Life For Riley Ends When Her Young Children Die In Her Arms Victims Of A Global Viral Outbreak That Claims The Lives Of Everyone She S Ever Known Left To Fend For Herself With Only A Dog As Her Companion, She Sets Out On A Journey To Find Others, Leaving Notes Everywhere She Goes Hoping That One Day Someone Will Come Looking For Her When Riley Meets The Handsome Yet Mysterious Connor On The Streets Of Downtown San Diego, They Form A Bond Unlike Either Has Experienced Before When The Things That Go Bump In The Night Turn Out To Be Than Nightmares, The Trio Sets Off For The Mountains In Search Of An Isolated Resort Where They Can Hunker Down, Away From The Ominous Shadows Of The Dead City Streets The Peace And Tranquility Of The Woods Isn T Enough To Keep The Darkness Away For Long Though And Soon Riley And Connor Are Forced To Accept That The World And The Few People Left Alive In It Will Never Be The Same The Shadows Of Their Past May Haunt Them Forever Threatening To Destroy What Little Dreams They Have Left Of A Future Unless They Fight To Stay In The Light And Never Lose Their Hope Family And Friends The Dog And I Have Left To Find My Mom Most Of You Know Where Her Place Is, The Corner Of Th And F I Ll Leave A Note There Before I Move On Everyone Here Is Gone I Can T Stay I M Not Sure When Or If I Will Come Back Here But Leave A Message Anyway I Hope You Find Me Riley

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    This book has one lousy part, it ENDS Can t wait for the next book You know a book is good when it grabs you from the start and you have to check in everyday to find out what is happening I am so glad I didn t pass this one by I found myself picking it up to read at times when I normally don t read because I wanted to be back in the book Hope the next part comes out soon, I will be first in line.

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    I Hope You Find Me is a post apocalyptic scenario I love apocalyptic and post apocalyptic books, and this one did not disappoint Riley, the heroine, finds herself the only survivor in her family after a fast acting virus claims all their lives She moves from place to place, and in her wake she leaves notes, all ending in the same phrase I hope you find me.I won t tell you any plot lines, because this is a story you should be reading by yourselves It is full of emotion, so don t forget the Kleenex, but must of all it is full of strength and the stubborn resilience necessary to survive.The main characters are well developed, each with their individual voices, problems and personalities Secondary characters are just that barely important enough to deserve attention, and keeping the plot uncluttered I do hope we ll have the chance to learn about one of two of them in the sequel, which should be out in 2013.The storyline is simple and easy to follow, with most of the adversities caused by human nature, rather than the consequences of the scourge The plot is solid, and it does leave an opening for a sequel I know I m starting to repeat myself, but I can t wait to read it.With a good pace and easy read style, this novel is a very enjoyable read There is something for everyone in it a fit of fun, a bit of flirting, good description, deep emotions, some hate and a good deal of love, too A very good effort for a debut novel I would not hesitate to read by the same author I Hope You Find Me gets five shiny gold stars from me.

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    This post apocalyptic novel is a wonderful mix of romance, thriller, paranormal, with a dash of horror It was an enjoyable easy read, a definite page turner I had a hard time putting it down The story was original and well developed The descriptive language was wonderful except at times when it became a little heavy and the abundance of words got in the way of the actual story For example, there were moments of great suspense where I was on the edge of my seat and in my excitement, I was tempted to skim through to find out what happened next I am impressed with the writing style and ability, with the exception of a few ambiguities and run on sentences, there were very few editing proofing issues.The characters were well developed and believable although and would have liked back story on the main characters perhaps a prequel is in order LOL A little development of the villains, at least than just an introduction would have been beneficial I really enjoyed the story line and the variety of characters The bottom line is that I genuinely enjoyed the novel and look forward to Book 2.

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    I Hope You Find MeBy Trish Marie Dawson A virus sweeps the world and leaves behind only a few survivors Riley is a survivor, holding each of her children as they die she is forced to deal with the unthinkable surviving without them Her grief unbearable as the bodies take a day to burn she has to decide what is next The next day she leaves a note that she is taking the dog with general directions and she signs off I hope you find me Traveling into the city she sees the total devastation and realizes she may be alone until he finds her at the water They have to decide to then stick together or separate but when there is no one else there is safety in numbers This horrible virus leaves behind so many dead and they are haunting the living Fearing for their lives they decide to travel to a place in the mountains and there they have to face an even bigger challenge dealing with survivors that really don t care about the living or the dead Riley s choices affect the rest of her life, there is so much that happens in this story Riley faces the raw emotions of loss, fear, defeat and the challenge of a choice to defend what is hers or loose it all again How she deals with this choice defines who Riley has become, and her first note I hope you find me becomes a defining realization that she finds herself Trish Marie Dawson did a masterful job writing this story and I can t recommend it enough Bella Doerres M.Ed.

