As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011 Dick Grayson flies high once as Nightwing in a new series from hot new writer Kyle Higgins BATMAN GATES OF GOTHAM and artist Eddy Barrows SUPERMANHaley's Circus the big top where Dick once performed makes a stop on its tour in Gotham City bringing with it murder mystery and superhuman evil To uncover clues as to why a mysterious assassin is targetting him Nightwing joins the circus’s tour But as Dick becomes reacuainted with the big top he once called home he learns there are darker secrets to be discoveredCollects NIGHTWING #1 7

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    B 77% | Good Notes Plot proficient but charm deficient it lacks the patina of idiosyncrasy that enlivens characters and details personality

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    NIghtwing joins the circus looking for some sort of closure about his mom and dad getting blown up and instead is subjected to this freak show of a storyline Nightwing formerly Robin the Boy Wonder is supposed to be the light hearted uippy member of the Bats family but even he’s worn down by this loose tie in to the “Owls” storyline from the Batman titlesWhy do a majority of DC’s New 52 titles get plotted with storylines that would seem uaint and dated back in 1990? One reason According to the credits on this volume Geoff Johns iswas ? the creative brains behind much of DC’s output If there’s something out there by Johns that rates than three stars please don’t tell me It would just shatter my view of him as a mediocre hackThis isn’t a horrible storytreatment but when you compare it with the some of the things Marvel is doing or some of the adventurous output at DC Snyder’s Batman Swamp Thing Animal Man it just melts away like an ice cream cone left out in the sun But by that time it’s too late I’ve already gotten brain freeze Blechhh

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    Traps and Trapezes didn't blow me away but it is definitely a really solid storyThis is not a Nightwing origin story even though this is part of the re boot No it's just Dick going back to being Nightwing after his stint as Batman which is interesting enough in it's own rightHalys circus comes back to Gotham and with it comes a forgotten part of Grayson's pastWell we all know the poor guy can't resist a redheadIt all ties into Batman Vol 1 The Court of Owls So if you haven't read that title yet you may want to check it out first

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    Okay so I’d read Batman Vol 1 The Court of Owls before this which means I had some idea of where the story was headed Nightwing is by far one of the better New 52 titles; It’s right up there with Auaman Vol 1 The TrenchFirst of all the Nightwing story isn’t a reboot There is mention of his tenure as Batman and how it changed matured him; he’s in terrific crime fighting shape here Which brings me to Saiko the fighting scenes in here are nothing short of spectacular Much like The Talon is such a good foil for Batman in Court of Owls Saiko gives Nightwing a run for his money in Traps and Trapezes And that by the way isn’t just a clever title for a Nightwing story; it has a fundamental bearing on the plot Expect some twistsAs you may have guessed it has to do with the circus and with Dick Grayson’s very origins Those of you who have been reading the Batman series dealing with the Court of Owls will know what fate had in store for Dick Grayson What you won’t know is just how far this reaches Is Dick Grayson the most dangerous man or fiercest killer in Gotham? Considering who else roams the city at night that’s uite a claim The answer to this uestion could well cost Dick his life It’s a tale of betrayal and legacy which even takes time out for some voodoo OK – admittedly this particular scene where Dick goes up against a conjured Demon is one of the weaker parts of the story Nightwing’s history is obviously altered in this storyline but it’s not a retcon It’s just a case of secrets being revealed Traps and Trapezes is also pretty damn tense something that I seldom experience when reading graphic novels Needless to say this book kicks ass I would recommend that you read Batman Vol 1 The Court of Owls first It details an important aspect of this story namely where was Batman when this was going down?

