For Seventeen Year Old Candra Lowell, Senior Year Is Supposed To Be The Time Of Her Life It S Not Supposed To Include Being Shipped Off To Her Aunt And Uncle S House For Her Own Good Whatever That Means There S Only Bad News From This Experience When She Learns She Ll Go From Human To Werewolf In A Few Months Complete With An Inherited Unique Power At Her Aunt And Uncle S House, Candra Is Plagued With Nightmares Of A Whispering Forest And Glowing Eyes, And A Shadowy Figure, Who Issues A Warning She Needs To Leave Town Candra Tries To Dismiss The Haunting Images, But When The Shadowy Figure Appears Outside Of Her Home, Candra Realizes She Should Ve Obeyed Candra Learns The Meaning Of The Stalker S Warnings When She Discovers She S The New Favorite Target Of A Rival Pack She Isn T Just A Werewolf She S A Werewolf In The Middle Of A Feud That Makes The Montagues And Capulets Look Like Best Friends She S Also Made A Mess Of Things By Falling For Her Sworn Enemy Worse, The Rival Pack Wants The Power Candra Will Receive On Her Eighteenth Birthday To Protect Her Family And Friends, Candra Can T Run Or Hide She Must Face Her Foes, Even If It Means Death

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    I usually don t write reviewsbut I was so annoyed by this I had to I don t think any of this is really spoiler ish, forgive me if it is It s of a rant now that I ve finished the book Good idea Horrible execution The wording and vocabulary seemed very poor, I don t know what reading level this book is supposed to be targeting, but I can t help but feel that I would think the same even if I was a fourth grader There was an overall lack of description, build up of tension, and overall sense of being anti climatic Sentences were short and uninteresting, example He lunges at me and I somehow leap out of the way Somehow I can think of at least half a dozen better, far appealing ways this could have been stated Another, The injured werewolf staggers off into the woods somewhere She couldn t just say he staggered off into the woods and out of sight Had to be somewhere.The main character comes off a quite the rude, bitchy teenI generally found her quite unlikable There were many instances of things that should have been obvious to her that just went over her head seemingly only because the author didn t want her to catch on till later, which just gave the impression that Candra was, to put bluntly, on the idiot side of things The general feel of this was a very poorly done Twilight meets Romeo Juliet with werewolves.

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    This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Oh my God I loved this book I hate to gush, but I really did This book gave me the same feeling I got while I was reading Twilight, and I loved Twilight To clarify the plot of this book does not remind me of Twilight Just the feelings I got while reading it.The story starts out with Candra being shipped off to live with her aunt and uncle because her parents think she is out of control As soon as she lands in Hartford, Connecticut, nightmares begin to plague her Everyone in town seems to be in on some big secret she s not aware of, and there are people who claim to be her enemy even though it s her first time meeting them.One of them happens to be Benjamin, and though they try to stay away from each other, the pull they feel is too intense to resist It seems as though everyone is warning her to stay away from Benjamin even her family forbids her from seeing him She can t bring herself to stop, but what will it cost her to keep seeing him When Candra gets news that changes her life forever, she has no idea how much is at stake or what lengths people will go to to make sure an ancient curse she has the power to alter remains intact.This book drew me in immediately I could not put it down I loved the idea of how the curse developed, and the chemistry between Ben and Candra was sizzling I will definitely be reading the next two books in this series

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    I really enjoyed this whole book it is like Romeo Juliet with werewolfs added in and with Magic aswell I was pulled right in to the story world that Rebecca A.Rogers has created I was up all night reading I went to bed at 5am and had to get up for work at 8am but Silver Moon was totally worth the sleepless night I really can t wait to see what happens with the war between the two familes and to read about Ben I hope the wait for book 2 isn t too long.

