Rocky Meadow, Vermont, Seemed To Be A Quiet Little Town Until People Started Dying Or Showing Up In The Emergency Room Under Mysterious Circumstances Dr Amy Daniels Is A Trauma Surgeon, Who Recently Moved To Rocky Meadow After A Family Tragedy There She Meets Father Michael Lauretta, A Psychologist Priest Who Counsels Troubled Clergy And Pastor Of The Famous Rocky Meadow Retreat House Together, They Save Lives And Souls And Try To Solve A Mystery Before They Become The Next Target Of A Greedy Killer Will They Be Able To Put A Stop To This Deadly Rampage The Unexpected Conclusion Awaits In The Bench

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    Exciting story with charming characters The tension and excitement builds as the story goes onI hope this is the first of a series I wish this were a real place as I would book a retreat there I loved the descriptions of where the story is set and also the honest way the priests are portrayedas men who can lead others and yet struggle with personal issues And we all need someone like Dr Amy as our primary physician I did not want the story to end and hope too see from this author these characters soon.

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    Well, I did it again, not as bad as yesterday, but still I couldn t seem to put this book down The last time that happened to me was when I read the Hunger Games series, and the time before that was Angels Demons I just finished The Bench by Linda Rawlins and it s wonderful and if you like dang, I don t know how to classify this book Perhaps if I tell you a little bit about it, you can classify it for yourself.One of the main characters is Amy Amy is a doctor who worked in a big Boston hospital but after a home invasion leaves her sister dead and her niece in a coma, Amy finds she can no longer deals with the pressure of Boston, so she moves to a quiet hospital in Vermont.Next is Father Michael, a fairly young priest and psychologist who presides over the local parish and a retreat for priests who are having trouble dealing with the various stressors of their job.Then you have Willow, a fifteen year old, who was raised by her grandmother because her mother, Marty, was an alcoholic and her father, Bobby, didn t want anything to do with either of them After the grandmother dies under questionable circumstances, Willow is left a very rich little girl, and now suddenly her parents are back in her life Marty goes to rehab so she can finally get sober and try to protect her daughter from Bobby, who basically is threatening Willow s life so he can get his hands on the inheritance.Rounding out the cast of characters are Tony, ex NYPD now bartender, three visiting priests, several doctors and nurses from the hospital and a local or two thrown in for good measure The story weaves their lives together in a Dr Quinn Medicine Woman meets Father Dowling sort of way I have no idea what genre to stick this story in, but I know I love it Another reason I m excited, and I probably shouldn t admit it, is I already have Linda Rawlins second book in the series, Fatal Breach, which I can start the second I finish The Bench.Five stars, five thumbs up, five cupcakes whatever you want to give it, it deserves it GET THIS BOOK NOW You won t be disappointed

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    I loved this book for many reasons The story was solid, believable, engaging, uncluttered and written with authority The characters were well developed, from the major characters doctor and priest, to the supporting cast, such as the young girl, who is left a sizable inheritance and has to deal with a destructive, self serving father.I found myself reading this without pause for hours on the day I picked it up I guess this was because I was immersed in the story I finished reading it with a lasting impression and for this reason will be buying Ms Rawlings next offering She is a talented writer who manages to bring plot characters and story to live with ease.

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    A very good thriller The characters are well developed and likeable, especially Dr Amy and Father Michael The pacing is very good the danger and tension growing as the book progressed and backstory given as juicy little tidbits here and there This is one of those books that makes you rationalize that the chores will still be there tomorrow, but you must finish this book now An excellent start for what promises to be a great series.

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    To me this book was the start of a master piece.I loved the disjointedness of it, if that makes sense, loved the poetry and the twist though I worked it out early of who the poet was, it is a book I will read a second time just to enjoy teh flow.well done Linda

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    Def recommendation

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    A great read with memorable characters.Hopefully the start of a long series

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    I simply could not put this book down and literally stayed up all night reading it.

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    Inspirational insight into priests life and interactions

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    Not a great book Much of this is because it s not my usual type of book I like a lot of excitement and plot twists This one is pure vanilla, both the plot and the characters Writing was not bad, but elemental to me anyway.