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    written by Kyle Higgins art by Eddy BarrowsOf all the characters villains and heroes within Batman's sphere of influence it is Dick Grayson specifically Dick Grayson as Nightwing who is the most important to our reading of Batman himselfMany if not most would argue that the pride of this place goes to Joker He is often seen as Batman's opposite the dark to Batman's light the crazy to batman's sane the chaos to Batman's order But that's not the case as many great comic book writers have been uick to show us Batman and Joker who they are and their actions are but shadowy reflections of one another they are too similar to be opposites They are both dark both crazy both chaotic and if there is any difference at all it is the difference of motivation and what that does to their consciences which is where Batman manages to separate himself from the Clown Prince of CrimeAnd it is in the realm of conscience that Dick Grayson plays his fundamental role in the life of Batman Dick is the Horatio to Bruce's Hamlet Like Hamlet Bruce's parents are murdered and his actions from then on are motivated by vengeance Like Hamlet Bruce is a prince above the peasantry a man untouched by the constraints of lesser men Like Hamlet Bruce is brilliant makes connections others can't and is capable of deep love and emotional pain Like Hamlet Bruce needs a Horatio He needs Dick to be objective when he cannot needs Dick to criticize his behaviour when others won't needs Dick to offer opinions when Bruce fails to see something important needs Dick to protect him from himselfIt is Dick who is uncomfortable with Bruce's brutal moments; it is Dick who is most against Batman's relationship with Catwoman; it is Dick who will receive a reuest to join the Justice League from his benefactor and have the guts to say no; it is Dick who will step in to maintain the presence of Batman when Bruce is missing; it is Dick even than Alfred who will turn his back on Bruce when heBatman has gone too far He'll always come back sure but he will stand by his principles even in the face of the man who took him in and made him who he isSo Nightwing was one of the New 52 I was most excited to readTraps and Trapezes Vol 1 the first arc of the series by Kyle Higgins Eddy Barrows whose pencils are fantastic in this arc is glorious when it comes to Dick Grayson it lets Nightwing be Nightwing lets Dick be Dick without Batman at least until the last possible moment in issue #5 The influence of Bruce is all around Dick of course But for five issues we get Dick on his own on his own and dealing with some pretty serious shitHaly's Circus is back in Gotham the circus Dick was in as a boy as one of the Flying Graysons It is the big top under which his parents fell to their deaths and Dick finds himself inheriting the circus from a family friend at the same time as he is being hunted as himself rather than his alter ego by an assassin named Saiko think a pissy Wolverine liteIt all builds up to an arc closing confrontation with Bruce in the Batcave and some serious revelations about what Dick was being groomed for before the death of his parents and his moving in to Wayne ManorThere's nothing groundbreaking about the plot the action or the dialogue It's pretty tame stuff although all those elements have enough uality to do their job The arc is strong however when it comes to character and that's what matters to me when I am reading a Nightwing comic If I want deep plots I go to Detective Comics; if I want killer action and dialogue I go to Batman; but if I want to spend some time with the Bat characters I go to Nightwing which is precisely where this arc excelled We were given a touch of Barbara Gordon a hint of Bruce and Alfred and plenty of DickAnd who would turn down plenty of Dick if given half a chance? sorry how could I resist

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    Dick Grayson sheds Batman's cowl and slips back into the cape less newly re coloured Nightwing outfit Dick's old stomping ground Haly's Circus is back in town and the past comes crowding back as familiar faces bring haunted memories of the night he lost his parents The Flying Graysons in an acrobatic disaster But mystery shrouds everything as a vicious figure with claws talons? is hunting Nightwing enigmatically labelling Grayson Gotham's fiercest killer And Dick's about to find out his beloved circus has a dark dark pastFirst off Dick Grayson as Batman was a great step forward and I would've liked to see him continue in that role Bruce as figurehead of the Batman Inc globetrotting and overseeing the construction of a massive non superpowered global crime fighting organisation with Dick as the Batman of Gotham in his absence is a fantastic setup I know the Batman Inc story continues but seeing Dick take off the cowl and go back to his Nightwing persona feels like a step back even if Dick doesn't seem to mind But I think he would mind he was Batman Now he's Nightwing with a much limited arsenal and a smaller status Kyle Higgins doesn't really explore this though and launches straight into the series with barely a nod to the events of the last 2 years it feels vastly underwrittenWhile there is potential in exploring Dick's past with the circus I hate how DC feel the need to go back and muddy the waters with their characters' histories They love making their past “dark” and “gritty” and do it all the time to excess Dick's life in the circus was a good one that's why his loss is so tragic But by going back and making the circus seem like a hellish ground where horrible things were done to children it doesn't seem so tragic While the loss of his parents is sad in light of the revelations in this book it could be seen as a positive as he was definitely better off out of that place Especially as if he had stayed he would've ended up as a severely damaged adult if not deadThe Haly's Circus gone wrong angle ties in with Scott Snyder's Court of Owls without really adding much to that story arc The events in Owls is repeated the only real addition being Haly's Circus' involvement with the Court which only throws up uestions And how is it in the 21st century circuses are so popular that this many people would show up to watch acrobats? This isn't Cirue du Soleil this is a straight up old school circus with acrobats clowns and even a bearded woman I just don't buy that thousands of people in this day and age would pay to see thatview spoilerThere are also a couple of plot holes that annoyed me – the mantra “Dick Grayson is the fiercest killer in Gotham” is repeated throughout to no avail It’s no clearer at the end what that means but maybe it’s a continuing plot thread that’s explored in later books? It's still unsatisfyingThen there’s Raya who’s a character with no consistency It’s not clear why she’s got such a grudge against Dick to want to kill him especially as she spends most of the book in bed with him – so why does she betray Dick? Is it because she loves Raymond – for no clear reason as they don’t seem happy together nor does Raymond seem to possess a winning personality – that she does all of this? Because she wanted Dick to become the Talon for the “Court of Owls” and not Raymond? But it didn’t seem like Raymond was involved with the Court either – sure he was tortured and became an unfeeling killer if unfeeling why the strong relationship with another human Raya? but he doesn’t seem to have strong ties to the Court so is Raya mad at Dick because she wanted him to be tortured instead of Raymond? I just don’t get this weird character and at the end when Dick asks her “why?” she just looks blankly at him unspeaking Maybe she was just nucking futs hide spoiler

