Exploding out from no man's land the all new batgirl In the midst of No Man's Land Batman gave a nameless girl with a violent past the costume and title of Batgirl Exceeding his expectations the new silent Batgirl uickly made the role her own earning the trust of the Dark Knight's allies including the first Batgirl Oracle Now in post No Man's Land Gotham Batgirl struggles to learn the lessons of how to live a normal life lessons she never learned from her mentor the deadly assassin known as Cain And when a mercenary from her past resurfaces bent on revenge can Batgirl bury her own violent tendencies and break the cycle of death and destruction that has dogged her since childhood?

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    Meet Cassandra Cain She's a teenage girl who was “adopted” or kidnapped depending on wordplay by an elite assassin and never developed her speech patterns much As a result she is specially gifted by attuning herself to body language and movements which make her a puissant fighting machine Additionally as you can tell by the costume she doesn't have to really have the usual eye slitsimage error

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    BatgirlCassandra Cain was definitely the breakout star of the sprawling early ‘00s Batman storyline No Man’s Land The full face mask and the not speaking made her extra mysterious and cool It’s taken me a while to check out her solo series but I kinda wished I hadn’t bothered as unfortunately it’s not very good Writers Scott Peterson and Kelley Puckett reveal her unremarkable almost cliched origins and she goes up against some disposable goons to show us that she’s a badass which we already knew Yawners Instead of using her solo series to develop her character PetersonPuckett are content to leave her as a one dimensional deadly Asian ninja chick think Miho from Frank Miller’s Sin City She was trained to be the ultimate killing machine by a heartless master yadda yadda yadda you’ve seen this dozens of times before Batman is written out of character as a complete dickbraindead detective and the foes Cass faces are utterly unmemorable nobodies One of them is a metahuman whose contrived power takes away her silence which was what made her uniue as a character to begin with d’oh And speaking of the silence the seuential storytelling is not well done and a lot of the scenes are awkward to read because artist Damion Scott just isn’t good enough to make them work Batgirl Silent Running is readable it’s just not very good

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    Super Woman Buddy read with the Shallow Comic Readers criteria being a book headlined by a female characterThis is the first volume of the Batgirl title that featured Cassandra Cain under the cowl The daughter of an assassin she was trained from an early age in various martial arts and was taught to use the part of her brain normally reserved for speech to interpret her opponent's moves What? OK so she's mute basically and this plays a big part of the plot of the storyBatgirl is watched over by Oracle Barbara Gordon and Batman and trained by both of them The inevitable showdown between Batman's no killing policy and Batgirl's readiness to use deadly force also becomes a major plot point And that's about all there is to the book Artist Damion Scott has a cartoony style that I like a lot but his storytelling ability was kinda sub par I had to look closely at many panel seuences to get the gist of what he was trying to portray Scott's art carries a lot of the book because there was very little dialog relatively speaking Author Kelley Puckett gives us lots of fight scenes and flashbacks that rely very little on words so the art has to carry the story along My slow reading ass read this in about 15 minutes I'll continue reading the adventures of Cassandra although the second volume is hard to get I may end up having to skip some stories this go around I had read a lot about the two Batgirls other than Barbara Gordon so wanted to read about them and decide for myself This title had a long run so I suppose it was popular enough but I doubt I would have stuck with it had I been reading it monthly 25 stars overall

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    I’ve been intrigued by the idea of Cassandra Cain as Batgirl ever since I heard about this series; I love the idea of a girl trained so intensively to be an assassin that she knows no language but can interpret vast amounts from movement even from tiny cues in body language It’s fascinating because it’s to some degree possible; “feral children” without language who weren’t exposed to language during their critical period for learning it have existed and who knows? Maybe they do learn to pay attention to other cues appropriate to the environment they live in which would be missed by those who rely on words to communicateIn practice though Silent Running is kind of an awkward place to jump in It’s not so bad for me because I know Barbara Gordon’s story why she became Oracle who she is — and everyone knows at least a little about Batman But it feels like jumping into the middle of a run not the beginning of one The art style doesn’t greatly appeal to me either and the storytelling is appropriately visual which is never going to work that well for me I just don’t and can’t think visuallyIt’s also a little awkward because that uniueness about this Batgirl is wiped out almost immediately a psychic man rearranges her thoughts and gives her language taking away her preternatural combat abilities by changing the way she experiences the world It makes sense but it does lose the thing that intrigued me about the characterAlso Batman being paternalistic and judgemental all the time Gah He should have some idea of how Cassandra was raised you’d think but somehow he spends the book denying it and having a really weird tension with Cassandra when they’re working togetherI’m going to read the second volume since I have it but at the moment I’m not greatly enthused about following this version of Batgirl which is a shame But might save me some money since wow the TPBs can get expensiveOriginally posted here

