The Hottest Name In Network News Is Daniel Halstrom He Is A Sensation, A Rising Star He Is Also A Slave, Owned Wholly And Completely By NewWorld MediaBut Before He Was A Star, He Was A Frightened Child From A Bad Place With A Promising, If Limited, Future Ahead Of Him In The New Kid , Young Daniel Begins His Schooling Then, For A Slave, The Simple Pleasure Of A Bathroom Break Is Sometimes The Only Pleasure To Be Had Later, Daniel Doesn T Know It, But A Chance Encounter Might Be The Most Important Of His Life Next, In Camera Obscura , One Of Daniel S Colleagues Reflects On The Fact That As Much As The Camera May Show, It Can Hide Even Finally, When You Re A Slave, Independence Day Is Just Another DayExclusive Bonus Content Excerpt From Anchored By Rachel Haimowitz, The Debut Novel In The Belonging SeriesThe Never Before Published Prologue To Anchored A Sneak Peek At Counterpunch , The Upcoming Belonging Novel By Aleksandr Voinov

10 thoughts on “Where He Belongs (Belonging, #0.5)

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    Beautifully written, and powerful enough to dredge up all the emotions of Anchored.

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    This was really good Several little snippets of the live of Daniel from Anchored, told through the POVs of several people in his life a fellow slave who shares quick intimacies with him whenever their supervisor isn t looking, his handler Tim who has a soft spot for him and Daniel s first encounter with the slave who will forever be the love of his life It s a wonderful addition to Anchored and given it s a collection of shorts, it s very powerful 5 Stars

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    RE READ A great intro to Anchored .I loved Daniel the first time I read both Where He Belongs and Anchored and now I want to read the whole Belonging series so the re encounter with Daniel was definitely due

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    Where He Belongs contains a series of short stories that set up the characters and the world for Haimowitz s Belonging series I recommend reading the Prologue at the end of this book first and follow that with the short stories PROLOGUEDaniel was born into the world a piece of property, not a human being He spent the first 11 years of his life under the leather strap of his cruel and sadistic Mistress as she attempted to teach him the reality of his position in the world as a slave Until the day a wealthy businessman from NewWorld Media sees his beautiful face and decides to buy him and make him a star SHORT STORIESThe short stories follow Daniel through his youth at NewWorld Media Daniel has been purchased by the company to be used as a TV anchorman because he has a face made for television and the sensationalism surrounding his status as the first slave to ever be given his own show will make him famous At the age of 11 he is brought to live at InfoGlobe and prepared for his new life He makes friends with other slaves and is taught to read and write Although this new life allows Daniel freedoms, he is never allowed to forget that he is an asset, a piece of property, a slave There are strict rules and even stricter punishments As Daniel grows into a man, he finds himself in various situations that remind him of his status and he decides there are things he would risk punishment to experience of his own free will OVERALL this book did an excellent job of setting up the world and characters for this series We get a front seat view of the life and youth of Daniel and the fate he suffers through Haimowitz does an excellent job building Daniel s character and by the end of these short stories the reader begins to feel hopeful for Daniel to get his HEA The only negative thing I could say is I wish there was detail to the world It s set up in contemporary times but I would love to know how slavery came to be a modern concept and are there exceptions, oppositions, etc Also, I wish there was information and time given to Daniel s relationship with Victor In the last short story we hear about Victor Daniel is a grown man now and he is lamenting the loss of the man he loves but we really don t know much else about him or the relationship I guess I am like a spoiled brat, I always want of the good stuff

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    If I weren t already a fan of Rachel Haimowitz I would have picked this one up right after I finished salivating over the amazingly beautiful cover How can anyone resist that face With any story written by Rachel you CAN judge a book by its cover I have read all but one of her backlist and I m only holding out on that as I wait for its sequel so that I can read them together Where He Belongs is on my keeper shelf right along with the first book in this series, Anchored Belonging and both are a feast for the senses Where He Belongs serves as a very tantalizing ap ritif to the robust entree of Anchored Belonging If you haven t already read the first book in the series this is sure to stimulate your appetite It s a collection of little sips , if you will, of Daniel s life before his enslavement to InfoGlobe as news anchor Each little sip is delightfully delicious and sure to prepare even the most discerning pallet for the sumptuous feast that is yet to come.NOTE This review was written for Queer Magazine Online.

