Wake up and smell the fear says Paul DioGuardi senior partner at DioGuardi Company Canada’s foremost tax amnesty firm Canada Revenue Agency CRA may be out to get youSince 2004 when Revenue Canada became an independent agency and Canadians have been under tax surveillance As the pressure to collect tax dollars grows any Canadian taxpayer can be at risk for a secret “lifestyle” audit or become caught in one of numerous tax infractions The trick is to know how CRA works and at the same time learn the simple and effective strategies—both offensive and defensive—to avoid tax traps and protect your home and other important assets This is the guide that every tax paying Canadian including the self employed small business owners and investors should read The Taxman Is Watching delivers accurate accessible and often little known information as well as real life “Tales from Tax Hell” It alsodebunks the common myths about the Canada Revenue Agency shows you the “red flags” that may cause your return to be audited or re assessed helps you protect your assets and fight back offers practical advice on when to get a tax lawyer tells you what to do when your accountant isn’t your friend

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