As you walk on byWill you call my name When you walk awayKyle is BROKEN He knows it How could he not be, he is at the mercy of an alcoholic and abusive mother He also is aware that that feeling he has of being different , when it becomes something that he can no longer avoid, will only make his lifedifficult He just wants to fade away Walk the halls of Foster High unseen, just wait these four years out unnoticed He s good at it too, he s perfected the art of invisibility Until the day that Brad, Mr Star Athlete and too perfect for words, approaches him about tutoring lessons That moment will change most everything for Kyle.The moment that Kyle steps into Brad s house he realizes that indeed NO ONE in high school is ever who they claim to be There is no perfect, there is nowell adjustedEveryone has their own horror stories being played out behind closed doorsBrad is BROKEN too Maybe just maybe together they can piece each other back together, and Kyle could maybe get his happy ending.Yeah rightLike it ever works out that wayBrad really wants to be Kyle s hero, and never ever hurt him and save him from his loneliness and sadness He wants to hold him and make him smileHe really does, but as Kyle would sayMotherfucking Fairy Tales This was not my story, and I had been a fool to think it ever could be In the end Kyle realizes he will have to be his own hero, even if it means letting himself be seen exactly as he is.Kyle s voice was so familiar I think we all have in some way been that boy The POV was so well done in this story, it s a look back, a man remembering his high school days, sad times being revisited from a seemingly better place It felt so real The way that even though those days are far behind us, the memories can still make us so vulnerable, turn us back into someone so scared and so lost.I loved the homage toThe Breakfast Club and the 80s high school movies Kyle s moment of glory, and Brad s perfectly timed reckoning were straight out a John Hughes film Made me want to pumps my fists way up in the air John Goode writes just beautifully, he can put a lovely sentence together, and his character s emotions jump right out the page Loved this story, will read the next one for sure Very curious to see where Brad and Kyle go, now that they ve walked triumphantly together into the sunset.CUE THE MUSIC PLEASE I say La La La La La La LaWhen you walk on by, and you call my name Highly Recommend. 3 stars I have mix feeling about this one I love YA especially about first love When I read the blurb I thought this one is for me Sadly, it wasn t a total winner I felt a disconnect with this story like how it started, and everything happened so fast I don t want to be too hard on Brad, but man he frustrated me But part of me understood not being out and dealing with the pressure of high school though he kinda made up for it at the end Another thing was I wished for less inner monologue andactual conversation I know this is a pretty long series at this point I m not sure if I ll read the next one or not but the ending did leave me curious to see what happens to Kyle and Brad. Kyle Has Worked Hard At Being The Invisible Student, Toiling Through High School In The Middle Of Nowhere, Texas Brad Is The Baseball Star At Foster High Both Boys Are Damaged In Ways That The Rest Of The World Can T See When They Bond Over A Night Of History Tutoring, Kyle Thinks That Maybe His Life Has Taken A Turn For The Not So LonelyHe Finds Out Quickly That The Promise Of Fairy Tale Love Is A Lie When You Re Gay And Falling For One Of The Most Popular Boys In School, And If Being Different Is A Sin In High School, Then Being Gay Is The Biggest Sin Of All Now Kyle And Brad Need To Come To An Understanding Amidst The Scrutiny Of Their Peers Or Their Fledgling Relationship Will Crash And Burn Before It Ever Gets Off The Ground This Is The Nd Edition St Edition Was Published As A Short Story Under The Same Title By Dreamspinner Press 4 stars When I read the blurb for Maybe With a Chance of Certainty, I was pretty sure that the story would just be like all the other ones out there, where the high school jock in need of tutition in order to keep his place in the team is suddenly falling for the shy nerdy kid But somehow John Goode was able to create incredibly well sketched characters I immediately started caring for They have their secrets, they are feeling broken, but they are willing to believe in a better future This is a story about letting yourself hope, about speaking up and about finding loveI don t remember the moment I knew I was broken, but I do know the moment I began to feel fixed It was the day the green eyed boy fell in love with meI m really looking forward to the next installment in this series I can t wait to find out what the future holds for Kyle and Brad. My original review for the short version of this book released as a daily dose said simplyI loved this