Colby And Bev Have A Long Standing Pact Graduate, Hit The Road With Bev S Band, And Then Spend The Year Wandering Around Europe But Moments After The Tour Kicks Off, Bev Makes A Shocking Announcement She S Abandoning Their Plans And Colby To Start College In The Fall But The Show Must Go On And The Disenchantments Weave Through The Pacific Northwest, Playing In Small Towns And Dingy Venues, While Roadie Colby Struggles To Deal With Bev S Already Growing Distance And The Most Important Question Of All What S Next Morris Award Finalist Nina LaCour Draws Together The Beauty And Influences Of Music And Art To Brilliantly Capture A Group Of Friends On The Brink Of The Rest Of Their Lives

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    This cover screams Fun in the Sun This blurb screams Road Trip and Music So I was going into this expecting a light, fun, read It s nothing like that It has it s fun moments for sure, but the story is very sad bordering on depressing with a deep finding oneself message This is not a bad thing at all In fact I often enjoy books with this vibe, but going into this with opposite expectations really threw me for a loop.The story is told in Colby s point of view He and his best friend Bev have been planning a year long trip around Europe for years Leaving on a road trip to tour with Bev s girl band, she tells him the Europe trip is off Colby spends the bigger part of the book brooding over this, upset towards Bev for lying to him for months I understood where he was coming from, but I didn t get why he was depressed about it to such degree Losing a year he could have spent at college is definitely not fun especially when it s unplanned, it s hardly the end of the world Plenty of high school graduates take a year off before going to college and end up with great careers For Colby, it was as if he was losing his whole future.It s not all sad however We do have some fun parts where the girls play their very bad music, meet some intriguing people who take them on mini adventures along the way These can seem a bit far fetched, but are still entertaining The girls are all so unique with their quirks and fun spirits The whole cast is really great which helps brighten the mood of the book The only character I did not like very much was Bev She s very moody and secretive for the most part, refusing to explain why she suddenly backed out of the trip She gives off a lot of angst which I never particularly enjoy Colby though, he s a great protagonist His voice is real he may be dramatic but his feelings still feel true So overall, even though I wasn t expecting such a serious vibe with forlorn emotions, the characters absolutely saved the day and I was still able to have fun with the story I m fairly certain, especially now that you know what to expect, most readers will enjoy this than I did For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    this book was my life preserver against a reading, if i start this and read the whole thing in a day, then there s no way i m slumping no way even if i haven t finished anything in a hot second even if i feel slumpy it s science the book itself was whatever.but at least i m proven to not be in a slump anyway lots of objectification of girls in this bleh lots of white boy whining also bleh road trip plotline, which i love, overshadowed by unrequited love and all the drama that comes with it but mercifully short and quick to read it s contemporary szn baby

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    Something that 18 year olds and potheads have in common if they re not one in the same is that they think everything they say is so DEEP and PROFOUND The problem is that I don t belong to either group.The Disenchantments is the story of four friends and bandmates who hit the road after three of them Colby, Bev, and Meg graduate from high school Colby, the lone boy, is our narrator and manager of the Disenchantments On the eve of the trip, Bev tells Colby that despite their plans to visit Colby s mom in Paris and then backpack around Europe for the year, she s going to college instead To further complicate matters, Colby has been in love with Bev since they were kids Nothing like awkward tension and feelings of betrayal to kick off a trip.Needless to say, this wasn t the light, fun road trip book I was expecting It was my own fault because I saw the cover, read road trip in the summary, and assumed it would be FUN in the SUN Still, throw France in a story in any shape or form and I m usually appeased Unfortunately, I didn t feel engaged in the story until page 246 of a 307 page book For the majority of the book, I felt little connection to the characters Colby s DEEP 18 year old thoughts just made me roll my eyes For example We drive past a lumberyard, full of a forest s worth of felled trees I slow as we pass it It s almost too big to comprehend.Okay, homie He s not the only one emo ing out, although he does have the best reasons Alexa, the band member with a year of high school left, gets a splinter in her foot But to a 17 year old, a splinter is not just a splinter.She says, The world is against me Inevitably, when you put 18 year olds in a room or car together, they come to MEANINGFUL and PROFOUND realizations It s hard What s hard I ask.Bev shakes her head, as if the answer is too big to put into words.Finally she says, Growing up And there is nothing any of us can say to that It feels too true for a response.I was mid eye roll until I thought back to 2am conversations with my roommates freshman year Let she who is without self importance cast the first stone, right As insufferable as some of the Disenchantments musings were, they are the typical musings of the age group The story took a Graffiti Moon esque turn on page 252 and my interest raised tenfold The 50 pages that end the book are where the story should ve started That story, and the story that begins at the end of the book, is one I would ve loved reading There is an audience for this book and these characters, but unfortunately it wasn t me Final verdict 3 5 stars This review appears on Young Adult Anonymous.

