My goodness, this book was horrid I cannot understand why this book has so many five star reviews I have now vowed never to trust Goodreads reviews again This book was absolutely horrible and annoying It was worse than Twilight which I thought was complete garbage Obviously this book was written for young adults, specifically idiotic and shallow teenage girls who live in a fantasy world of flowers and oh, so beautiful men I felt as if i were reading a book for really naive middle school girls I would have hated this book as a middle schooler Does the author think young adults are stupid Because she wrote as if she was composing a novel for 7 year olds It was so utterly putrid, that I almost tossed my iPad in disgust onto the floor The main character was extremely vapid and downright stupid Her love interest was ridiculously perfect, I cringed every time he appeared The story was all over the place, didn t flow seamlessly and was predictable We already knew the main character was the one and I refuse to get started on the bastardized religion aspect I was insulted Glad this book was free or I would have demanded my money back. I read Crossroads in just two days because I couldn t put it down The plot is a new and unique one Claudia sees people in her dreams, beings who warn her to stay away Her friends calls to ask whether she s okay because, for a moment, they thought Claudia was dead But instead, it s someone else with the same name who dies the same way Claudia dreamed.At first, Claudia thinks everyone worrying is the result of her friend s death, but that soon turns enigmatic when the people around her become obsessive when it comes to Claudia s safety, fretting over her late night shift at her after school job as a sales assistant.Claudia keeps meeting people in her dreams, beings of light, beings who want something from her, and these beings are starting to cross over into the physical realm, beckoning Claudia to come to them They ve been ordered to take her somewhere Soon, the visions of meeting these beings blur, and Claudia can no longer tell whether they re just dreams or reality or something in between.When she falls for Michael, the boy she keeps meeting, she knows he s someone she can never be with because she s different And being different has never been dangerous.I don t write reviews unless I found the book remarkable and worth reviewing I thought this was a great book, original, sad at times, with beautiful writing and description I liked Michael straight away He was protective, yet broody and mysterious Claudia is not a wimpy heroine she s fiercely protective of those around her and tries to keep them safe, even if it means staying away from the one she loves I also liked the twist at the end when I found out what Claudia really is Mary Ting s story of angels and a world in between was a stunning read with plenty of drama and twists and turns The cliffhanger at the end left me eagerly awaiting the next book in the series I recommend this to all fantasy readers and those interested in the paranormal. Crossroads is a book that I think is the ultimate Young Adult book It is a book I would have my own 16 year old read It offers great romance and faith based living It follows a young girl raised by a single mom and a caring Gamma a name my kids also used who comes of age in the most remarkable way Filled with star crossed lovers, fantastical creatures, good friends, beautiful places and evil, this book is an easy read This easy to follow plot is full of twists, turns, surprises and battles which in this reviewer s opinion is extremely important since I usually find battles hard to follow in a book and would skip them The author told us the story without extreme attention to the surroundings too often I encounter books which have pages dedicated to the description of the surroundings which I usually skip also Her descriptions of the settings in the book were enough to teleport us there to continue the enjoyment of the story.The characters are likable and well developed Mary ting s explanation of the half breeds sounds plausible and real Their hierarchy very real and keeping with the Christian faith Crossroads is one of the few books I have read that I couldn t wait until I got to the end I had to see what would happen and now I can t wait for the sequel DNF at 13 cause I love my brain cells Choppy writing Inconsistent reactions from the protagonist Stupid conversations And overuse of clich s Reading the paragraph about Claudia thinking how she fell for Michael at first sight despite him being a jerk should be a new form of torture Because THAT SHIT DID NOT MAKE ANY SENSE AND TRYING TO IMPRESS THEM WITH HER SUNDAY SCHOOL KNOWLEDGE Yes, Claudia dear, Angels have wings You can shut the fuck up now Oh and Michael with his I DON T WANT YOU HERE ATTITUDE and cold stares You woulda been a heckuva lot believable if the prologue had not been you whining about how beautiful she is and et cetera et cetera And there is love at first sight And probably there is love triangle too I d didn t stick around to see Because 13% in and I DID NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK Everything so far was enough to put me off And I d probably had had content to rant about if I had bothered I didn t.No Just No Free books are usually hit or miss for me And this book, dude, missed by an entire continent 1 Star because it is impossible to give any less. Warning Harsh review.I wanted so much to like this book I love the cover and the blurb seemed interesting enough, so I figured it wouldn t be bad considering all the stellar reviews on Goodreads, too.Crossroads fell WAY short of my expectations I am entirely nonplussed by all the five star reviews on Goodreads WHY Lots of things were illogical and unrealistic.The plot of the book might have been interesting enough to some, but many, many things made it impossible for me to like this book I have used things twice now Not good The writing language We are not five year olds It s painful to elaborate so I ll save myself the trouble Claudia Emerson the female protagonist is a Mary sue I HATE MARY SUES WITH A BURNING PASSION I had no idea all teenage girls spoke this way Claudia s stream of consciousness was really fake she sounded like a bland ten year old with no conscience or common sense view spoiler Who in their right mind would go out partying until twelve when evil unnatural abominations are out to get her