Why Would Someone Choose The BDSM Lifestyle Of Consensual Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sado Masochism As A Means To Heal From A Traumatic And Abusive Past DESCRIPTION NOBODY S PERFECT Is The Continuing Story Of Savannah Gentry Now Savi Baker And Damian Orlando From MASTERS AT ARMS NOBODY S ANGEL Rescue Me Saga And NOBODY S HERO Savannah Savi Escaped Eleven Years Of Abuse At The Hands Of Her Father And Finally Made A Safe Life For Herself And Her Daughter But When Her Father Once Again Threatens Her Peace Of Mind And Her Daughter S Safety Savi Runs To Damian Orlando For Protection Eight Years Earlier As Savannah, She Shared One Perfect Day With Damian That Changed Both Their Young Lives And Resulted In A Secret She No Longer Can Hide But Being With Damian Reawakens Repressed Memories And Feelings She Wants To Keep Buried After Witnessing A Scene With Damian On Savi S First Night At His Private Club, However, She Begins To Wonder If He Could Help Her Regain Control Of Her Life And Reclaim Her Sexuality And Identity Damian, A Wounded Warrior, Has Had His Own Dragons To Fight In Life, But Has Never Forgotten Savannah He Will Lay Down His Life To Protect Her And Her Daughter, But Doesn T Believe He Can Offer Than That She Deserves A Whole Man, Something He Can Never Be After A Firefight In Iraq Damian Has Turned To SM To Regain Control Of His Life And Emotions And Fulfills The Role Of Service Top To Bottoms At The Club However, He Could Never Deliver Those Services To Savi, Who Needs Someone Gentle And Loving, Not The Man He Has Become Will Two Wounded Survivors Find Love And Healing In Each Other S Arms ABOUT THE RESCUE ME SAGA The Books In The Ongoing Rescue Me Saga Are Not Stand Alone Stories And Should Be Read In Order Characters Will Recur In Later Books To Deal With Further Issues In Their Lives As The Saga Continues And Each Book Builds Upon All Previous Ones Sometimes Main Characters Even Need Another Book To Help Resolve Major Issues Affecting Their Relationships BONUS MATERIAL In This Version Kallypso Masters Has Added The PLAYLIST Of Music That Inspired Her As She Wrote About The First Three Couples Mentioned In This Combined Volume, As Well As A GLOSSARY OF TERMS And A CAST OF CHARACTERS In These Books In The Saga CONTENT WARNING Intended For Mature Adult Readers Not Offended By Profanity And Graphic But Never Gratuitous Sex Scenes Due To The Emotional Way In Which The Author Presents The Subject Matter Past And Present , The Books Might Cause Triggers While Reading Please Read The Author S Notes At The Beginning I have looked forward to Damian and Savannah s story after reading the prequel in Masters At Arms and feel like it s taken forever to get here The story was pushed back months and months after the tentative release date so I could not wait to start reading upon final release Unfortunately, after 50% and skimming the rest all I can say is how disappointed I am with the story To me, this did not even feel like the same author s voice as the prior books I realize the main focus of the story is to show how a person can overcome physical, mental and sexual abuse however it does not feel like a love story at all and given how their story started, this was a shock The characters are flat, lacking emotion, clinical and really the story felt like an educational class of BDSM 101 The execution is primarily tell, explain, tell in BDSM scene after BDSM scene throughout the book The writing style is at times cheesey, juvenile in expression and I forced myself to skim to the end When Damian named his penis Chico and instructed what Chico would do in a scene I had had enoughI need youI mean, Chicoinside menow Spanish translation also threw me with the word de nada I ve always been taught the translation is you re welcome so it threw me in the interpretation of the following sentenceI thought you were dead You were shot There was so much blood De nada I ve been through much worse Just slowed me down a little I think this is it for me with this series While I enjoyed the prior books so much, this one really left me with no desire to continue. Nobody s Perfect was 1000% worth the wait It s a story about healing, post traumatic stress disorder, patience and love Note This is not a hot or sexy story It is of a therapeutic read with BDSM used mainly as a tool If you loved To Command and Collar by Cherise Sinclair and Slave by Sherri Hayes, you will love Nobody s Perfect.The abuse and incest described in this book is very graphic, horrifying and sad To think that some people have gone through this type of abuse is heartbreaking At times it felt frustrating to read Savannah s story because I wanted to speed up her healing process, but the wait was worth it and her strength and bravery was inspirational Speaking of inspirational, Damian is one of my favorite Doms EVER He had unlimited reserves of patience and love for Savannah In the BDSM world, sometimes Doms can come off as selfish, extremely