Meet Bliss Cavendar, A Blue Haired, Indie Rock Loving Misfit Stuck In The Tiny Town Of Bodeen, TexasHer Pageant Addicted Mother Expects Her To Compete For The Coveted Miss Blue Bonnet Crown, But Bliss Would Rather Feast On Roaches Than Be Subjected To Such Rhinestone TyrannyBliss Escape Take Up Roller DerbyWhen She Discovers A League In Nearby Austin, Bliss Embarks On An Epic Journey Full Of Hilarious Tattooed Girls, Delicious Boys In Bands, And A Few Not So Awesome Realities Even The Most Bad Assed Derby Chick Has To Learn This book inspired me to be a Roller Derby girl Strike that, it inspired me to attempt long boarding, which was great fun, but not something I think I have any business doing Anywho, onto the good stuff.Bliss hates her life She is an emo punk rocker, minus the rocker skills, stuck in small town U.S.A No one except for her nerdy best friend Pash understands her and her mother seems hell bent on tormenting her with her intense desire to turn her Goth obsessed daughter into a superficial beotch, I mean beauty queen gags Thankfully Bliss shares my sentiment on such things.Bliss wants to break away from her shit hole of a town, where small minds rule and vanity trumps intelligence and insight But life changes for Bliss when a fateful trip to and Austin vintage shop uncovers a world where women not only reject ribbons and lace, they rip them to shreds, and mock them mercilessly.Bliss enters the world of Women s Roller Derby and quickly joins the Hurl Scouts, adopting the derby name of Babe Ruthless I would have gone with Dolly Spartan myself, but who am I to judge It is in this world of hard core roller mashing that Bliss discovers her inner fire if you will and ignites WhipIt is a great coming of age tale for any of us females with snide humor who prefer live outside of the box, are in possession of musical taste and wouldn t mind befriending women who can kick are ass while boasting names such as 5 Scar General and Emma of the State. When Jason and I started dating, one of the first summer fun in Montreal activitites we did together was attend a ton of roller derby games After watching the New Skids on the Block give the Sexpos a good trashing, he asked me if I d seen the movie Whip It , which I hadn t He didn t waste much time correcting that, and I was pretty happy because I loved the movie When I saw that Shauna Cross had written the screenplay based on her novel Derby Girl , I wanted to check it out.This is one of those rare occurrences where the movie is a huge improvement over the source material The story remains essentially the same Bliss Cavendar is her tiny Texas hicktown s token misfit, with a beauty pageant addicted mother and a somewhat indifferent father She falls in love with roller derby, makes it into the Austen derby league, meets the cute guitarist of an indie rock band But eventually her old world and her new world collide and things get complicated.Every time I read a YA book, I always end up wondering why I put myself through this Not because the writing or stories are bad, but because I expect a bit than they ultimately deliver The irritating immaturity of Bliss voice had me gritting my teeth I m not really a fan of teenage girls yes, I used to be one I didn t especially like myself either at that point, and would probably punch myself in the face if I had a time machine because they are annoying, self absorbed and whiny I guess that makes Bliss realistic In the movie, Ellen Page offers a quiter and deeper take on the abrassive character, which makes her a lot likable The other characters are not as developed in the book as they are in the movie weird, huh a lot of stereotyping, cool derby names that attempt to make up for lack of substance and background example Maggie Mayhem in the book is in her mid twenties and she doesn t do much in the movie, she is a kick ass single mom played by Kristen Wiig The relationship with Oliver also comes across as realistic in the movie Good grief If you like roller derby, skip this book watch the movie and get some skates. When I watched this movie for the first time, I imagined what a great novel this could have been I loved the awkwardness of Ellen Page, the rich characters of Marcia Gay Harden and Daniel Stern as her parents, and the overall touching coming of age story At the end of the movie, I saw in the credits that it was based on a book by Shauna Cross.At that moment I had two thoughts The first was Damn, I would ve loved to write a book with this storyline The second was, I need to get this book.I don t know why I was so excited.For the first few pages, Bliss s narration jumps off the page I didn t expect the flamboyant narration based on Ellen Page s quiet and somewhat nervous portrayal of Bliss in the film After the opening chapters, though, the constant asides grew tiring and the flippant teenage slang grew tedious.In fact, I discovered myself in the rare situation of liking the movie than the book The characters in the movie are dimensional with blue collar edge The characters in the book