and a few surprising plot twists kept me on my toes I was so focused on what was happening, I was completely blown away by the ending.You got me, Dawson I m a new fan I recommend this book to YA fans young and old and to anyone who loves a good fantasy. Having recently read I Hope You Find Me I went on immediately and got this book for my kindle I was hugely impressed with Trish Dawson s writing, and was really looking forward to starting this series At first I wasn t sure if I would like this book Suicide is a very courageous subject matter to base a book on, and I just wasn t sure it would be for me However, I m glad I continued as it was well worth the sadness I felt reading the first few chapters When Piper takes her own life, she finds herself in The Station, where she gets the choice to move on, or go back as the subconscious of a person in need and attempt to prevent them from hurting themselves It s a very imaginative plot line, one of the most original I have read in a long time The book was well written, and again I enjoyed Dawson s writing style immensely I felt a myriad of emotions reading this novel, and while the Young Adult genre is not one I frequently read I am really looking forward to reading part 2 of this series Read the book under a few hours I thought it was cute the ending, major cliffhanger I like the book because it takes a negative thing such as suicide and makes something positive out of it It was moving and heart warming.Looking forward to the next book in the series I wonder which direction it will go next. I promise to be brutally honest with my opinion, but it should not be taken as fact Any reader should read it for themselves, before they decide if this book has any merit or not Do not judge this book biased solely on my opinion If you do, you might miss out on a great read You never know It could happen My review may contain spoilers, but I really strive to be spoiler free.1 Strong Main Character Female Heroine Piper is lost soul of a girl, who has been through a lot of trauma She is funny, caring, and na ve a perfect innocent combination until that innocence is lost forever She toughens up and when she finally arrives at the station, she is determined to make it to the light by helping others She understands hurt and regrets like no other However, her caring nature towards her first client might have done damage than she had anticipated Although, the narrative goes through the life of Piper, Sloan, and Abby, the reader sees the whole experience through Piper s eyes the way she sees it It is an interesting POV that I enjoyed every much, but she is a very well developed character so maybe that is why I found the book so enjoyable 5 out of 5 stars2 Strong Main Character Male Hero Sloan s story, thoughts and feelings are interpreted by Piper and his story is only about one third of the novel Although he is not really a hero, I know that he plays an important role in the whole story Sloan is a man considering suicide, because of all the scars he has and had caused during his childhood Piper tries to turn his life around and makes him feel alive again, but she leaves him too soon Without her guidance, Sloan s condition deteriorates, especially with Piper s parting words to him He is not a strong person, because of the events that happened in his life I feel like I actually know him after reading his part of the story, although I wish I knew about what he was thinking all of those times 4 out of 5 stars3 Strong Main Character Evil Antagonist Ryan is not a real evil mastermind, but he was a really despicable person in the book Even though he was not in the book for very long, I hated him How could he have done that to her How could any guy do that is beyond me, but I m a girl, so maybe I don t understand But there is nothing that makes sense about doing THAT If you cannot get it, than pay for it Don t make someone do something they don t want to do How much blunt can I get He gets a three for evilness, but I would have liked to have seen it developed 3 out of 5 stars4 Strong Minor Characters Abby s story is another third of the book seen from Piper s point of view, which was less interesting than learning about Sloan s, especially since she was so easy to manipulate I would have liked to see of Sloan than Abby to be honest, but her story was very tragic as well Piper helped her to get through it, but I hate how the author did it Improving someone s outward appearance does not stop bullying it actually intensifies if you are looking better than ever before Niles is an interesting character that I still have not figured out He is a caring person that loves his job, but I do not get why he has not moved on yet, if he has been there for such a long time What wrongs does he still have to make right I still do not know Kerry Anne s story, but she forms a sisterly attachment to Piper She keeps Piper grounded as she takes in her new role in life or should I say, afterlife It is very tragic what happened to Bree, but that is all it is She was not in the story long enough for me to form an attachment to her or really understand who she was She did not seem like the greatest friend in the world, let me tell you that much 3 out of 5 stars5 The Plot This book, the first in the series, has a very interesting plot to it I have never read anything quite like this before I have read plenty of afterlife books before, but they usually have the person coming back to their own body in the end I do not believe that that will happen to Piper, though I think it would be amusing if she woke up and everything was a dream and she moved and met Sloan That would be epic As you read, I am so into this book that I am fantasizing about it The plot is unique, although I do think that it needs a little development The book was too short of a read to really obtain any information to the fullest 4 out of 5 stars6 The Setting There is not a lot of effort put