controlling and manipulative Damian was exactly the opposite He was selfless, flexible, giving and had true depth of emotion and character.Yes, I almost took away a star because I felt like the last part, specifically Damian s and Savannah s epilogue was way too short at the end you ll know what I m talking about when you read the book , but all in all, it was a good solid 5 star read. This book was a struggle for me in several ways I struggled to keep reading it, I struggled to suspend my disbelief, and I struggled to find the erotica in it I did succeed in the first, but not with the second and third issues.Like many, I was looking forward to Damian s and Savannah s story The series title is Rescue Me and these two needed some serious rescuing Both had lived through horrors beyond my ability to imagine, and to be honest I worry that my opinion of the book is a result of that inability I don t know what it is like to live through a childhood with the kind of betrayal, violence and abuse that Savannah did it was hard to imagine anything much worse than what she d had to deal with I don t know what it s like to live through a war, losing compatriots in front of your eyes as well as a part of your body However, the actions and reactions of Damian and Savannah just did not ring true to me through much of their story There was a great deal of internal angst and self blame on both their parts They both felt not good enough for the other Then, with very little change in attitude along the way, there would be a sudden turn about that just didn t make sense To me, there was a great deal of repetitive internal dialog, which was frankly rather tedious after awhile BDSM was used as therapy by a man who had no real expertise in dealing with the type of trauma described Several times I found myself rather appalled at what Damian thought would help Savannah, and unconvinced that someone in her shoes would react the way she did Too much disbelief for me I found myself repeatedly saying something along the lines of, you ve got to be kidding.BDSM scenes in the book were not particularly erotic to me, or particularly intimate and loving The dialog got rather cheesy at times, and seemed out of character for both protagonists I think the bottom line is that too much felt over the top Too much abuse, too much suffering, too much angst for me to relate to either Damian or Savannah.I did enjoy the supporting cast and revisiting old friends from the prior stories For me though, I think I m done with the series As it looks like Cassie and Luke s story is setting up to be another with BDSM as therapy, I just don t feel like wading through of the same. I have to agree with some of the other reviews on this book about it being of a BDSM instruction book than a actual BDSM romance There was not any romance really I didn t feel a connection between Dami n and Savinothing like the connections in the previous books from this author The referencing of Chico and Chaquita for their genitals really put me off I live the lifestyle and I have never..ever..heard a real Dom refer to his genitals in such a way It wasn t manly to me at all I was hoping at least in the intimate scenes there would be a connection between the two, but even then, there wasn t any heat I understand this was about healing Savi, but I think some real love and intimacy would have come across better than treating as if it were an instruction manual Another thing that bugged me was suddenly having strife between Marc and Angelina Didn t we already read their story Now we have to wait for Luke s until after another book of Marc and Angelina Meh, I think I ll pass The quality of the writing in this book is nothing like the others I understand Kallypso felt the need to rush to get it outbut I think the rush shows in the writing and I found it very disappointing. So in Masters at Arms we get to meet Dami n and Savannah, two star crossed young lovers who get to spend a single tonight together in a really dark Romeo and Juliet tale and I realize that the original version of that was pretty dark, too.In Nobody s Angel we get to see Dami n again only now as the big bad bullwhip wielding dark and mysterious Dominant.In Nobody s Hero we get to see Savannah again as Savi Baker, the totally together and competent Social Worker Counselor.So would these two ever have a future together It turns out they would because as much as they had changed and excelled in certain areas of their lives, they both had secrets that even those closest to them never quite realized Dami n had recovered mostly from what happened to him at Fallujah but had actually decided to leave his life alone Savi wasn t alone she had her daughter but she was never going to find a place for a man in her life and you couldn t blame her for that Together, they both had a whole lot of work through.Structurally, it was interesting how the story flowed At one point, you wonder if there are going to be any BDSM scenes And at another