As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011 the world's third smartest man and one of its most eligible bachelors uses his brains and fists against science gone mad in this new series from Eric Wallace Titans and Roger Robinson Michael Holt is the head of a successful high tech corporation and an institute that recruits and encourages the finest minds of the next generation to excel As Mister Terrific he inhabits a world of amazement few others know exists let alone can comprehendThis volume collects issues #1 8 of Mr Terrific part of the DC Comics The New 52 event

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    Mind Games was a steaming cup of crap with a heaping spoonful of stupid mixed in for good measureIt makes Justice League International Vol 1 The Signal Masters look good if that tells you anything So far this is hands down the worst title I've read from DC's reboot To start off there was an amazing amount of pseudo scientific babble on every page So that he can administer an atomic shock to my entire molecular system He's literally tearing apart the covalent and ionic bonds which hold my cellular makeup together at the atomic level yawn My new friends are wearing suits that emit gamma freuencies to create their transparent state initiating an inverse Compton scattering wave pulse along a post gamma freuency should counteract that effect eyes getting heavy It's my theory that Aaron used a T subset wave particle duality mechanics to bridge some kind of uantum barrier between two separate realities ZZZZZZZZZZ Booooooring And the rest of the dialogue could only be described as total shit painfully awkwardWhile I'm at it I might as well mention the less than Terrific art It alternates between normal looking people and weird melty face people On some pages Mr Terrific looks like a shlumpy middle aged guy in a wrinkled suit and some pages he's back to being a buff corporate hottie WTF?I have to give an honorable mention to his doofyI don't know what you'd call it? Battle Cry maybe?He has FAIR tattooed on one arm and PLAY tattooed on the other And for some reason when he defeats a bad guy the crowd chantsWin the DayGet it?Fair PlayWin the Day BwahahahahahahahaOh God Too funny too funnyStooopid villains I personally thought the French douche who called himself The Tomorrow Thief was the most laughable but feel free to read this for yourself and decide

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    With a name as naff as “Mister Terrific” the book has to be good right? DC don’t do irony or try to make their superheroes laughable so anything they’re calling terrific better damn well be terrific Except when it isn’t like “Mister Terrific” Michael Holt is that rarest of things in superhero comics a billionaire industrialist genius who is also a superhero Did I say rare? I meant the polar opposite So things are off to a good stereotypical start Cookie cutter out instant superhero created Besides having a genius level I and a cut body Mister Terrific’s superhero powers come from floating metal balls called “T Spheres” that basically do whatever the plot reuires Mister Terrific to do To writer Eric Wallace’s credit he doesn’t make any “balls of steel” jokes Mister Terrific is all over the map both literally and figuratively The book opens with a brawl in London jumps to California then outer space then Iceland then back to California In these colourful locations Mr T oh if only fights a number of poorly conceived villains like the Tomorrow Thief the Kryl don’t whales eat these? a robot dude and a blue guy with a wifi symbol on his forehead I have no idea who any of these villains are nor are they worth remembering They may as well be labelled “obstacle #1” “obstacle #2” etc More damning is the lack of character development for Mister Terrific Who is this guy? Why does he fight crime? What are T Spheres? How is he able to travel to space and wander around it without a suit? What’s the origin of his tattoo “Fair Play”? Eric Wallace does write a brief intro to the character that explains how he came to be Mister Terrific though it involved time travel and was inevitably confusing There was no real story arc to the book besides a sub plot involving corporate politics at Holt Industries snore – the rest of the time was taken up with Mr T fighting one forgettable bad guy after another This book proves that unless you create a character the reader cares about no end of “interesting events” can make the book compelling This book literally goes from saving kids from cars in the street to diffusing nuclear bombs that pop out of nowhere while evading cloaked soldiers to battling aliens in space And yet through it all I didn’t care It was all so arbitrary – there’s no tension you know Mr T will babble some pseudo scientific stuff then throw his T Spheres at the enemy and walk away unscathed Mega Yawn And the space storyline? I know there aren’t many black superheroes but does there really need to be a slave storyline included here? Just seems unnecessary Apparently Mister Terrific was a strong supporting character in larger storylines like the JSA; unfortunately this book proves that not all supporting characters can pull off being the lead with their own series He could’ve been an interesting character in the hands of a skilled writer but Eric Wallace wasn’t that guy too much exposition I can see why DC decided to axe this title after just 8 issues – if you’re making your way through the New 52 titles I’d give this one a miss

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    I really enjoyed reading this It was interesting well written and had great art Mister Terrific was interesting because he mainly used his intellect to try to stop the villians but that did not mean he didn't throw a punch when necessary He is a superhero after all Too bad this was cancelled I thought it was pretty good

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    See Anne's awesome review

