In The Caves Of Steel, Isaac Asimov First Introduced Elijah Baley And R Daneel Olivaw, Who Would Later Become His Favorite Protagonists The Book S Central Crime Is A Murder, Which Takes Place Before The Novel Opens Roj Nemmenuh Sarton, A Spacer Ambassador, Lives In Spacetown, The Spacer Outpost Just Outside New York City For Some Time, He Has Tried To Convince The Earth Government To Loosen Its Anti Robot Restrictions One Morning, He Is Discovered Outside His Home, His Chest Imploded By An Energy Blaster The New York Police Commissioner Charges Elijah With Finding The Murderer Elijah Must Work With A Spacer Partner, A Highly Advanced Robot Who Is Visually Identical To A Human, Named R Daneel Olivaw, Even Though Elijah, Like Many Earth Residents, Has A Low Opinion Of Robots Together, They Search For The Murderer And Try To Avert An Interstellar Diplomatic Incident Like Its Famous Predecessor, The Nakes Sun Is A Whodunit Story, In Addition To Being Science Fiction The Story Arises From The Murder Of Rikaine Delmarre, A Prominent Scientist Of Solaria, A Planet Politically Hostile To Earth Elijah Baley Is Called In To Investigate, At The Request Of The Solarian Government He Is Again Partnered With The Humaniform Robot R Daneel Olivaw The Robots Of Dawn Is The Third Novel In Asimov S Robot Series Elijah Baley And R Daneel Olivaw Team Up To Solve The Roboticide Of A Robot Identical To Olivaw On The Spacer World Of Aurora The Robot S Inventor, Han Fastolfe, Has Been Implicated Fastolfe, Who Was Last Seen In The Caves Of Steel, Is The Best Roboticist On Aurora He Has Admitted That He Is The Only Person With The Skill To Have Done It, Although He Denies Doing It Fastolfe Is Also A Prominent Member Of The Auroran Political Faction That Favors Earth Implication In The Crime Threatens His Political Career Therefore, It Is Politically Expedient That He Be Exonerated

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    This series combines Asimov s fondness for the locked room mystery and science fiction in an explicit way The principal hero is Elijah Bailey, an everyday detective working in the city, yet who will also become the prophet of human exploration and settlement of the universe.The basic set up of the series is that the population of Earth lives in huge covered cities, almost completely sealed off from the outside world One character in The Caves of Steel has a window in his office which is considered something wondrously strange view spoiler and is an important clue in the murder mystery hide spoiler

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    One word, and one word only, need be used to succinctly describe Asimov s robot novels Jehoshaphat While I realize that the first two novels of this omnibus were written during a period of publishing history particularly rife with taboos, long since abandoned in modern literature, the fact remains that Asimov could barely write than two pages without using Elijah Baley s non expletive While I usually find Asimov s writing to be both quixotic and enjoyable, these three novels felt stilted and unnatural.What s , Baley is not an admirable character he s crass, uncouth, boring, tediously agoraphobic, bigoted, and needlessly racist The last two points apply to most of the characters in the books, which was probably Asimov s intention however, I could not help but wince whenever Baley would call a robot boy To the collection s credit, The Robots of Dawn does do much to present Baley as a three dimensional figure In fact, I would label the latter book to be the real gem of the collection, going as far as it does to establish connections to Empire and Foundation.

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    When most people think of Asimov they think of Foundation and the books in that series I think of The Caves of Steel and the books in The Robot Novels series The protagonists are Elijah Bailey and R Daneel Olivaw, who SPOILER ALERT also shows up in the final book of the Foundation series, if my memory serves me correctly Few books touched my imagination like The Caves of Steel and the other Elijah Bailey novels The images burned their way into my mind When I look to the sky I often wonder what it would be like to live in that world of steel skies Isaac Asimov possessed a wonderful gift, the ability to write clearly and logically He was the greatest practitioner of that art, as far as I have encountered His vision of the future in The Robot Novels is haunting not necessarily because of how accurate it was portrayed but because of how accurately he was able to predict how technologies like robots will affect men and women on a very personal level.