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    Traps And Trapezes sees Dick Grayson confronting his past as Haly's Circus returns to Gotham City bringing murder and mystery with it Spanning across seven chapters the plot has plenty of time to build although it's definitely one issue too many After battling an assassin and reuniting with old friends chapter five features the summoning of a rhyming demon of all things Even Nightwing himself comments that it's SO out of his wheelhouse it's not even funnyThis was likely due to writer Kyle Higgins needing to save the big finale until chapter seven which runs parallel to Batman's Court Of Owls storyline It's interesting to see his journey to the same point and the different challenges he faces compared to the Caped Crusader The rest of the story delivers too becoming personal with each chapter and the aforementioned finale is well worth the waitEddy Barrows and a team of inkers and colourists do a consistently great job with the artwork and their cover collaborations are fantastic Artist Trevor McCarthy fills in for chapter four and while he has a uniue style his art doesn't sit well with the rest of the book Fortunately this chapter also sees BatgirlBarbara Gordon make an appearance in a role reversal from her solo series Once again the banter between the two characters is great ensuring a fun team up between the pair that resolves the animosity between themTraps And Trapezes is a strong start for the New 52 Nightwing series and a great jumping on point for those new to the character His jokes and uips are present and accounted for but the dark story often relating back to his tragic origins and their conseuences and literally electrifying battles are interspersed throughout making this a solid read that you'll want to see through to the end

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    I never read much Nightwing in the past so I had essentially no baggage going into the New 52 version Of course being a Bat book very little if anything was changed I wish Higgins had spent maybe a few pages dealing with Grayson's adjustment from Batman back to Nightwing Is it a demotion? Dick doesn't seem to think so and I get his point At this point being Batman would essentially reuire doing a fairly convincing Bruce as Batman impression on top of fighting crime and as Nightwing Dick can be himself Well himself as Nightwing which amounts to or less the same thing Because he didn't get rebooted this is not an origin story though it does deal heavily with Dick's origin Dick gets drawn back into the circus he'd spent his childhood in and learns some dark truths If you hadn't read Batman Vol 1 The Court of Owls before you really need to afterwards The art is fantstic There's a lot of detail especially in expressions And I have to give Eddy Barrows a big hand for not making the two redheads essentially identical How many comics have one face for every female character? Not so here thank goodness

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    I know a lot of N52 books are a toss up for some fans but this series is a great introduction to Dick Grayson It's not the overall best series for Dick but it goes over his origin and how he came to work with Batman Dick's pretty well characterized and it features enough action and excitement to keep my attention I recommend it to anyone that wants an easy introduction to Nightwing

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    Was closer to 4 than 3 Enjoyed the story but felt at times it was a little predictable