Flat, air headed, unpredictable and not in a good way All the ingredients could add up to something amazing are here, but would Bliss, the star of the book, really buy into the ditzy, teenage lingo used endlessly I think not Bliss is supposed to be a clever, edgy, deep thinking girl, but the narration makes you think she s like her archnemesis Corbi than a smart, talented derby girl.Cross wrote the screenplay for the movie This isn t surprising as most of her writing projects are screenplays However, it is surprising that the author of this novel could, with the help of director Drew Barry, create a much compelling movie.I m just disappointed This story could make such an amazing book It didn t even come close. I absolutely LOVED this book I ve been putting off buying it and putting off buying it ever since I first watched the film, and I m never usually one to worry about that kind of thing I love books and I love films, and I can usually appreciate both for what they are, but that film was so close to my heart that I was scared to read this incase they had messed up the film majorly I am so, so pleased to say that that wasn t the case This book was better than the film, in my opinion, and here is why this book is written almost like a journal, like a constant diary entry that tells the story of a teen girl stuck in a world she doesn t belong in It is written in such a way that you are routing for Bliss the moment her first words travel through your brain, and you just can t let go of that you go girl feel This book is witty, sarcastic and so real It is pure and fun and I absolutely adored it I will definitely be reading this book again and I will definitely be passing it on to friends. Bliss Cavendar is dying in the cultural desert that is Bodeen, Tx Bliss does not look like your average Bodeen resident, with her blue hair and 80 s bands t shirts Her life is changed when she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin, and decides to try out After a few falls on her old barbie skates, Bliss is reborn as Babe Ruthless, jammer for the Hurl Scouts She hides her participation from her parents, and her age from the other girls on the team must be 18 to try out While juggling all of this she even manages to find the perfect boy But everything falls apart when Bliss s pageant loving mother, enters her into a competition on the same day as the league championships.OK I have some major problems with this book First, I wish the author could have made this authentic When I first started the book, I thought she might have never been to a roller derby bout I was shocked to find out she was actually part of a league Second, I wish the author had been consistent She makes up all these great names for characters and places but then never uses them again Lastly, it is just too damn happy The whole point of this book is that this alternative girl wants to get out of Hicksville, Tx but there is a lot of bad stuff that happens and it still is all wrapped up with a happy bow Including that she has sex with her boy friend and weeks later he cheats on her and it only takes her about 5 minutes to get over it I sincerely hope this is a better movie, but Shauna Cross wrote the screenplay so I don t hold much hope. Shauna Cross s characters read like they were trying too hard to be different and edgy Mostly I only had a problem with Bliss, our protagonist, who was obnoxious than she was endearing Do yourself a favor and just see the movie instead Ellen Page at least made Bliss a likable heroine. Stone me now, but I hated this I thought the portrayal of derby was incorrect in several instances a 16 year old sneaks on the team, and no one knows and the character was a little unlikable to me Writing style was immature and underdeveloped Yuck. sigh I hope that Shauna Cross is a better screenwriter than an author The book reads from the perspective of a sixteen year old girl, but the writing style is as developed as that of a nine year old girl Somehow this book managed to make feminist rebel girl culture look lame and immature How could my best friend shoplift without me That was OUR thing The characters square peg blue haired rebel girl, stern overbearing mother who wants daughter to be a lady , apathetic dad, picture perfect little sister, oddball ethnic best friend, rival popular girl at school, cool teacher, submissive part time job supervisor, bass playing indie love interest, derby team captain ally, rival derby mean girl Insert all previous characters into a predictable formulaic coming of age snoozefest Can you be both a sardonic hipster and an airheaded valley girl Apparently Whatevs Don t forget to add that main character Bliss is also smarter than everyone in a position of power and immediately also the best jammer in the league Yeah, sure I read it for the derby element, which was merely a footnote in this hastily written mess Yuck I think on this rare occasion, the movie Whip It may trump the book. This was such a fun read I loved the story, but the writing style wowed me even.