Some Say Demiel Ben Yusef Is The World S Most Dangerous Terrorist, Personally Responsible For Bombings And Riots That Have Claimed The Lives Of Thousands Others Insist He Is A Man Of Peace, A Miracle Worker, And Possibly Even The Son Of God His Trial In New York City For Crimes Against Humanity Attracts Scores Of Protestors, As Well As Media And Religious Leaders From Around The WorldCynical Reporter Alessandra Russo Heads To The UN Hoping For A Piece Of The Action, But Soon Becomes Entangled In Controversy And Suspicion When Ben Yusef Singles Her Out For Attention Among All Other Reporters As Alessandra Begins Digging Into Ben Yusef S Past, She Is Already In Danger Than She Knows And When She Is Falsely Accused Of Murder During Her Investigation, She Is Forced To Flee New YorkOn The Run From Unknown Enemies, Alessandra Finds Herself On The Trail Of A Global Conspiracy And A Story That Could Shake The World To Its Foundations Is Demiel Ben Yusef The Second Coming Or The Antichrist The Truth May Lie In The Secret History Of The Holy Family, A Group Of Templars Who Defied The Church, And A Mysterious Relic Stained With The Sacred Blood Of Christ Himself

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    To be honest, I made it to pg 66 the end of Chapter 6 and as I started Chapter 7 I realized that this book was going nowhere, fast There was a lot of back forth, a ton of unnecessary detail, too many cliches in too short a timespan, the main character was 1 dimentional and annoying as a character can be The BLOW THINGS UP event a kiss from the accused terrorist, which consumes about 5 pages, and the immediate follow up is not a round the world run from bad people a la _The DaVinci Code_ but a run from the site of the court proceedings to a catholic church that just happens to have a conveniently available easily accessible secret tunnel that ll take the main character to within a block of her apartment building I realized that I was already almost a third of the way through this book, and the author was still trying to make a whole lot of nonsense into a story When the main character started throwing a temper tantrum at her editor because he rewrote an article really, like a diary entry in a 14 year old s diary containing the main character s account of the kiss , I realized that spending any time on this book would be a waste for me, when I have so many interesting reads on my to be read list I m glad I received this book as an ARC through my job and didn t have to spend any money on it The premise sounded interesting Too bad the athor was going nowhere with it.

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    Stasi, new to the fiction scene, brings much attention to herself with this novel Tackling not only the intricacies of active narration and dialogue, but also the nuances of acerbic wit, fact embedding, and keeping the plot moving, she is able to entertain the reader from the get go and keep their attention throughout A storyline torn from the genre of Dan Brown or Sam Bourne, Stasi layers some interesting ideas as she introduces a plethora of characters, whose personas weave themselves together nicely When an international terrorist, hated by all, is brought to face criminal charges at the United Nations, there is a small faction who professes his innocence While spawn of Satan seems to fall off the lips of many, no matter their religious or cultural background, others refer to him as the Second Coming Stasi is able to build on this and use an unsuspecting reporter as her vessel to tell this action filled tale From New York to Turkey and even into the small towns of France and Italy, Stasi takes the reader on a biblical not religious ride the likes that few will have experienced before.I thoroughly enjoy books with a religious twist to them I cheered when Dan Brown caused the Vatican to freak out and applaud anything that Sam Bourne or Tom Knox, or even James Becker put out, for they try to look at religion and its sacred beliefs and question what was written They ask the sometimes needed questions around interpretation and force the reader those well versed in the Bible as well as those who paid attention while eating crayons in Sunday School to think outside the box I never finish one of their books and in this I include Stasi feeling inculcated with religion, as though I should see the light and convert my friends and neighbours for fear of the heathens being left behind Stasi does that throughout the book, offering up some far fetched ideas that, I suppose, could hold fact to them It left me to think and surely the Vatican to bang their heads against the relic desks they use.Stasi also brings a strong wit to her writing This is not some super religious woman who is racing to save the world and Christianity in particular Our main character is so full of humour, sarcasm, and wit that it keeps the reader laughing throughout Perhaps this is one of the best things, as some of the plot content can be a little dense at times It is also real , for lack of a better word People feel and people react in certain ways The language is what you would expect there is no gosh golly gee in any portion of the dialogue and the inner voice that our main character battles with is less another being and her inner conscience asking her to wake up and smell the coffee.Kudos Madam Stasi for an excellent book to begin your fiction career I hope we can expect , of this or another genre I am waiting with much interest.

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    What a pleasant surprise The description of this book caught my eye and sounded like something I would like, I just didn t know how much I would enjoy this fast paced, detailed read The story opens with Alessandra Russo, an experienced reporter being awakened by her boss to head out immediately to a breaking story of epic proportions Immediately, you pick up on Alessandra s attitude, feisty with a strong personality, headstrong, independent and a little worn out from life Her narration of the story is entertaining on many levels Most believe that Demiel ben Yusef is the world s most dangerous terrorist, responsible for the deaths of thousands around the world Others believe he is a miracle worker, and possibly even the Son of God, a man of peace Currently he is on trial for crimes against humanity and refuses to defend himself For some reason, in the motorcade on its way to the UN, ben Yusef kisses Alessandra, out of all the people there, whispering something in her ear Of course, with all the world wide coverage, questions are raised about her relationship with him.Alessandra starts out on a quest for answers, is ben Yusef the Son of the Son of God or are fanatics just finding another craze to follow Her journey for answers takes her around the world, finds her becoming public enemy number one, accused of murder, being warned not to trust anyone.She must discover, is ben Yusef who his followers say Is he really the anti Christ Who is behind this secret society trying to help Alessandra Who is trying to stop her From the first page, the writing was intense, there was a fevered pitch to the action and it was obvious that the author has done a LOT of homework in finding a lot of facts to blend into this tale By the end, you will find yourself asking if this is all a possibility This ARC edition has been provided by Netgalley and AMG Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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    OMG This is book is a MUST read I should have been traipsing around amusement parks with my child in Florida during my holiday instead I was holed up with this thriller and could not put it down Some of the best novels are written by journalists and this one knocks it out of the ball park Meticulously researched, the premise that a world terrorist on the scale of Osama Bin Ladin or perhaps even bigger may not be who the world religious leaders have come together to crucify as well as nations during his trial in front of the world, may in fact be who millions of his social networking followers believe him to be a leader of peace and love and from Jesus s blood is fascinating and Stasi weaves so much fact with her fiction that I began to questioncould it happen What does organized religion hide from us in the name of God It may be controversial It may raise questions than you expected But there is no doubt the story will keep you engaged The race for best books of 2013 has begun