one but way too short not sure how I will wait for the sequel After reading the extended addition my opinion changed drastically I hated the addition to the story This ruined the book for me I found Kyle s inner monologue longer and less interesting in second half The never ending car metaphor got tiring to read about What I really hated view spoiler Brad is an ass and then begs Kyle to eat lunch with his friends At lunch he happily introduces Kyle to his girlfriend Yeah he is a fucking cheater Then that night he calls Kyle and talks him into letting him pick him up for school Next day he never shows and Kyle kept waiting When Kyle gets to school late he is attacked, again by Brad s friend Then when he finally talks about Brad who cares he was attacked because Brad was late no big deal Brad s girlfriend called and need a ride WTF He couldn t fucking call Kyle and tell him he wouldn t be there He called and talked him into accepting the ride but can t call to cancel Wow he is an inconsiderate ass and Kyle just accepts everything a little sorry I ll make it up to you, which he never does and Kyle instantly ok I can say I won t read anyabout these guys especially after reading blurb for next one sounds like Brad will be waffling hide spoiler 4.5 stars Who s late to this party Like 6 years late In my defense, I very rarely read MM YA because my few attempts at it were a big failure These days I only read YA by a couple of authors But recently I read John Goode s Jordan Vs All The Boys which prompted me to finally take the leap and start Foster High that has been laying in my kindle for ages This is not Ele s essay about YA vs the rest of fiction I m mentioning it because if you re anything like me, you re steering clear from this because most YA stories seem fake and unnecessary censored Do not worry There is angst, humor, intense heart wrenching moments, some mild steam because yes, most seventeen year old boys are horny AF, and the promise of huge things to come.This is one of the most common tropes out there, and pretty much everyone s favorite the high school jock who falls in love with the high school nerd I loved Kyle and I m pissed on his behalf for how life s treating him I m always floored both in real life and in books when I come across such blatant teenage cynicism Brilliant and terrifying at onceOnce upon a time there was a boy who didn t get to fall in love The EndAnd Brad, Brad, Brad.I have a feeling I m going to want to smack him multiple times in the future But I also understand I ll have to get used to the writing, though It is pretty wordy and sometimes moves in circles, but not flowery at all After all, it is the voice of the teenager.On to the nextPosted on Gay Book Reviews view spoiler I DON T remember the moment I knew I was broken.I was seventeen and on the edge of an eighteen that seemed terrifying to a young man not sure what his sexuality was going to be I knew I liked guys but was still under the delusion that an attraction to guys didn t make you gay, just like drowning didn t mean you were breathing water It just made you different, and as we all know, in high school there is nothing worse than being different Though every TV show or movie will tell you the wacky, zany, oddball character is not only cool but a necessary component in most social settings, no one ever closed their eyes and wished they ended up being Screech.With that opening this story, I m sold This story is a sweet and hopeful take on one of the most popular themes in young adult the jock and the nerd I always have soft spot to stories with nerds what can I say, I might border to one when I was in high school Not truly a nerd, nerd, but I never excelled in anything else but study So, finding story when a nerd find their happiness with the jock can bring smile to my face As much as there are many stories with the theme, this one can still offer something fresh Kyle, the nerd, is living his high school days with what he does best, being invisible But his inner monologues are witty, honest, and sometimes funny, without border on sarcastic Like this one There are few materials known to manunforgiving to an erection than denim I find myself chuckling few times.I truly enjoy his voice as narrator, most especially when he analyzes which one he is in regards to the characters from The Breakfast Club I also like the fact that Brad, the jock, is not living in a perfect world he has his own set of problems in his own family It gives a nice reason for the two boys to connect There is a kiss oh, a tender one but it doesn t go as far as that This short story ends in a hopeful note but I truly think it s cruel if their story is not being told so muchBecause I want to see how Kyle and Brad steer their way into the wonderful world of first love So I hope there is a sequel hide spoiler I knew I was going to love this book before I even finished the Author s Note high