For years Selina Kyle has prowled the skyline of Gotham City as its most famous thief Catwoman But when word spreads of Catwoman's demise Selina decides to leave the costumed world behind and continue her trade cloaked in the shadows Unable to enjoy her newfound anonymity for too long though Selina decides that she must return to her infamous persona Donning a new costume and attitude Catwoman returns to the streets and sets her sights on the serial killer that has been preying upon the streetwalkers she calls friendsThis volume collects in chronological order an entire Catwoman epic from multiple award winning creators Darwyn Cooke Ed BrubakerCollecting Catwoman 1 9 Selina's Big Score Detective Comics 759 762

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    Catwoman Volume one Trail of the Catwoman is a 2012 DC Comics publication Originally published in 2008 Because I named my new kitten Selina after Catwoman it was only fitting that I catch up on a few Catwoman comics for fun There are SO many to choose from I had a hard time deciding where to begin This one was on Hoopla and it seemed to be well received so I thought this might be a good place to dive in This volume is hefty Selina’s Big score plus detective comics 759 762 Three hundred pages Why I am drawn to the Catwoman character is her complexity She’s got a painful past has not always walked on good side of the law but is a character who wants to be a good person at least in this volume of stories In this collection Selina has faked her own death She returns to Gotham City has a little bit of a makeover and then begins doing some detective work hoping to find a serial killer targeting sex workers The action takes place in the East End where the people need an eualizer of Catwoman’s caliber The first part of the novel is part heist part noir and sets the stage SelinaCatwoman’s new outlook on life I enjoyed the graphics dialogue and stories included in this collection I have even angles of Catwoman to ponder on and found this volume to be entertaining and a nice diversion for me Now on to Volume 2

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    I stopped in the middle of the Tom King Batman run because he has Batman and Catwoman make a little music together I’ve only read through volume 2 so far and I know happens in that direction in the Batworld so I wanted to remind myself what I knew of relatively recent approaches to Catwoman I was looking for the origins of a sympathetic vulnerable Catwoman who has—for a time—left her cat burglar life behind and actually wants to fight crime And I recall Ed Brubaker wrote this Catwoman I read some of it years agoThis collection tracking one trail of Catwoman opens with Darwyn Cooke’s story of Catwoman “Selina’s Big Score” which is a tribute to Richard Stark’s Parker series several volumes of which he would later illustrate The guy in this tale Stark is really Parker; a “real man” chiseled and steely and without a drop of sympathetic emotion; that said it’s not as good as the Parker volumes as story or art And Catwoman sort of plays weakly to Stark’s macho strength; the fit is wrong here This is no set up for King’s version of Catwoman Or Brubaker's version either where he sculpts her into a fully realized feeling human being and not just vamped up cat costumed cat burglar drawing out a richer Cat whose tendencies were hinted at from the very beginning but never fully materialized Brubaker’s contributions to this volume the first of three omnibus volumes of Catwoman he wrote filled in here and there by the related work of others is as most of his superhero writing He’s making a superhero comic into a brooding crime comic And I approve The juxtaposition of Cooke’s cartoony retro sixties art and Brubaker’s gritty brutality makes for an awkward fit at times but you can’t fault either of them for what they do here really They are great and putting them together was an interesting experiment though not entirely satisfying as collaborative event And they both get better in their later iterations of noir work Cooke's Parker books and Brubaker's Crimnal and so much Brubaker begins with a tough guy detective Slam Bradley who looks and acts a lot like Stark who is paid by Gotham's mayor to find Selina Kyle and uh finds her So Catwoman returns to Gotham to catch a serial killer who kills prostitutes She's a cat burglar who wants to do good She's a complex character and likable thanks to Brubaker but that also means she skirts the dark side You can see the Cat Bat potential and Brubaker capitalizes on these tendenciesImportantly we can also see here the way Brubaker moves forward the push mepull you tension between the Cat and the Bat the lively cat burglar and the brooding crime fighter and why it is that Tom King and company decided to move them just a little bit closer shall we say I also look forward to the Joelle Jones Catwoman runI think I will also read the remaining two volumes of this Brubaker run too