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    If there s one thing the mighty Isaac Asimov excelled at, it was robots Lots of robots.So it isn t surprising that when Asimov wrote a trilogy of mysteries, they revolved around robots And murder Robots and murder together, whether as the victims or the suspected killers and this combination proved to be all the compelling as Asimov sculpted an entire futuristic world where robots dwell among humans, domed cities dot the Earth, and the simple art of murder has been further complicated through robotics.All three mysteries take place in a now zeerusty future where the inhabitants of Earth live in enclosed city domes, crammed in like so many sardines, with robot servants doing anything that needs to be done outside There are many Spacer worlds such as Aurora a free love society or Solaria a place where physical proximity is considered unclean , which use their superior tech to make sure that Earth never expands outside its boundaries even if they could manage to get outside their domes.New York Cop Elijah Bailey is paired up with humaniform robot R Daneel Olivaw, who possesses superior intelligence and looks almost exactly like a human Despite Lije s dislike of robots, he and Daneel work well together, which is necessary to solve the bizarre, robot centric murder mysteries that keep coming their way two Spacer scientists, and another humaniform robot What s , these crimes are than simply one person killing another they are tied to complex political issues that could destroy Earth if Lije doesn t find the answers.Though Isaac Asimov is best known for spinning tales of advanced intelligent robots, The Robot Novels relies just as heavily on political thrillers and whodunnits as it does on science fiction In fact, he weaves together these three literary genres until they can t be separated each murder mystery is tied directly to the political strife and schemings on the various planets, and each murder also is tied deeply to the robots in some way The catch is, robots are inherently programmed not to harm humans.And through this, Asimov explores very alien ways of life the languid and stagnant Solaria, the cramped dark cities of Earth while also exploring the mistrust, fear, lack of logic, and ignorance that keep people apart There s a lot of philosophical meditation in here, including musings on the nature of life and intelligence, and whether a robot like Daneel is truly alive But Asimov is too skilled a writer to let these deeper themes bog down what is, essentially, a hard boiled mystery political thriller The first two stories move along at a brisk, smooth pace, tying together the basic crime solving methods with sci fi issues though robots are often implicated, they literally CAN T commit murder Robots of Dawn is a bit slower moving, with many chapters that are a bit too meditative Gladia gives us a blow by blow description of her life since she left Solaria.Asimov also crafts the ultimate odd couple cop duo Elijah Bailey is an old fashioned cop with a quick but not infallible mind, living a formerly ordinary life until he becomes a sort of celebrity detective What s , he has his own biases and prejudices, but is open minded enough to work past and despite them Daneel makes up for Lije s shortcomings by being logical and unbiased, but he doesn t have Lije s imagination and he s a wonderfully endearing android sidekick The Robot Novels brings together a brilliant trilogy of futuristic murder mysteries lots of robots, mysterious deaths and planetary conspiracies And of course, a cop duo at the center of it all.

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    These books broke doors of imaginations for me and took me to another realm and time The realm, though exciting to dig in, but scary at the same time I wonder now, how would it be to live in a galaxy concurred, the galatic empire Every time I have heard of the name, Asimov, it was always associated to Foundation series But Robot series lays the perfect foundation for the series Asimov is truly flawless in describing minute intricacies with infinite simplicity, leaving no knots tied at the end Writing the books ahead of their time, creativity and vision beyond rational minds, clarity and simplicity of words beyond bare conception truly make Asimov a sci fi maestro.I really savored these crime thrillers blended with fantasy and science fiction It perfectly planted the seeds with initial novels like I, robot and I can actually see roots of those vision growing with passing novels While Robot series excite me for the foundation series, I still want to elongate the wait with Empire series to fully absorb them all These books don t let me stop and keeps me going with the cliff hangers but dread me to not reach the end too soon because after completing each of the books, I am only left with rue of powerlessness to reread them with total oblivion.

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    Jehoshaphat I loved wasting my life to read this The first two booksok They were ok The third book though had all of the emotional pay off because the two main characters SHOULD HAVE ENDED UP TOGETHER My hard copy is littered with with all of the post it notes marking all of the obviously homo romantic interactions between these two And like all of Asimov s characters choices motivations mannerisms it came out of fucking nowhere I was on an emotional roller coaster for that last book I wanted them to get together so so so bad 1 out of 10 this shit was terrible Would recommend.

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    This series was the first Asimov books I ever read, a long, long, long time ago, as a teenager The first one I read out of order was The Robots of Dawn, and I loved it Never before had I read such a wonderful blend of classic SF with classic mystery The end just blew me away, and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever read So this year, as an adult, I revisited these books to see if they would leave the same impression I still absolutely loved them.

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    I have read this series 5 times it never gets fact everything old is new again with AI intelligence

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    I like this edition a lot There s a Commodore 64 text adventure of the third book too

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    I have read the first book in this collection, Caves of Steel, which I liked a lot than Foundation On day, I ll get to the other 2.