school boys plenty of angst a plethora of John Hughes movie references ME A Sure Thing see what I did there, another 80s movie reference I will admit, I m a child of the 80s and a John Hughes movie junkie Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller s Day Off, Some Kind of Wonderful, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles I grew up on these movies and always dreamed of that fairytale ending But sometimes that s not in the cards we are dealt.Kyle has spent most of his high school years being invisible Wearing nondescript clothes so he doesn t draw attention to himself, walking with his head down, eating alone, carefully hiding his secret that he thinks he s gay All that ends the day Brad, baseball star and most popular guy at Foster High, asks Kyle to tutor him in history I enjoyed their relationship, even with all the drama I could so relate to Kyle s heartbreak, waiting on his front steps for a ride to school, finding out about Jennifer I think most of us have been there.I m glad Kyle got a Happy for Now, but I think there s a lotto Kyle and Brad s story and I can t wait to read the rest of the series. At first glance I thought it was going to be a stereotypical nerd and jock fall in love story In the end, although it was say 60% stereotypical, there was enough meat in it to make it a book I liked. BR, with Paul and Sonia re read Re reading this series has surprised me Knowing what the future holds for these boys, to read again how they first met is precious I ve said it before but I m still in awe that John is capable in turning these book characters into real people Because they really do feel like my friends.Also this series will always stay close to my heart because it brought me to my M M family I can t express myself enough to say what that means to me,to be able to connect with people who take the same things at heart sniffs Review wise I will not add muchthan my first review, cause it would never be never enough..I will end with one of my favorite quotes review 2014, August 2nd I m in awe with this writer It was like walking through the high school perimiters myself I will NEVER EVER want to be 17 jears old again.The writing is beautiful, so recognizable It was almost being in Kyle s head. Kyle Kyle tries to stay invisible during school time He has a very specific pattern to the way he dresses He calles it social camouflage He s surviving his alcoholic abusive mother And he s gay.One day he s asked by Brad to be his tutor in history Brad, the high school star of the baseball team, one of the gods of high school Popular, beautiful Two very different boys but who have a lot in commonI don t remember the moment I knew I was broken but I do recall when I started to understand that it might be okay It was the moment I fell in love with the boy with the green eyesTwo broken boy sObviously furious, he snapped, Is that what you think of me while coming to a stop in the middle of living room I paused for a moment, not sure how to proceed This was all too familiar to me, and that was throwing off what I was sure was righteous indignation I don t I blurted I mean I didn t He was demanding answers now, and his tone and manner were entering dangerous territory as far as my mind was concerned He was starting to sound like my mom Brad, I I started to say under my breath What He took the final step toward me I can t hear you, he said as he reached out toward me.I m sure there were half a million reasons he could have made a move like that, but my mind only knew one.I drew back and flinched..It was the flinch of someone who was used to being hit.He froze instantly His entire body looked carved out of wax as his expression morphed from anger to horrified shock, while mine dropped into a panicked cringe of abject terror Kyle, he said in a voice barely above a whisper I wasn t going to I know, I know Then, after a few seconds, sorrow began to saturate his words My dad hits me too And then we began to cry togetherHEARTBREAKING..I was rooting for Kyle and Brad was acting so stupid..I loves this sceneWhat Kelly didn t see was that I was no longer just standing up to him and his actions of the past few days In my mind, this wasn t about him and me and what we had done to each other This was about a life spent in fear A fear of people finding out who and what I really was A fear that if I ever exposed who I really was, I would be shunned and hated for it A fear that my mom would beat me up because she suspected who I was But honestly, how was that any different from the way I was already living my life I was alone, friendless, and generally considered odd by the few people who even realized I existed, so what did it matter if they found out I was done running from being gay, from my mom, from myself I was the hero of this story, and it was damn time I stated acting like I wasSpoken like a true hero other reviews of the series