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    Another misstep in DC's New 52 re launch The previous version of Mr Terrific worked well in the modern era JSA as a smart and interesting supporting figure And he had a cool look with the dark T masking his features and the leather jacket The new Mr Terrific looks dumb with the red and blue T mask that's not really even a T and the fair and play tattoos on his arms The writing on this book is consistent it's just not good Mr Terrific's adventures with outer space inter dimensional creatures is jarring for a character who should be a street level fighter The dialogue and story are filled with pseudo scientific jargon that goes over the head and loses interest Contrast that with the best of the FF Reed Richards scientific stuff which can be cool and fun And in between super hero adventures we're treated to a sub plot involving Michael Holt's industrial company and the conflict among the board of directors over Holt's freuent absences Yawn Not surprised that this book was one of the first casualties of the new 52 being cancelled after the 8 issues collected here The only real point of interest is the presence of Karen Starr Power Girl and the ending which points to a continuation on Earth 2 I'm sure James Robinson can resurrect this character and make me like him

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    Reprints Mister Terrific #1 8 November 2011 June 2012 Michael Holt is one of the smartest men in the world The owner of Holt Industries is creating revolutionary technology to change how people live but he’s also living a double life as the adventurer Mister Terrific As Mister Terrific Michael is battling superhumans traveling dimensions and evading government agents Michael’s greatest threats could come from the people he knows however Written by Eric Wallace Mister Terrific 1 Mind Games was part of the New 52 DC relaunch following the Flash series Flashpoint The comic was met with so so reviews among the other launch titles and only ran the eight issues which are collected here Mr Terrific has a long history but this comic represents his first real self titled solo series The original Terry Sloane version of the character of Mr Terrific first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 in January of 1942 and became an active member of the Justice Society of America until he was killed in Justice League of America 1 #171 October 1979 by a possessed Jay Garrick In the ’90s DC revamped the character and replaced him with Michael Holt in The Spectre 3 #54 June 1997 Holt took his place with the JSA but here in the New 52 universe we get to see him acting on his own for the first time Mister Terrific had a very short life so calling this Volume 1 is a bit of a misnomer This collection is the entire eight issues of the New 52 titles and it was one of the first titles that was announced for cancellation It really is a bit too bad The story isn’t awful but does feel a bit choppy since it chose essentially to have three stories BrainstormThe KrylDigitus and many of the New 52 titles went for a solid six issue story It feels like Mister Terrific also has a strong supporting cast that gets buried here The mourning Michael’s women Aleeka and Karen Starr never get enough play in the eight issues and I’m a big believer that the supporting cast of a comic really makes the comic by layering the stories With little development of these players it also doesn’t help that Mister Terrific fought rather generic villainsthe series could have benefited from a heavy hitter from the Pre New 52 world since Mister Terrific didn’t already have a following Mister Terrific 1 Mind Games was a so so first outing for the New 52 hero I wish it had worked better since I like the techno cyberpunk feel of the series or if it could have pushed it further Mister Terrific wasn’t over with the cancellation of this series Karen Starr was revealed to be Power Girl of Earth 2 who went on to star with the Huntress in World’s Finest and Mister Terrific discovered himself on Earth 2 in Earth 2 The Gathering

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    This was a mixed bag for me The art stays consistently decent throughout this collection ignoring the somewhat goofy choice of costumes and features for most villains and you get a few different story lines for the various villains Mr Terrific faces while keeping one major story line going for his corporate personality but overall it was simply an okay read I found it interesting that they have kept Karen Starr in the New 52 despite her no longer being the secret identity of Kryptonian powerhouse Power Girl Keeping her as a love interest for Mr Terrific as well as a competitor as the head of Starr Industries was an interesting choice but so far I've enjoyed it Most of this collection seems to be a way of leading up to the discovery of the technology needed to travel through the multi verse This would be a good way of leading up to the discovery of alternate worlds as I'm hearing is the path DC is currently taking This is probably the only reason I will pick up the next Mr Terrific collection Without the interest of who Karen Starr is going to turn out to be and how this multi verse transport will work into the rest of the DC New 52 this collection would not have rated much interest from me Not as disappointing as I found Green Arrow but not a must read for me excepting the things I already listed

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    I like Mr Terrific Here's a reboot of a 40's character that's actually better than the original He's long been central to the various JSA titles from the last few years and it's great to see him finally get a solo titleIt's got all the right elements The writing it pretty decent You get several complete science fiction stories in one volume Mr Terrific comes across as a mix between Batman and Doctor Who Unfortunately it just doesn't all come together but it's a decent first try I think the art was a big distraction It's a big ugly to tell the truth The covers are amazing If only the interior art had been a match to the floppy covers this might have been a really great comicI've heard that this title was cancelled That's too bad I'd like to see DC give Mr T another shot at the big leagues

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    This must have been a hard book to write It focuses so much on trying to be intelligent but although it pulls out a lot of science it makes Mister Terrific into an idiot when it comes to anything else like say people I've always liked Mister Terrific as a character but he really can't hold a whole book on his own like this The characterization isn't steady and the titling of 'third most intelligent man on the planet' is a little obnoxious Additionally there's a lot of heavy handed moralizing here which in many cases feels shoehorned in The series ended after these eight issues and I can understand why There wasn't enough of a spark here to keep it going I'd like to see Mister Terrific show up in other series but he shouldn't be starring in his own At least not like this

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    The last twono waitI was let down by this titleI'm not sure how anyone reads this monthlyIt changes tone constantly Story parts don't hang togetherI hoped it would be goodIt is only okayTheir is great materiel here it just needs to be workedHoping future issues will fix the problem