Read 2 ReviewI just finished Warriors of the Cross and I had to go ahead and jump in to Guardians of the Cross having enjoyed it so muchFirst let me see that the cover of this book is very beautiful and that has led me to some good stuff inseide the pages of Guardians of the Cross as well I have found this series intrguing and I love the good vs evil action that has our characters in so much drama Just like Warriors of the Cross, this books provides action packed drama with romance that keeps you glued to your seat to find out what is going to happen With twists and turns found throughout, you are heavily engrossed and then the next thing you know, it is over and I am now eagerly awaiting the next installment.T R Graves has created a world around Allie, with Brody and Clark, that I am totally hooked on A definite must read Guardians of the Cross is the follow up to Warriors of the Cross by T R Graves, an epic series of good versus evil that defies placement in any genre Guardians is full of plot twists and a roller coaster of emotions that will have you unable to put the book down The paranormal religous battle between good vs evil reminds me of the blockbuster movie book The DaVinci Code There are secret societies both dedicated to their belief s of good and evil At the center of the storm, Allison La Crosse has begun to embrace her role as the the Warrior Priestress and her ability to heal the most gravely injuried through the Salvedere Allison s relationships are also central to the plot She is bonded to those she has rescued in a way that defies logic They share emotions, symtoms and sometimes thoughts Clark the first person, Allison saved in utero, is bonded to her and her most fierce defender Brody, the Warrior Priest, is Allison s true love and ready to take their relationship into a lifelong commitment Allison is torn trying to keep everyone happy and safe and follow her heart She is also trying to prevent prophesies that have foretold of the suffering of those around her Guardians further explains the inter workings of the Disciples of the Cross and begins to explore the prophesies behind their mythology More history into the lives of Brody, Julia, and James are revealed There are so many layers to this series it is impossible to explain and put into a category This second installment explores of the secrets of the Disciples by revealing Julia s most inner thoughts through her journals and diary Allison must learn who to trust and rely on without endangering those closest to her heart Devin DeMorte is back as the leader of The Sect after the horrible assualt on Allison at the end of Warriors Allison believes that Darryl, Devin s deceased twin was forced into Devin s comatose body by his mother Angela s Satanic prayers As a result, Allison is bonded to Devin from her previous Salvedere to save him However, Devin is traped and being held mental hostage by Darryl Darryl has many evil plans to get Allison to bend to his will He will use or kill anyone who stands in his way, especially those Allison loves.This series is a MUST read for anyone who loves paranormal romance It is fresh and unique and the plot twists will keep you reading long into the night There is so much going on in these books that they are best read in order. Allison La Crosse Discovers She Has Several Powers, Including A Spiritual Gift To Heal The Dying With Her Touch With The Newfound Awareness, She Uncovers Mind Boggling Truths About A World, Which Has Been Hidden Her Whole Life, Thanks To Her Mother S Selfless Actions The Most Important Revelation Pertains To Her Ordained Place Within The Disciples Of The Cross As One Of Their Warriors This Position Moves Her Even Closer To Her Mentor, Brody Kennedy, Who Ends Up Being The Only Other Warrior Just As Suddenly, It Catapults Her Into The Middle Of A War Between The Sect And The Disciples Allison S Appointment To Warrior Alongside Brody Exacerbates The Leader Of The Sect S Malicious Hunt For Her As A Result, Everything About Her Existence Is Altered With The Modification Of Her Life, She Prepares To Do Anything Necessary To Save Everyone Loved By Her Including Brody And Clark This is the second book in the series of The Warriors. I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5 Allison, Brody and Clark return in this book, continuing where they left off after the brutal attack of Allison and escape of her attacker Guardians of the Cross reveals of the truth behind Allison s origins, gifts, purpose and relationships Allison s Disciples gather around her in earnest to protect her against The Sect and Darryl Devin They are convinced Darryl is fooling Allison into believing his brother Devin still resides in the body which Darryl took over through Satanic means They believe it is a ploy of Darryl s to destroy her Despite everyone s wishes, Allison commits herself to finding a way to save Devin from Darryl, even if it costs her her life The connection Allison feels toward those she has saved and those swearing to protect her is much deeper than anyone realized But will the connections prove to be a fulfillment to a prophecy of doom The love between Allison and Brody is tested when lies of omission are revealed Will Allison ever be able to trust him again Clark s true feelings are made known to her as she discovers the depth of their connection Who will ultimately win her heart Or is their a greater sacrifice looming on the horizon I was so anxious to get this book I was nearly beside myself when I learned it had finally come out I really enjoyed this book and could barely put it down There were so many twists and turns and my heart felt all of them T.R Graves did a great job building the intensity between Brody and Allison She s a strong character builder After reading the book, I m left with so much to reflect on I m really anxious for the third book and hope it will be released soon There were a few editing mistakes, which took away some from the reading enjoyment I had one other complaint, but I m not sure if it isn t a lead in for the next book or not, so I won t