into describing any of the scenes, because of how short the whole book is I would appreciate a little details and descriptions about some of the places Piper sees I love descriptions and fine details These are the things that make a book worth reading to me 2 out of 5 stars7 The Dialogue The dialogue was very believable and used properly throughout the book No words were said just to take up space The words chosen seemed very deliberate, but not unnatural Dialogue is what gives life to a book and if you do not have great dialogue, than your book will not be sustaining enough This dialogue was in a great balance throughout the book and comic relief was added at all the appropriate times to keep the story from getting too dark 4 out of 5 stars8 Engaging Surprises There were a few surprises, not a lot, but enough for me to keep on reading through some of the slower paced parts There were a few wow moments that were not the surprises that I mentioned before that elicited an emotional response from me, because I just could not believe how people could be so cruel Even though this is a fictional book, situations like the ones described in the book happens every day top all people around the globe It is saddening, but also sickening that these people do not see the hurt that they are causing to the people around them 3 out of 5 stars9 Climax I am not really sure where the climax was in this book There really did not seem to be a highlight in this book, when everything else seemed to be going downhill All that really happened was after her last mission and I did not notice a real rise in suspense The climax was in synch with the ending 2 out of 5 stars10 Emotional Response There were scenes in this book that were so emotional Okay, so most of the book was emotional, but at some points, I actually cried real tears over what was happening with these fictional characters It was amazing how connected I felt to these characters and I took everything that happened to them to heart I felt like I knew a lot about some of them by the end of the book This book does a great job of pulling the reader into the story and actually caring about the characters in it 5 out of 5 stars11 Ending The ending has me craving for the second book in the series The ending was unexpected and exhilarating It was the ending that Piper really needed, but did not need It complicates the plot and I am all for complications as long as it is not TOO crazy with everything else going on in the story This ending just seemed like a natural course of events and this book really needed that kind of an ending I love the ending so much It is a very well deserved, well executed ending 5 out of 5 stars12 The Writing This author s writing took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride It had such an emotional element that the few little grammatical errors there were I could easily gloss over, because of how well written the whole thing was I would read anything by this author, if everything this author writes is as well written as this book 4 out of 5 stars13 The Artwork The cover is really amazing, although it does not have anything to do with the story I love the girl, the clothes, and the pose It is a work of art, but again, nothing to do with the book So, I have to take off a star for that, otherwise this cover would have been perfect if it had pertained to the plot 4 out of 5 stars14 Genre The story had an undercurrent of Christianity, but I believe that Atheists could enjoy this book as well There is a strong paranormal element, but not the way most paranormal novels are It is a sort of romance, but I do not think any real romance starts until the second book I did not see any real romance in this book, at least with the main character Piper I do not know if I would call this book paranormal, because it is of a different type of paranormal than what I am used to I do not really know what to classify this book as 4 out of 5 stars15 Title The title suits the book very well It relates to the plot and the characters I love it The author did a great job of picking this title out, out of so many possibilities Dying to Forget is the core message behind this book That some people would rather die than remember the past, present, and what the future might hold for them 5 out of 5 starsOverall, I give this book 3.8 stars, so I will be rounding it to 4 stars This book is a great start for this series and I hope that I will love it as much as the first book. Read for the 2017 POPSUGAR Challenge prompt An AudiobookSPOILERS 29 3 This was not a good book, so I m pleased that I didn t pay for it as a Kindle first, then the Audible audiobook edition in order to make it fit for the challenge.I had so many problems with this book First, Piper is dreadfully judgemental of all the females in the book In her eyes they re fake breasted bimbos even her BFF view spoiler whose death she is responsible for early on in the book hide spoiler You ever finish one of those books and as soon as you read that very last word you are curing the author Like Damn you Damn you for leaving me hanging like this You know, a Whoa is me moment Yep, that was what happened to me as soon as I finished this outstanding book While I did grab it while it was free on , I would gladly have paid the 2.99 or even So anyways, back to cursing of the author Well this time, I jumped the gun because surprise surprise book two is available So I m sorry Trish, I m sorry I was cursing you for a shocking, heart pounding, give me RIGHT NOW ending after you wrote this most awesome book that I read in just a few hours because I couldn t seem to stay away from the story I already bought book two, Dying to Remember, before I even wrote this review Really Read it Get you a copy and read it I was so caught up in the story and characters that chapter after chapter were flying past me Five most excellent stars for Dying to Forget and Trish Marie Dawson