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    I m not really sure how to review this at all First off, it was suggested to me that I read this collection prior to reading Anchored since it actually occurs before Anchored This is a series of life snippets of a young slave named Daniel, who I presume will be the MC in Anchored I m not yet sure, but I hope that some of the other characters that were introduced here will also play a role in Anchored Also, make sure you read the Anchored Prologue located near the end of this book before starting from the beginning.The world was interesting and I will definitely be reading Anchored soon.

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    What an interesting series introduction This really helped me begin to grasp the makeup of this society and understand how things are for the slaves, companions, freemen, etc It took me a little while to really come to grips with how things are here, and I really liked having this set up to prepare for the first book, which I am now eager to begin.

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    A great set of shorts about Daniel Interesting and let me get to know him better Now I have to go back and re read

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    Notice While many people who read this book will be reading it after Anchored , I read it before.OverallWhenever I read a story that I either really enjoyed or didn t expect to enjoy, I never know what to say I don t want to gush over it, because I hate giving high expectations that could lead to disappointment not because the story isn t good, but because the expectations were so high.That being said, I did enjoy this collection of five short stories, two chapters from Anchored, and a selection from Counterpunch by Aleksandr Voinov Aside from her collection of stories Sublime, I haven t read any of Haimowitz work That, in addition to coming at this collection backwards having not read the book it s a prequel to , I was worried I wouldn t get it.I needn t have The five stories were delightful, all of them bittersweet with an aftertaste of hope Although each was only a few pages, the characters leaped off the page and many straight into the heart The bonus chapter previews were enticing enough that the books are now ensured a higher rank on my to read list One last note I do enjoy the concept of slaves, in fiction If this is not to your liking, reconsider reading this although don t discount it completely.StrengthsWriting Each of the stories is short, but the concise yet exploratory writing used every inch of the page to draw out the dynamic of characters and the relationships and show glimpses into a world that the reader wants to see of.Characters While each story is a small glimpse at a life, there isn t a lot of plot to speak of These short stories are mainly character drawings, snapshots of Daniel s life and the men in them, whether they be friends, future lovers, or keepers We don t see much of them, but what we do see says a lot about them.Psychology The character studies are so interesting because humanity and psychology are studied in each vignette as the characters, mainly Daniel, struggles to cope with the idea of being a slave and how people view him because of this and, incidentally, how he views himself A good, if brief, look inside the mind.WeaknessesNothing in the stories was weak aside from the fact that, as it always is when the stories are good, I want The only complaint I would bring up as being an issue is format, and it is for the bonus content For people already familiar with Anchored, the two chapters taken from that will seem unnecessary While I can understand why it made sense to put them before Voinov s contribution, I can see some readers frustrated with having to skip over those two chapters to get to the boxers However, having not read Anchored, it didn t bother me, although I did read all the prequel stories, skip to Counterpunch then return to the Anchored content.Be sure to check out my other reviews on my blog.

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    These are vignettes that introduce us to some of Daniel s past and give us some insight into the Belonging universe Most of them are from the POV of people he knows, but the last two are from Daniel himself These stories end at around 74%, and the rest of the pdf is the first chapter of Anchored and a look at Counterpunch I think readers will get impact from Anchored by reading it first I think the impact would be softened some by reading this first because part of Anchored s impact is learning about the universe by reading about it from scratch It s so worth it in my opinion I LOVED Anchored that much After that, these are some great shorts to show you how Daniel became who he is.