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    After I was so pleasantly surprised with that Supergirl book I thought I'd try my hand at Batgirl thinking It's written by the same bloke if he can make one spin off character work he can make another and this time I actually like the original character so even likely I'll like this Hm It didn't go down that way The book itself was very meh Just mehAlso I'm not a fan of so disabled it's like being better than abled Daredevil I'm looking at you So I was disappointed that they just magically fix Batgirl's problems 5 minutes in Here's the story She was trained by her nutjob assassin father from birth and thus is a deadly killer but unable to speak she has no language because she was not exposed to language during her critical period in infancy This makes her a better killer because her only language is body language and therefore she can anticipate moves to greater degree I thought that was gonna be really interesting to read a real departure from standard superhero fare where the writer and artist would really have to work to show intention and meaning without relying on speech balloons or even thought bubbles to do the explaining But no 5 minutes in and a psychic falls out the sky and 'fixes' her Because having any limitations is unacceptable and being any 'less' than normal is inconceivable And it was less work for everyone all round Ugh Just lazy

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    Cassandra Cain is a great character appearing here in a very early state There are also some nice plotlines in this comic revolving around Barbara Gordon's evolving relationship with Cassandra and Batman's shocked discoveries about her though I find it hard to believe that he didn't already know or suspect what he discoversUnfortunately this volume has problems of muddiness in both the artwork and the storytelling which sometimes makes it hard to follow I also find the psychic who suddenly gives Cassandra the ability to speak waaaay too convenient Because this change in Cassandra didn't come about in some organic way evolving from the rest of the story it instead feels like a big deus ex machinaSo great characters great character interaction and some flawed visuals and storytelling

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    I was a bit nervous to start this book as I'm so new to DC comics in general and the character of Cassandra Cain that I only found out she existed a week ago I shouldn't have worried; this was a great introductionCassBatgirl was raised by a master assassin who channeled her capacity for language into combat skills she's so fluent in body language that she can anticipate her opponent's every move but lacks the ability to speak a combination that fascinates Batman and frustrates Barbara Gordon the original Batgirl Cass's caretakers Now however Cass is gaining words which both throws her off balance and means she now has to answer uestions she's avoided about her pastThe writing is impressive; it's hard to make a nonverbal protagonist interesting or deep but Peterson succeeds wonderfully The art style is very fluid and round matching Cass's youth and her movement nicely and there's some great body language and facial expressions that really sell the idea of nonverbal communication That being said I wish the artists had a better ability to convey combat since Cass's fighting abilities are such a huge part of how she's interacted with the world her whole life and why she impresses Batman so much

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    There were some art issues a fair number of times usually in fight scenes I couldn't really tell what was going on but I really enjoyed the story as an introduction to Cass Cain There was also a lot of Bruce being a weird but lovable asshole which is always good

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    The opening is a little confusing but then it finds its feet and the series moves pretty decently along

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    Batgirl is an American comic book series published by DC Comics Cassandra Cain became the first Batgirl to be featured in an eponymous ongoing comic book series At first she is discovered by Batman and sent to live with Barbara Gordon currently functioning as Oracle Batgirl Silent Running collects Batgirl #1–6 of the 2000 on going seriesThis storyline takes place after the events of No Man's Land In the midst of No Man's Land Batman gave a nameless girl with a violent past called Cassandra Cain the costume and title of Batgirl Exceeding his expectations the new silent Batgirl uickly made the role her own earning the trust of the Dark Knight's allies including the first Batgirl now OracleNow in post No Man's Land Gotham City Batgirl struggles to learn the lessons of how to live a normal life lessons she never learned from her mentor the deadly assassin known as Cain A mercenary from her past resurfaces bent on revenge Batgirl must therefore bury her own violent tendencies and break the cycle of death and destruction that has dogged her since childhoodScott Peterson and Kelley Puckett plotted the trade paperback and penned entirely by Kelley Puckett For the most part it is written rather well it is an interesting take on Batgirl – an assassin turned vigilante that was taught to fight from birth without any useless thing to complicate matters – like learning how to write and speakDamion Scott is the penciler for the trade paperback Since he was the only penciler the artistic flow of the trade paperback flowed exceptionally well For the most part I enjoyed his penciling style – it accentuates the narrative rather well However some of the action scenes is much to be desiredAll in all Batgirl Silent Running is a wonderful start to what would hopefully be an eually wonderful series