The Story Is Set In A Seemingly Perfect Global Society Uniformity Is The Defining Feature There Is Only One Language And All Ethnic Groups Have Been Eugenically Merged Into One Race Called The Family The World Is Ruled By A Central Computer Called UniComp That Has Been Programmed To Keep Every Single Human On The Surface Of The Earth In Check People Are Continually Drugged By Means Of Regular Injections So That They Will Remain Satisfied And Cooperative They Are Told Where To Live, When To Eat, Whom To Marry, When To Reproduce Even The Basic Facts Of Nature Are Subject To The UniComp S Will Men Do Not Grow Facial Hair, Women Do Not Develop Breasts, And It Only Rains At Night

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    I am not the type of person who rereads books In fact, I never reread books Except this one I pick it up every couple of years This is A Brave New World but so much better So much realer Unfortunately, it is now out of print But maybe with the author s recent passing, they will bring it back soon But if you ever see it in a used book store, pick it up and buy it Don t think Just walk over to the cash register and buy it Then go home and read it You ll thank me.

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    I m kind of sorry to give this book two stars, because it is a very good story and in it s own way a good addition to the dystopian genre I ve read two other Ira Levin books before this one A Kiss Before Dying and Rosemary s Baby and enjoyed both of those, and I will go on and read other works of his My niggles with it are personal ones which I felt were unnecessary and unrealistic Even dated maybe.SPOILERS So, for me to explain my problems with this book I have to talk about the story On the whole I enjoyed the tale of an individual questioning the society he lives in and taking steps to escape it and find something else and ultimately better The journey however doesn t end with escape but on the taking on of the central force which controls the world and the way it works in the first place All this made for excellent reading The fact that he didn t want to do it alone but with the woman he loved is also pleasing However, did he have to rape her And did she then have to submit to him after Is this very realistic She seemed to be apologising for the events which led up to his forceful lustfulness and inevitable forgiving him nothing really, but justifying his very act of savage impulses I hated it for that The story then continues as if it never happened and they continue as any couple in love and against society For this I have a lower rating than what it could have deserved Maybe, I ve missed some point and the rape was necessary to demonstrate his primal nature coming through or something or this sort, but I just thought it was distasteful and sexist It isn t detailed if anyone who hasn t read it yet but is reading this spoiler, it s just the very fact that the rape took place followed by feminine passivity, compliance and ultimately respect YUCK So there, for anyone that disagrees feel free I don t care.Ok, final niggle and that is of the secret group sexual dynamics The secret meeting were split into couples, or at least that is what they were trying to do Three pairings of opposite sexes, for which they never did find a mate for sparrow Snowflake even felt sorry for the fact that she use to freely partake in sexual activities with the other girl Sparrow So this society is homophobic as well as sexist and they each feel they should only pair up with another of the opposite sex In a way I don t think this is a problem in the story as they probably believe this is right because their closely monitored society will not see the logic of same gender relations as this doesn t work for breeding, but there is no evidence of anyone falling in love with or displaying attraction towards their own sex and it would happen There would be gay couples on that island and there would be sexual discovery going on outside of the chemically conditioned family I felt that the only mention of it in this book was in a negative context or one of mockery Anyway, I m jumping off my pedestal now.Sorry Mr Levin but I m sticking with 2 stars

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    Completed way back in June, 1969, Ira Levin s novel THIS PERFECT DAY introduces a futuristic colony with a computer at the helm where everyone is programmed to be cold and lifeless, and everyone, as a member of the family is monitored throughout the day.

    Even the basic facts of nature are subject to the Unicomp s will men do not grow facial hair, women do not develop breasts, and it only rains at night

    Lots of action and some pretty cool twists along the way keep things from becoming too dulled or normalized as Chip aka Li RM35M4419 with his one green eye, and a few of his witty non conforming pals, have some different views on the subject.

    GREAT sci fi Classic

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    This 1971 novel presents an early imaginative vision of a computer controlled dystopian society masquerading as a utopia It s in the tradition of Brave New World than 1984 in that thought control is not by propaganda but by all intrusive counselors and drugs The Soma in this tale goes beyond rendering pleasure and a sense of contentment, but pacifies by dampening emotions and curiosity As in Huxley s masterpiece, promiscuity is encouraged adding to a populace of happy, shiny people who keep the economy going The computers come in by tracking everyone s activities recorded in their electronic bracelets and written into counselor records Any behaviors suggestive of subversive thought or action guides UniComs computation and selections of reinforcements and punishments as a pervasive background activity to shape good citizens And anything that reflects independent action fits the bill as a threat to the uniformity of belief in the godlike central computer, UniComp, and the race of humanity revered as The Family Chip as a boy gets tagged as a threat when, under the influence of his computer engineer grandfather, he begins to wonder what career he might choose for himself rather that trust in UniComp s wisdom He also gets seeded with a perception of UniComp as cold machinery when this grandfather gives him a secret tour of the banks of servers comprising the AI The experience of undermedication in one period leads Chip feel alive and able to think better, and he learns ways of fake his way into getting lower dosages He discovers and joins a group of similar malcontents who spend time together having fun at night, fooling around in a museum of ancient Earth, smoking tobacco, and having enjoyable sex Eventually they discover there are islands with people living primitively outside The Family and UniCom I won t say any about the plot, except that you can guess the dream of a return to a society with freedom will compel Chip to take revolutionary action As Chip learns to be human, he makes mistakes due to his stunted development, but he eventually becomes worthy of empathy instead of pity The plot has some surprising turns as Chip gets closer to unveiling and dealing with the wizards behind this Oz The popularity of brainwashing and mind control as the foundation of a totalitarian society has declined in literature both from the failure of the science and from the decline of communism Despite this dated theme and the as yet unborn powers of Clarke s Hal, this made for a pretty compelling read And it captured well in fairly timeless fashion the drama of an individual putting a lot on the line to address the futility and alienation of a false utopia It doesn t have the thrills of his Rosemary s Baby or the satirical horror of The Stepford Wives judging from the movies, not the books , but it s solid enough as dystopian sci fi that I wish Levin had written in the genre before passing on in 2007.