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    This book is an easy five star review a gift for fans of crime comics even those fans who like me don't generally like DC comics The collection begins with a masterpiece of a graphic novel in which Catwoman returns to Gotham after faking her death to put together one last big heist The story has a delicious retro feel like the reader can almost hear the slow jazz music smell last night's cigarettes taste the burn of the cheap booze The tale picks up a lot of notes from The Killers the 1964 version than the 1946 even to the point of dropping Angie Dickinson's name in a running gag and when the graphic novel ends we get a four part story of what the detective was up to between panels of the novel It's a great way to tie up some loose ends and enrich some backstory without distracting from the uick and deliberate pacing of that first story Throughout both stories we get gorgeous illustrations by Darwyn Cooke luxurious to the point where looking through the images feels like trailing your fingers along velvet drawing out Catwoman's sensuality without diminishing her strengthNext we get nine issues of a Catwoman monthly series which are something of a step down from the giddy wonder of the book's first third but they're still great Brubaker writes a new version of Selina Kyle in a role taking care of the defenseless residents of Gotham's East End much like Daredevil shepherds Hell's Kitchen in the Marvel Universe We get hookers and drug mules and crooked cops with a surprising number of sympathetic characters who are trying to make do with what they've got Darwyn Cooke draws the first four issues in a style that is a bit restrained for mainstream readers but still strikingly his own then Brad Rader picks up the pencil for the next five issues While Rader's work isn't uite as confident and beguiling as Cooke's it certainly pays homage to Cooke and makes an easy transition for the readerCatwoman fans will I assume surely love this exploration of a dynamic and powerful character and crime story fans will certainly turn the pages with a nostalgic awe My brother loaned me his copy as part of an heroic effort to find DC comics that I will enjoy with him and after I return it I may need to buy a copy for my own collection

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    Opening with Darwyn Cooke's great heist story Selina's Big Score and then handing off the reins to Ed Brubaker for the start of the ongoing series this is a much needed reboot to Catwoman character one of my favorite comic book ladies After faking her own death Selina returns to Gotham City with a new costume and a new mission to protect the downtrodden of the city's East End She contends with corrupt cops and a serial killer targeting streetwalkers This really laid the groundwork for the Catwoman we see today with it's modern focus on Catwoman as an urban crime fighter in a crime noir ish hard boiled world of private dicks and travelers of the night and her practical costume And Brubaker and Cooke are both talented writers and a great complement to each other

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    You get a lot of bang for your buck in this trade First a reprint of Darwyn Cooke's Catwoman Selina's Big Score then a series of Slam Bradley shorts that were originally in the back pages of Detective Comics and finally the first nine issues of Brubaker's Catwoman They share a similar noirish sensibility especially Selina's Big Score which is a pure heist story stylish art and a take on Catwoman that is part gentleman thief part friend to the friendless It's a great take on the character one that I think makes sense considering her accumulated history and sensibilities If you read and liked Gotham Central you'll almost certainly like this take on Catwoman too

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    Wow this one is excitingWhat’s it about?This collection contains 4 stories about DC’s famous anti hero Catwoman written by Ed BrubakerProsThe stories are fun and interestingThe cartoony and colorful illustrations are absolutely wonderfulThis book is action packed and exciting throughout I never got bored while reading thisIt’s not a huge thing in the book but there are some fun little comic relief momentsI often complain that Marvel and DC books can get a bit predictable but there are some exceptions this is one of them There’s lots of suspense I should expect no less from a Brubaker bookWhy not 5 stars?The characters are sort of uninteresting to me Selina does some cool stuff and all but outside of action scenes and fan service she doesn’t seem to have much personality Her friendsidekick is kinda meh Slam is kinda cool but a very typical comic book PI The others are sort of mehOverallIf the characters were a bit cooler I would have given this 5 stars that being said I gave it 4 and would recommend this especially if you’re a fan of Brubaker’s other work45

