Introducing The Critter Club Amy and her friends solve a canine caper in this start to a pet friendly illustrated chapter book seriesIt’s Spring Break in Santa Vista and everyone has big planseveryone except for Amy that is As her best friends head out of town on exciting adventures Amy resigns herself to helping out at her mom’s vet clinic At least she’ll be around cute animals But when Santa Vista’s cold and elusive millionaire Marge Sullivan brings her puppy Rufus for a check up Amy encounters an unexpected mystery After her friends return home the girls get to the bottom of what happened to Rufus—and discover a way to help other lost and lonely animals in their town With easy to read language and illustrations on almost every page The Critter Club chapter books are perfect for beginning readers

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    This is the review of my 7 year old daughter SydneyWho was in this book Amy the main character and her friends Liz Marion and Ellie There are also the pets Ruffles the dog and Misty the CatWhere does the Story take place Most of the story takes place outsideWhat is the Story about This is a story about 4 friends who look for Ruffles the dog who has gone missing The girls look around and find clues that help them to find the missing dog Through the search for the missing dog the girls became great friends and join together to make the Critter ClubWhat I liked about the Story I liked that the book also had some nice picture that helped me understand the book I really liked all of the clues that the girls had to follow I really liked that this book was about a mystery and I am starting to really like mystery storiesWhy should you read it This will help you get better at reading If you like books were you have to follow the clues and you like mysteries than I think you will like this book