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    This is the March book for the Pittsburgh Dystopian Science Fiction Club Before I get to anything else, I m going to address the problematic gender dynamics in this book I think one of the things that has often turned me off to science fiction in the past has been the dude factor, which I find extensively in this book Maybe I just don t like it when straight men write sex scenes At any rate, let me tell the world this the incredibly hot chick falls in love with me after I rape her storyline is tiresome I don t care what decade you wrote this in Stop doing it.Okay then, now on to the rest of the book I found this book to mimic the moral theme of many other books of this genre, namely the USA good, Russia bad message In other words, the possible societal choices offered are a strictly regimented and totalitarian system and one of supposed free choice but which is actually ruled by brute force And the choice is always clear it s better to live in a brutal society with greater choice than one in which you re life is controlled by a system It just seems to be book after book with the same message, never with the idea that there could be a choice other than these two.

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    Christ, Marx, Wood and WeiLed us to this perfect dayMarx, Wood, Wei and ChristAll but Marx were sacrificedWood, Wei, Christ and MarxGave us lovely schools and parksWei, Christ, Marx and WoodMade us humble, made us good dystopian future world child s bouncing song

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    I m not writing this review for anyone other than my nerd friends that check my Goodreads page, so don t be surprised by my lack of literary geniusI ll only spoil the one thing that should be spoiled and it s the same one thing that everyone references The main character Chip ends up raping the woman he s in love with Lilac to prove to her that she s being brainwashed by the government and to get her to trust him Reading a lackluster book for three days only to discover that you hate the character whose perspective you re watching the story from, quite frankly, sucks I can t believe that the sole person who has decided to make the world a better place is also a character that never learns about true love, being a father, and the safety of his friends and family There was no hero in this tale.The story takes place over the course of 30 years, and I stopped liking the character when he was 9.

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    You are only partly alive We can help you than you can imagine I had never heard of this book before it was selected for an SFF Audio Readalong discussion, and I think I liked it after we talked about it for an hour or so There is a lot to think about here The novel is in four sections and quite a bit of it has hints of other dystopias the community with scheduled sex and neighbor reporting is similar to We, the drugging of society feels like Brave New World, and I was completely expecting it to go in the direction of the ending of 1984.This book won the Prometheus Award from the Libertarian Futurist Society for examining concepts of freedom Hmm, I have read 18 books from their list What does that mean But that may be the most interesting part of the novel, or at least what I was thinking about while reading it Many people rate the book low because of the rape scene, and while it feels gratuitous in the moment, I actually think it is our first huge clue that Chip is a questionable hero What is he going to do if he overthrows Uni Would he be someone to follow And what is worse, knowing the truth or living a passive, expected life And one little quote, one I felt very deeply considering recent events We ve got to fight, not adjust Fight, fight, fight

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    I think it is impossible to review this book and not mention 1984, Brave New World, We and Kallocain Levin s book fares well in this company as I think this is one of his best One mighty familyA single perfect breedFree of all selfishnessAggressiveness and greedEach member givingAll he has to giveAnd getting backAll he needs to liveChrist, Marx, Wei and WoodMade us humble, made us goodChrist, Marx, Wood and WeiLead us to this perfect day

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    sigh I love this book I recommend this book to people when they ask me for a sci fi suggestion I m assuming they ve read the ABC s that s Asimov, Bradbury, and Clarke and perhaps haven t been introduced to Levin This is oft compared to 1984 and Brave New World and I could rave about Brave New World, especially since this was originally published in the 1970s so it wasn t breaking into the same future predicting, but for some reason, this story Chip the main character spoke to me I was originally introduced to this book in seventh grade by my social studies teacher at the time I was goofing off in class because I was usually ahead in the material bored, so he held me after class one day and gave me his copy of this book told me to read it as an extra credit assignment write something up about what I thought about it, and any themes I saw in it I think I read it twice before I gave it back to him, and wrote up a much longer paper than he expected I re read this the other day because someone recently asked me what it was about, and I could only give a vague outline, though of course I raved about it generally And so I thought, Well hey I should probably read this again to make sure it still stands as something I d want to recommend to people And, yes, it still does.