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    I Hope You Find Me is set in San Diego, where a viral pandemic has decimated the world s population in a flash, leaving Riley alone with her dog Zoey to search for friends and family who, like herself, have survived What she finds leads her on a journey she never expected.This story flows Admittedly, not my genre of choice, but I was captured from the very beginning There is just enough backstory to keep you going without being an information dump, yet it still leaves questions that you want answered You simply have to know what happens next.The storyline is fresh and inventive and the characters leap from the page I was hooked the whole way through and became heartily upset when it ended I still wanted to know Ms Dawson in on my permanent author to read list Put her on yours.The Good Excellent pacing, wonderful characterization, and an engaging and interesting story throughout.The Bad There were a few times when Riley s affections seemed sort of all over the place, but in hindsight, I can see how the turmoil mirrored the chaos that was taking place around her But in the moment, it was a little jarring Nothing that stopped me from reading, though.Overall I highly recommend this book to anyone It encompasses several genres, and there is truly something for everyone Read it.5 out of 5 stars FACT.

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    I loved this book From the moment I started it, I did not want to put it down which is amazing because it is not the usual type of book I read It was very well written I must say This book brought out many emotions in me as I read about the different characters and their loss There is so much grief and pain that at times you get lost in it and your heart literally hurts for the characters You could feel Riley s pain when she would think about the loss of her two children and how it tormented her that she survived and they did not She struggled with feelings of betraying their memory by moving on and starting her life over again Then Connor comes along and he is struggling with the pain of not knowing if his loved ones are alive The imagery was so vivid that it kept me up and night with pictures in my head that I couldn t erase after a day of reading Every chance I got to read, I had my Kindle in hand, and when I wasn t reading I was counting down until I could pick it up again I am sad now to be finished with the book, I miss the characters already It isn t often i can read a book and feel so sad when it is over I am really looking forward to the next one I highly recommend this book

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    As a mega fan of The Walking Dead TV show, this book called out to me when I read the synopsis Although this book does not have walkers, it does have that element of survival in a world that has collapsed.My personal opinion is that Dawson knows how to write She knows how to set a character up to where you either love them or completely despise them and then she can make you switch those feelings in just a paragraph Her plot is purely excellent and how she can set up suspenseful events was amazing.What a wonderful book I loved the fact that Riley ventures into the city to see if anyone that she loves is left alive and while she stops at random sites, she leaves a letter to anyone who knows her This is something that I would never be brave or smart enough to do When Riley meets up with Connor, the whole dynamic of the book changes What was once a solo character has now switched and the plot livens up As a reader, we now have the story of two survivors that are strangers, but are coping together.I won t say much because there are surprises around every corner in this book and I do not want to give them away, however this book kept me turning the pages past midnight Such a enthralling story, wonderful characters, and unique idea for a book that I cannot wait for the sequel BookWhisperer Reviewer MC

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    A different kind of zombie tale is found in I hope you find me A plague has overtaken humanity and this is the story of a few that were immune to the virus that killed the majority of the world We find Riley as she sits amidst the smoke of what is left of her family It is a very sad moment in her life and we get the honor of being there with her When she finally leaves her home, she writes a note for anyone who may be looking for her She has no clear plan but each place she stops at she writes a message of where she will be going to next Soon after she leaves home she meets Connor, when he saves her and her dog from drowning They both realize not long after that they are not alone What they feel they brush off as ghosts but perhaps they are so much .The zombie genre is not something that would among my normal reading material but this was so different from what I expected I don t want to give any spoilers but I will say that I was riveted by the story that kept me awake reading until the sun came up this morning The character development is wonderful and the cast of characters has it all from the frisky puppy to the pampered princess and of course the ever popular villain It was a great book and I cannot wait until I get my hands on the sequel.

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    When a global pandemic ravages the planet leaving only a handful of survivors the odds look like they are stacked against Riley who has lost everyone she loves The scenes where she recounts cremating the bodies of her children and grading class paper for her 3rd Grade students who will never see the marks they received are heartbreaking and moving.Reminiscent of Stephen King s The Stand and Under The Dome this is a book which keeps you turning the pages from start to finish.As Riley s travels with her dog Zoey lead her to meet Connor, a movie star who like her has lost everyone, they discover that the dead are far from resting in peace in a spine chilling encounter on the wreck strewn streets of San Diego As Riley puts it in one of her notes Be careful on the streets The dead are watching.This is a book which offers something for everyone From horror to love story to the battle between good and evil it is a book which you will find hard to put down.

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    I Hope You Find Me turned out to be really good Its not the kind of book I would read but that doesn t take away from the quality of the book Trish has a great talent for description, there wasn t one point in the book that I couldn t picture in my head Plus, there are a lot of unanswered questions that give the need to come back and learn the outcome of those ends Though some points seemed droll everything was a subtle set up for the action at the end A clever chess play of not letting the other side see what is actually happening My only complaint, Trish has a talent for writing but it is a raw There were some grammatical errors and un needed sentences and descriptions in a few places of her story A little refinement can go a long way Then, again, no writer is ever truly completed in learning _ Well done, Trish I eager to see what happens next.