hide spoiler Let me first start off with my difficulty This is my first romance novel, and I would stay away from romance novels and movies of such, unless my date promises to watch a horror movie with me, and let me drink the entire night until I get smashed, and yet she has to kiss me Even at that, I would still think twice about going to a romantic movie.Now that is out, I would like to say this for the book I actually enjoyed it I do admit there are parts I feel uncomfortable with, and mostly jealous about how there are men with naturally gifted godlike bodies while I might seem too slim It might be a little too romantic and intimate in some parts, but all I can say is, the story was laid out very very well I have to give this to Mary, and her writing form is poetic and soft, it was a light read, an enjoyable pass through the book to while away and feel good For all the women out there looking for that book that will keep you in a daze for a long time, this has to be it, and nothing else that I can think of Standards on men might go up, and we mere humans will have no say or chance to meet those, but all we can do is strive.An enjoyable read.PS Just a little secret, I did enjoy Father of the Bride 1 and 2, but that s how far I am willing to go. Stop If your reading these reviews to decide whether to spend time with the book then just take my advice and don t No one stopped me from wasting valuable time on this book so I feel obliged to warn others My mother, after a few days worth of nagging, got me to read this book She emphasised on the plot and how brilliantly written it was I m going to assume she said all that as a joke, as I do not want to be related to her if she was being serious I don t even know where to start and I m afraid this review may be one long rant.Firstly, the dialogue The characters in this book are meant to be teenagers so why do they speak like middle aged women What teenager says this to their best friend Thank you, Patty, for everything And don t worry, I ll come again soon You were so helpful and very attentive I seriously think the author was either born in her 30s or lived her childhood with a pole stuck up her arse if she thinks this kind of talking is accurate Secondly the plot It doesn t fit well together and it is poorly thought out It was one of those stories that the instant you turn the last page you mind just says WHAT WAS THAT Lastly the characters I will admit the idea behind them had a possible chance of being successful I guess But somewhere they just became lifeless and dull The angel Michael was just so boring I couldn t stand him And its safe to say I felt the same about Claudia.So overall I think you may have gathered that I did not enjoy this book The story and the people who gave this book 5 stars have made me feel sad inside.xoxoxo Wow This book is totally left open for much, much , which is exciting because I love books in a series I can t wait to see Claudia open up and blossom into the full being she can be I think there is way to Austin s story than is given in the book I see a great triangle brewing here If you remember, Gamma said she sent someone to watch over Claudia and Michael didn t know that I can not wait to learn about the Alkins, Michael s friends I want to know so much about their personalities and see how they show themselves when they are on Earth It seems this is the only place they can let themselves shine and fall into old habits that they don t remember they had Michael seems to be a rebel by following his own instincts while trying to be a good leader and follow the laws of the Royal Council He is torn by what he should do and what his half human heart longs for As far as the fallen are concerned, as we all know, if one leader dies, there is always another to take his place I have read a lot of books about angels and heaven, but not in a fiction setting It s nice to see that Mary blends from the real to the fictional heavenly worlds very smoothly It is wonderful to be reading a fictional book about a subject I enjoy researching and believe in with all my heart and soul Wow I can t believe everyone is giving this book 5 s Maybe my expectations are too high for YA Was this written by a 16 year old I didn t feel the chemistry between the characters build at all The writing was so stiff and obvious it was distracting The dialog used was not at all how normal teens would talk and interact For example, does this sound like the response of a teen customer in a store to Claudia s best friend Patty after following Patty looking like a lost puppy while Patty helped her find cool clothes to buy The voice of it sounds like the speaker is 50 Thank you, Patty, for everything And don t worry, I ll come again soon You were so helpful and very attentive Editing failed to catch repeated prose and logic issues, such as I was rambling so fast out of confusion and I didn t know if he understood anything I was trying to tell him I m trying to follow, but I m not sure what you are trying to tell me Michael looked confused From Claudia s perspective, where somehow the assailant s name pops up before he s identified Fear emanated from Aden s eyes when he realized Michael was closer than before He glided further back and with fury, he cried out, Michael, it s too late Aden, you don t have to do this What do you want from her This man was Aden, the fallen s leader Terror began running through my body I won t be moving forward with the series It s just too juvenile for me. Gold Medal READERS FAVORITE AWARDS WINNER For Young Adult General Can Two Worlds Collide In Dreams Protecting Her From The Fallen Was His DutyFalling In Love Was Never Part Of His PlanLoving Her Was ForbiddenBeing With Her Was All That Mattered, Even If It Meant He Would Be Exiled For All Eternity Claudia Emerson S Life Is About To Change When Her Good Friend, Who Coincidentally Shares The Same First And Last Name, Dies In A Tragic Accident Distraught At The Loss Of Her Friend, Claudia S Dreams Become Tumultuous, And Through Them She Mysteriously Travels To Another World Called Crossroads There, She Unexpectedly Meets Michael, A Nephilim Half Angel, Half Human Now That She S Been There, Fallen And Demons Are After Her, Suspecting She Must Be Special, And It Is Up To Michael And The Other Nephilim To Protect Her Her Dream Becomes A Nightmare As Secrets Are Revealed About Who She Really Is, And The True Identities Of The People She Loves Most