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    What's new pussycat? A lot for Selina Kyle Having faked her death as well as that of her alter ego the Catwoman Selina finds herself in a bind when a heist goes sour Out of money and out of contacts she returns to Gotham City to begin her old life in a new way Catwoman Volume 1 Trail of the Catwoman is a collection of several story arcs covering Darwyn Cooke's graphic novel Selina's Big Score back stories from Detective Comics and Catwoman issues 1 9 authored by Ed Brubaker This is collection is cohesive and meaty just the way I like them and well worth the 2999 although I read the library's copy I may just buy one for myself sometime Selina's Big Score begins the new Catwoman saga as she returns to Gotham gets word of a big score and puts together a team for the heist It has the feel of a Parker novel and it's probably no coincidence that Selina teams up with a guy named Stark with whom she has a history a neat little homage to Parker Darwyn Cooke's writing is great and his art has a nice retro feel with broad brushstrokes simple colors and crisp chiaroscuros It also has a bit of a rough edge which I welcome in today's world of overly polished computer assisted comic artTrail of the Catwoman also by Darwyn Cooke is a related story arc that features Slam Bradley the hard boiled private investigator who is hired by the mayor of Gotham to investigate the death of CatwomanSelina Kyle In doing so Slam is exposed to the dark underbelly of Gotham corruption Slam's a real cool character and tougher than leather I like this guy a lotThe stories from the Catwoman comic are Anodyne and Disguises both written by the excellent Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke and others The stories do a good job of showing how dark and seedy Gotham City really is as well as Selina's perspective of it For example Batman makes an brief appearance but he sort of comes off as a bit of a self righteous prick which I guess sort of makes sense from Selina's street wise grayscale perspective Catwoman Volume 1 Trail of the Catwoman is a great book I'm looking forward to reading the second volume By the way saying What's new pussycat? to Selina Kyle probably isn't a great way to make friends with her I'm sure that Tom Jones gets a pass though That guy's pretty smooth

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    A varied but fun collection of Catwoman stories comprised of the beginning of Brubaker's acclaimed run on the book Also as a bonus we get Darwyn Cooke's artful and thoroughly entertaining graphic novel Selina's Big Score which puts Catwoman at the center of a classic hardboiled noir and serves as a good indicator of Cooke's tastes which eventually led to his incredible take on Richard Stark's Parker novels In fact there's even a character in Big Score named Stark and I doubt that's a coincidenceFollowing Big Score we get a brief backup story from Detective Comics featuring the PI Slam Bradley who has the noir iest name I've ever heard that leads us into Brubaker's Catwoman run However the first arc doesn't really use any of the information from Big Score or the Detective Comics story It just starts all on its own which was a little confusing at first since it felt like the story was building on itself Cooke continued to do the art on this story which has Catwoman trying to track down someone who is murdering prostitutes in Gotham's East End A big loss though was the colorist from Big Score They picked a much straightforward colorist for this arc and as such Cooke's art goes from looking a little gritty with a 50s flare to looking like a Saturday morning cartoon It's a little hard to get into a story about murdered prostitutes when a smiling happy cartoon is trying to solve the case Add in the fact that the mystery eventually is just thrown out the window and Catwoman just kind of runs across the murderer randomly and you've got a pretty lackluster first storyThis worried me after having been so entertained by the first 3rd of the book but luckily the final story made up for it in spades Here we have a new artist that fits Brubaker's style much better and we have Brubaker doing what he does best writing grounded realistic crime stories I was hooked beginning to end of this arc and it completely sold me on the potential of this series Looking forward to DC reprinting the rest assuming they do

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    Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke serve up an exciting collection of Catwoman stories full of crime intrigue scams and corrupt cops The first part of the book is Cooke's Selina's Big Score a six issue mini series that finds Selina trying to find a way to get an easy 24 million dollars Cooke's art is fresh and retro like always and the plot is fun and fast paced The story re introduces PI Slam Bradley who ends up becoming a supporting character when Catwoman gets her own book shortly thereafter Brubaker writes the new Catwoman series and Cooke provides the art for the first arc Catwoman has decided to go kinda legit and she finds a way to take down a prostitute killer and part of the GCPD that's involved in the criminal underworld Brubaker writes pretty good noir and thankfully keeps the Batman appearances to a minimum It was really nice seeing some of the characters from Gotham Central in this bookThis was a great read Definitely recommended to just about anyone

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    Really well done novel that turns Catwoman into an actually likable character