mention it at this time. What an amazing second book to a series Sometimes you find that second book in series s falls flat, then picks back up with the third book But that is not the case with this book This leaves you wondering how the third book could possibly be as good as this There is so much that happens in this that there is never a dull moment I didn t know you could add that much craziness in a book, but let me tell ya, T.R Graves did just that I felt like a was hyperventilating through the whole book I was so scared to go on, but I couldn t get myself to put the book down I was left constantly going just one chapter, well maybe one , okay just one And then the next thing I know it s 3 30 in the morning It s so nice to finally get some answers But like Allie, sometimes I felt like maybe I didn t want to know the answers I loved that we got to know James, Trevor, and Mallory better It was fun to see the bond they had with each other Like the perfect family and team that they need to be I really enjoyed watching Brody s and Allison s relationship grow I still feel so bad for little Clark But he is such a perfect friend for Allie I don t know what all she would have done if she didn t have him I loved how protective everyone was of Allie It really showed how much they loved and cared for her, and that they would do anything to protect her.Now onto Daryl and Satan s Sect They just gave me the bajeebies They freaked me out You really get to see just how dangerous they are T.R is so good at making you feel what the characters are feeling, that I found myself terrified of what Daryl s next attack was going to be And Daryl He was so creeptastic that I was so happy that I could put the book down and actually get a reprieve from him I fell bad that the characters didn t have the same chance as me.And the ending How am I supposed to wait all the way until September for the next book, to find out how all this is going to end I m a little afraid to find out, but I just need to know now I would definitely recommend this series If your a little iffy you should try it out anyway You will not be disappointed This series just seems to get better and better You won t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with the whole cast of characters Even the bad ones are just so good at being evil, you can t help but liking them for their eveilness, cuz this book wouldn t be the same without them So give it a try Guardians of the Cross The Warrior Series 2 By TR GravesISBN 9781453754825Publicatished December 2011Available Format Paperback, ebookMy Rating In book one of The Warrior Series, Allison La Crosse discovers she has a God given ability to heal with her touch She also meets and falls in love with Brody, who is also a Warrior, and she learns there are people who are tasked with protecting them and those that wish to destroy them In book two, Allison has made a connection with the first soul she ever saved, Devin, who is being controlled by his evil twin brother Allie is torn between her bond with Devin and the threat his brother poses to her friends, family, and her life Will she sacrifice herself or will she be forced to part with one or both of the men she loves so dearly Let me tell ya, this book is jam packed There is romance sweet, gushy, butterflies in the tummy romance There is drama, even a little touch of a love triangle or square There is mystery and suspense evil stalking in the shadows, interesting new characters, new questions to be answered around every turn And there is heart stopping action Every time I thought I d relaxed in a valley, I was hit with another twist another piece of the puzzle slid into place And, there are a LOT of pieces to the puzzle given in book two All the Guardians are coming together, Allison and Brody s purpose is becoming clearer, and the evil is growing stronger and fearless We get to learn so much about the Warriors past and about what their future might hold For every question that is answered in this installment of the series, we re still left with a perfect amount of mystery for book three I cannot wait to dive back into Allie s life and see what waits around the next corner. I picked Guardians of the Cross after enjoying Warriors of the Cross That one was an incredible read, fast paced, packed with action and mysterious characters I didn t think the second book could get any better, but it did.Twenty four year old Allison stands in the middle of a war between good and evil As the only person in the world bestowed with the ability to heal those wounded, she is much sought after, but also faces a great peril Whenever she heals someone, she is bonded to the person and sees visions of events yet to come In her quest to protect the people she saves and the ones she loves, she must face the one person who almost killed her Devin slash his twin brother Darryl Only, Allison s meant to protect Devin after saving him from a horrible fate in his mother s womb And now she s at a crossroads How can she save the ones she loves when she s meant to protect the enemy, who would do anything to hurt her I thought this book was fantastic and couldn t put it down The author has introduced a plethora of new elements that kept me glued to my screen I loved the twists and turns and the spine chilling thriller parts I didn t see coming The ending left me eagerly awaiting the third installment All in all, this is a must read, well written book that I d recommend to young adult and adult readers. I cant wait for the next one T.R Graves.GOOD JOB This is a follow up book to Warriors of the Cross, which I also loved Allison, Brody, and Clark are back in a seamless follow up book where we discover mysteries as well as secrets This is a suspenseful and intriguing read I am excited about your next book I would highly recommend I am a reader of mostly paranormal adult romance but this book and the previous one is something I would recommend to readers as young as teens I don t want to divulge too much of the plot without spoiling it but their are forces at work greater than we know.