point, you wonder if there is going to be anything other than BDSM scenes And while I usually feel pretty comfortable with the terminology, I felt like I needed the glossary that Savi was asking for when we got into the whole Dom vs Top thing although it made sense in the end.Proof reading I know Kallypso worked on this until the last minute I caught two errors if I were better at this I would have taken notes and I am sure both will be corrected soonest.I have to say I was a bit disappointed with what happened to the bad people in San Diego They seemed to get off a bit easy although you may not think so.One last point What happened to Savannah reminded me of several novels but ultimately it made me think of Beloved Vampire I thought I understood what had happened to Jessica but I really didn t until I saw Savannah s guilt over how she reacted to her torment It made me feel for both of them.A great novel and I look forward to the next one where hopefully Marc and Angelina finally work out all the issues that have been overhanging their relationship for way too long now. A story of two beautiful but broken souls, who struggle to heal and fight to survive Savannah and Damian met at Masters at Arms They were broken souls that are battling different demons during that time In Nobody s Perfect, it is eight years later when Savi runs to Damian for protection.The story for me is of like a road to healing A journey of someone who has been abused but is strong enough to live and a hero who deems his life unworthy and yet is brave enough to continue living.It was for me, inspiring on how they faced their demon and fight, find the will to hold on to continue and not give up You think that with two of the main characters broken, this would be an exhausting read with dealings with their triggers and episode, but it wasn t actually, it was bittersweet.Another thing that I ve liked about Damian here is how he had fully accepted Adam as his dad and his help He knows he has a problem and he is isn t afraid to ask for help I also like how it was explained why Damo is what he is He is after all, a sadist.There are also glimpse of other characters that I have come to love Adam and Karla, and Luke, and Grant Angelina and Marc were there, too.All in all, it was a beautiful story of love. updated 6 18 18 currently free in this boxset updated to add 5 10 16 currently freehttps www Nobodys Perfec was a much darker turn in the Rescue Me series In , we were introduced to Savannah as a damaged prostitute, that has a brief fling with Damian Honestly in that tease, I found myself bored with the storyline, almost bypassing this installment entirely I am very happy to be completely wrong about my initial impression This book is a hard, gut wrenching read I would like to say it seems unbelievable, but unfortunately someone is living something similiar at this very moment in the real world, somewhere I am so weird because all the dark stuff, though disturbing at times, flowed for me Yet, was completely taken out of the zone every time the pet names for genitalia was mentioned What does that say about me Besides those moments, this book is exceptional. Wow, what an emotionally charged roller coaster ride It was hard to read at times, but I loved every minute of it Maybe I m a closet masochist Savannah s journey from abused child to survivor is a dark one I found myself taking constant breaks to calm down I can t remember reading anything effecting me in the same way At the moment I m struggling to write this review, so I ll just say that reading Savie and Damian s journey was fantastic Anyone familiar with or interested in harder BDSM will no doubt love Nobody s Perfect Fair warning This is not a sugarkink read There are whips, floggers, and other impact play equipment used throughout the story The sexually charged play doesn t occur until well into the second half of the book.Highly recommended for anyone and everyone looking for a thought provoking read with a highly deserved happily ever after I m hoping to re write this review at some point to sound better, but I literally just finished the book about 10 minutes ago and wanted to write down as much as I could while my emotions were still running high. Too weird for me She was abused molested by her sadistic father who also used her to pay for his other business transactions I didn t even finish it She had a child years ago with the only man she willingly slept with And she escaped her father when she found out she was pregnant Now that the baby is now a little girl her father has found them again So she runs to the man that got her pregnant and is also big into sadism And the whole time he s trying to show and tell her he loves her she has flashbacks to her father The whole time like he can t even touch her without her spazzing out I don t know why know all of a sudden it is a problem She had to have been comfortable enough for her to have gotten pregnant by him, right too weird for me.