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    From Some say Demiel ben Yusef is the world s most dangerous terrorist, personally responsible for bombings and riots that have claimed the lives of thousands Others insist he is a man of peace, a miracle worker, and possibly even the Son of God His trial in New York City for crimes against humanity attracts scores of protestors, as well as media and religious leaders from around the world.Cynical reporter Alessandra Russo heads to the UN hoping for a piece of the action, but soon becomes entangled in controversy and suspicion when ben Yusef singles her out for attention among all other reporters As Alessandra begins digging into ben Yusef s past, she is already in danger than she knows and when she is falsely accused of murder during her investigation, she is forced to flee New York.On the run from unknown enemies, Alessandra finds herself on the trail of a global conspiracy and a story that could shake the world to its foundations Is Demiel ben Yusef the Second Coming or the Antichrist The truth may lie in the secret history of the Holy Family, a group of Templars who defied the church, and a mysterious relic stained with the sacred blood of Christ Himself.My Thoughts There is not a whole lot you can say in a review for this book without major spoilers, so I will make this short and sweet If you like Dan Brown, I think this book will be right up your alley I ve never been huge on religious books, but the older I get, the I like to add them in once or twice a year to expand on the genres I am reading.Whether you like books based on religion or not, this is a fast paced thriller that will have you turning the pages quickly I read this book in two days and couldn t get enough There were multiple times that I gasped while reading because I couldn t believe what was going on Granted, it does get a little unrealistic at times, but what do you expect when you have a journalist trying to answer questions that are thousands of years old It s obviously not going to be easy.I loved Alessandra s character I can always relate to journalists, and live vicariously through those who go on the story of a lifetime.And I absolutely give a high five, thumbs up, and fist bump to Stasi for the obvious countless hours worth of research she put into this novel And believe me, if I ever head to Europe again, I am adding some of the locations in her novel to my must see places I give The Sixth Station 5 out of 5 bookmarks.

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    The Sixth Station by Linda StasiDan Brown meet Sandra Brown This is a novel of the 2nd Coming Alessandra Russo has a Manhattan size chip on her shoulder and a mouth most truck drivers would be ashamed of having She despises hypocrisy and authority equally She finds herself caught up in a millennium old religious conspiracy Demiel ben Yusef is either Satan incarnate or the Son of God Alessandra finds herself trying to discover which This book had a fast pace incongruent with it s thought provoking premise It has the hallmarks of a major best seller with intrigue, secret societies, age old vendettas and modern violence Ms Stasi adroitly uses historic underpinnings to provide plausibility to her story Her plot encourages skepticism even while reading I found myself Googling things to see what was fact and what was fiction I think Ms Stasi clearly points out that religious conflicts have the potential for being the most destructive of wars The book is a captivating read that alludes to historic conspiracies that force you to ponder Ms Stasi makes no attempt to pander to the sensitivities of those who may be offended by her irreverence This book will no doubt offend some This is an action adventure mystery that must be read I highly recommend Web Site none found

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    Alessandra Russo is a newspaper report She along with a bunch of other reporters are covering one of the biggest stories Terrorist, Demiel ben Yusef is being tried at the United Nations Upon his arrival Demiel stops right in front of Alessandra and kisses her With just one kiss Alessandra s life is changed forever Now she is on the run Usually I try to stray away from books that focus mainly on religion and this also includes fiction books One because I have my own beliefs and two because sometimes I found these types of books to be boring with too much detail spent on the explanations This was not the case with this book From the word go there was lots of high intensity action Alessandra was a strong, female heroine I even found the details about the religious aspects to be interesting An extra bonus was at the back of the book was a piece titled Hard to Fathom Facts This is where Linda shared some true facts like for example fact Father Heinrich Pfeiffer, official advisor for the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage, declared the Volto Santo in Manoppello to be the true image of Jesus Looking forward to what Linda comes out with next The Sixth Station is a thrill ride of a read

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    I got this book for free through goodreads first reads Thank you Okai so when I first read the description for this book I must not have noticed the god part So when I started reading this I was not happy I wasn t happy because books about god and what not just are not my thing But I was pleasently surprised I really liked this book It kept me wondering what will happen next I think the author carried out the story pretty well But there is one thing I don t like It felt like things kept being repeated and sometimes there was just a bit too much detail But overall I liked the book I think some people will like it and other wont at all.This book was completely original or at least to me it was I have never read anything like it The character were good There is only one other thing I don y like about the book Which is the end I really want to know what happened to Pantera I wish we could have found out lol but it was a good book and I would recommend it to people.

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    This book was billed as similar to the Da Vinci Code, so I was eager to read it I was disappointed The overall premise was too incredible to believe, the author jumped around too much and I found it hard to follow.

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    I marked this read but I didn t really get very far into it before I quit Interesting plot, I would have liked to have known how it turned out, but the writing was so amateurish that it was a chore to read.