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    Main story Candra is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Connecticut as a punishment for her being such a troublemaker teen Little did she know, a great old family feud awaits her in a town so secretive Everybody has secrets The new girl is lost so alone. Despite Candra s difficult situation, she still managed to make me laugh Her mind is full of witty and sarcastic remarks What she says sometimes contradicts with what she thinks, but sorry for her she s so easy to read and her actions speaks so loud people even if they just met her would know something s up Her character practically made an 180 degree turn from having a tough and rebellious attitude, oh yeah she s still tough and stubborn which leads her to trouble but later on, she learns how to control her anger and think logically At first I thought the story was the usual new girl in new town which is a mysterious LITTLE town meets mysterious guy, differences stray them apart, yet circumstances won t part them because they love each other so much charade, but NO, it wasn t entirely that This is what made Silver moon unique from other books So what s different On the love story part obviously Candra and Ben the guy can manage to live without each other they haven t reached the point of love yet EVen if the guy saved her couple of times, but in the end he still stuck up for his family They both decided they can t be together The action part not much action really, except that Candra was injured THREE TIMES in less than two weeks or so a real record breaker worse than Bella haha What just didn t make sense to me was that why was Candra so important that everyone s trying to kill her I mean, it was explained, but it wasn t enough of a reason..So, that s the question that left me thinking..UNFORTUnately, the answer will be on the next book The ending was a cliff hanger So much still hasn t transpired hmm..overall, it was a good read Thanks to the author Rebecca Rogers for the revised version SPOILER SPOILER Because I laughed out loud than half the time with this book, i d like to show my reactions view spoiler funny descriptions, hero isnt there always I almost laugh, but he s so serious lol It s not that bad You re just a happy person Who am I kidding She s like a kid on Christmas morning lol He strolls off, as if handing money to someone is an every day occurrence omgosh, walking zombie much hhaha You just go back to sleep, sweetie Nobody s after your birds I ll protect them, Beth says, her face oh so serious hahah.He leans in closeand sniffs me Gross Who does that lolomgosh what is she pushed Cameron and glass debris fall Talk to me, he says Say something Something, I mumble He grins lol Listen, it was great talking to you and everything, but I need to head home He points in the opposite direction Honestly, I don t know what to tell him Run home to Mommy and Daddy I teeter back and forth, push my hands in my pockets, and say, See ya she is so funny My parents No freakin way it s always like that haha I don t even make it to the end of the driveway, lol ang layo, grabeh Maybe, in so many words, they have and you weren t listening I ignore her pasaway tama kc cla, she wasn t listening loli have a question if their town is too dangerous, why did they pu Candra there gosh I wince No, not really I thought it d sound grown up if I said I had lesson learned don t lie She works at a bookstore for Pete s sake, yet she gets all dolled up like she s going to a four star restaurant hahahi mean, if he tries anything, I can just throw him off the windshield right hahahthat s what you get when you snoop and sneak around.,tsk I don t get it why people still do some stuff even if they know the consequence lets stare at candra until she dies code lol im up to my eyeballs with questions but nobody answers poor candra r u suggesting that you d like to live with me hyperventilating hahawhy is she being protected wow Maggie is some serious s then i ll wait for you in the next awwww gosh hurts haha, she totally blew herself told Jana she saw Blake and her naked in the woods,haha and blames it on meds hide spoiler