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    3.5 Loved the quirky characters and the whole band touring thing, but at times I found the characters to be almost unbelievably cool They were just a bit too picture perfect at times I guess, if that makes sense Video review to come.

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    I was nervous going into this as I ve had mixed luck with LaCour s work She has a stunningly beautiful prose, but her stories are a hit or miss for me Because of this, I ve held off on reading THE DISENCHANTMENTS for the longest time only picked it up as it caught my eye scanning through the library rack Well, this has been on my TBR for several years now, I might as well just give it a try Now I can see it was a mistake waiting that long Although, perhaps not Sometimes things hit you at the exact right time make the experience all the wonderful.I will say that this is not a YA book for everyone it s a very slow burn, coming of age tale about coming to terms with what comes after high school how life s plans don t always work out like you thought they would The premise of conveying these concepts through a road trip band tour was excellent I felt it was executed near perfectly I can see how it takes a while to warm up to the characters, but maybe I didn t have that problem because I could connect with Colby right off the bat I found each character Colby, Bev, Alexa Meg to be refreshing intriguing I didn t see any of them to be particularly unrealistic or unlikeable just teenagers trying to figure out what s next.I loved the twists turns off the map, meeting those whom you never would have come into contact with if you didn t sway Although music does play a large part, this is really a story of four friends traveling for a week grappling with the reality of the fact this will be the last time they re all together for who really knows The interactions are painful honest uncomfortable, but necessary There were quite a few phrases emotions that stuck with me, things that I won t be able to shake Reading this actually got me thinking how amazing this would be as a film, which kind of makes me chuckle because we all know Hollywood has enough of those Yes, I don t mind books being turned to the big screen, even if it ends up sucking the big wazoo Hate if you will If you ve never read one of LaCour s books but seriously, you re missing out , I cannot praise her prose enough regardless of the content of the book, you can always count on it to be written wonderfully Her EVERYTHING LEADS TO YOU is a fantastic romance, but if you re looking for something that s about identity finding yourself, I d recommend this hands down I know I will be thinking about these characters for a long time.

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    Some books snug up to my heart They imprint themselves on me to the point where they become a personal experience, appealing to a part of me that wonders and thinks and feels deeply Nina LaCour s finely written book The Disenchantments crept up on me hooking me into some deep and contemplative thinking Colby, the narrator, muses to himself, I want to find the right fit I m getting closer, but I also know that I might never really have everything figured out I might be searching forever Right We all might be searching forever, yet that s what living is all about searching, reaching, redefining, refining and back again When I say the book crept up on me, I mean it lolled me into thinking it was a coming of age teen angst set of scenarios I couldn t have been off Colby s confused and hurt His broken heart drips with angst and disappointment Everything he had dreamed of is suddenly ripped from him looking and like an old beater car sitting in a junkyard He hits the road in an old blue VW bus named Melanie It s filled with his three friends, girls whose not so good band takes them from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon and several little burgs in between to play one night gigs His dream of a trip to Paris and wandering throughout Europe, with his best friend and love of his life, now wilts before him, a fantasy, an enchantment, that threatens to plague and destroy him Still he drives highway 101, literally moving on with life In the throes of disappoint he s asked about his ability to dance well He replies, It s because I don t give a shit In just a little while we will forget things we used to want and adjust to the lives that we re given It s with these disenchanted words that I became enchanted with the direction of the book If you decide to pick it up to read, and I hope you do, don t let the torment of the first third of the book fool you Coming of age isn t only for young adults It s for all ages who wonder and question, who reach for understanding the mystery of life s many alleys and towers As a metaphor for life, the road trip took me along with Colby and friends on an exploration, meeting characters of all ages along the way who have elected to live their lives in significantly different ways They hold one thread in common, the universal experience of letdowns and highs Colby comes to a point where he wonders whether all of the disappointments aren t meaningless or random It is better to think that fate is the reason my plans have been ruined that it might be because there s something for me out there, or something that I m meant to do Toward the end of the book as Colby rides along in the vintage bus, he sees his eyes reflected in the rearview mirror and the flowers and trees out the window Aristotle s writing that theater should be, True to life and yet beautiful, comes into his mind I say close to the same thing about The Disenchantments It is true to life and it is beautiful As Colby observed about the girl band, They want to make music, so who cares if they don t know how My translation would be something like, Live your life Who cares if you don t know how

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    Disenchanting Most definitely So I guess this one is aptly named Actually 1 1 2 stars barely.I won t be reading this author again I didn t feel that I was reading the voice of a guy for the most part Other than when some other guy says hey bro, I started to wonder if Colby was, in fact, a girl with a gender neutral name, particularly since the love interest, Bev, makes out with boys or girls Speaking of the love interest, in order for this story to work, the author needs to sell me on the idea that this character is worth the trouble I need to feel that she is fabulous and that, of course, Colby would be crazy about her since everywhere they go, she is making out with someone Everyone is attracted to her She must be fantastic, right Not so much Also, I didn t get any idea of Bev s sparkling or wonderful personality Why is everyone attracted to her Just because she s hot All I really get to know is that the back of her neck seems to be quite fetching as Colby draws it over and over and one of the girls mentions how pretty her neck is since she has just shorn her hair And her long tan legs and her graceful hands are described, but who she is Yeah, not so much And the smoking just because they re on tour Is this supposed to make me think she s so cool So, she suddenly announces that she has changed her mind on the plan they ve had for four years, a plan to take a year and travel around Europe So, yep, she s out and then spends the entirety of the road trip pouty and angry that Colby has the audacity to ask her why Again, for this character to work, I have to feel that I care about why, that it matters, that she is worth it I am worn out with angsty teenage girls who make their own drama instead of dealing with anything When Bev s deep dark secret is revealed all I thougt was Really yawns This pretty much sums up how I feel about Bev and it s in her own words I don t know what s wrong with me I don t know how I could have done this p 247As a reader,I can t stand her and I don t know why anyone would put up with her nonsense The author hasn t managed to sell me on the idea that this girl is anything special Instead, I m left with the idea that Colby is an idiot for having wasted years of his time with this nasty piece of crap Sorry, that is just how I feel If I had a friend who lied to me for four years, almost each and every day of those four years, I wouldn t be saying okey dokey when I hear her idiotic reason Yeah, that s just how I roll I know this is a story and not real life, but this kind of bad treatment from a friend makes steam come out my ears because we re supposed to think it s okay since she was finally forced to tell the truth.So, Bev aside, the whole of this is just meh I didn t think their epic road trip seemed like they were having fun It seemed mostly boring, riding around in the van, stopping at this or that uninteresting place Nothing here is memorable.

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    Very enjoyable I liked the writing style I couldn t really connect with the characters, but other than that it was a fun read.

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    Short review every single character in this book s relationship status on Facebook is, hopefully, It s complicated.Long review Dear Colby, protagonist of this book,Nearly ten years ago, I made plans to move to my dream big city My best friend decided she would too, with the plan of arriving a few months after me It sounded like the best future in the world Then suddenly when I talked about it she grew uncomfortable and shuffly, and one day she refused to talk to me and refused to say why After I begged a whole bunch, she confessed she did not want to and would not move with me.I felt my whole future fall apart.And then it, you know, it didn t I felt abandoned and hurt but my dream wasn t dead and so I kept going, and I got there, and now it s the future and I m old and withered and I m still here in my dream city, and it truly has been a dream being here, other than the effing price of apartments and how that shiz about the traffic is no joke.What I m saying, in my usual long and drawn out and overly personal manner, Colby, is I get it And watching you go through a very similar situation, well, it was hard It hit very close to home, and it didn t help that your friend loved my favorite band so very much, and that another friend loved another dear friend s favorite band so much There was a lot of me in these pages, from tattoos to Sleater Kinney s Modern Girl , and I wasn t expecting that at all But I didn t just see a ton of myself in this book, my fictional friend Colby, I saw a lot of big truths and the scary stuff that happens when you re working on growing up And as you know from thinking about your parents, well, it never really ends But the good thing is that you already know how to make choices and take stands to keep going.Your nonfictional reader,laaaaaaaamesP.S Please don t tell anyone I write letters to fictional teenage boys That CAN T be good for my rep read 22

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    Rating 4.5 I loved this PERFECT book to read in the summer It s so fun and easy to read.