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    Listen, I he begins, but I lean over and place my index finger on his lips One day, Benjamin Conway, we can be friends But, with the way things are right now, I don t think that ll happen in this lifetime His lips graze my finger with a kiss before I pull it away Then I ll wait for you in the next, he says, and the way those words leave his body and hang in the air, breaks my heart 4.5 As soon as I heard about Silver Moon, I knew it was going to be an awesome book..and I m so glad I was right Seventeen year old Candra Lowell is a senior in high school For her, being a senior is supposed to the best time of her life Well, that is until she s sent to live with her aunt and uncle for her own good Left to believe her behaviour is the reason she s now living in Connecticut, Candra is than disturb when she finds out the real reason she s there Her and her family are werewolves and Candra will receive her powers on her eighteen birthday And not only that but her family is involved in a century long feud between another rival pack and now, Candra has become their next target Candra knows that she must do whatever is takes to protect her family and friends, even if that means getting close to the Benjamin Conway, who is her sworn enemy But what she s doesn t expect is to fall in love with him Romeo Juliet is always going to be a win but who would off thought of adding the supernatural aspect into it Well, let me say Rebecca did a fantastic job and she definitely knows how to keep us readers in suspense You re instantly pulled into the world that has been created and it is full of enjoyable twists and turns In the story, we re introduced to both magic and werewolves and I found it was a fantastic addition, one that kept me interested through out Our characters are loveable and their relationship is even loveable It s hard for them because they are sworn enemies and boy, did you feel for them Even though they try to take it a day at a time, things are the way they are and both of them know it can only end in pain My heart went out to both characters and I seriously need to see what happens next with them.Overall, Silver Moon was intense, dangerous and mysterious, full of dangerous scenes and a forbidden romance that will make your heart break An awesome read and I ll look forward to the next book released Thank you to Rebecca Rogers for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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    Thanks to Rebecca A Rogers for giving me a copy of Silver Moon to read I am happy to review this book but not every review can be a candy coated rainbow of super sonic squees Plus, I am the pickiest werewolf critic that you will ever meet Plus, isn t an honest review better than a GOOD JOB kind of review While this book should be near and dear to my heart because I am such a big werewolf lover, the straw that broke the camel s back was that this is a GIRL werewolf book Kids as you all know I m always on the search for the perfect GIRL WEREWOLF book Claire De Lune made me want to gouge my eyes out, Raised by Wolves made my ears bleed, and well Silver Lining didn t do much for me either.I mean, I get that it s basically ROMEO meets Juliet meets Hatfield and McCoys in a bow wow yippy yo kinda way but I totally didn t dig it and it s been done ten zillion times before with vampires, dragons, neighbors, Sesame Street Characters I mean if it s not a werewolf hunter that the girl falls for then it s the forbidden werewolf mystery boy that makes her loins quiver Kinda obvious I know its in fashion but can t we do something different Love Triangle Oh gawd no THe story was a good idea You could tell it was thought out But the writing did NOT speak to me I had a hard time believing some of the things that came out of everyone s mouth I also got annoyed when things like TEARS are referred to as SALTY WATER or when coffee is referred to as BLACK LIQUID That always annoys me and its loaded in this book with those kinds of terms.I wish I could tell you that I loved or even liked this story but I kept looking to see how many pages I had until this story was over It was like watching a movie and continuously looking at the clock You know it has to end sooner or later.In my opinion this story needs a little OOMP until its perfect Something s missing.It was a decent try but I just can t sugar coat it This book was not my favorite.Read it and try it out for yourself but this werewolf lover isn t going out of her way to howl for .

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    This was a great debut novel by Rebecca Rogers Really loved the MC s voice on this one sarcastic and sassy and kept my attention Really enjoyed watching the forbidden romance bloom between Candra and Ben from the enemy pack and I m anxious to see if these two can get together in the future without following the tragic footsteps of Romeo and Juliet And in my mind I m trying to figure out what Candra s secret power will be when she turns eighteen, and what it will have to do with the clocks standing still in her presence Can t wait for Black Moon

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    Great Book for Debut Character were awesome, I love the sassy Candra The world setting is much like our own Plot and storyline was great, as well as, the pace The only thing I did have a problem with was the writing style It was a little jumpy An easy fix in the next book Other then that I think this book will turn into a great series Great potential Check out the Author Interview Book Review

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    Gah The Love interest in this novel is so freakin awesome D LOVED this one

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    This idea of the plot fascinates me It s a fantastic idea and has excellent plot building I ve read several reviews with the sentence twilight meets Romeo and Juliet which has a slight point, EXCEPT I don t see the twilight part RJ I see, but no Edward or Bella, so ya know And to the lovely people who slammed the author for this one, I think that there is always room to build for an author, an that s the point, you get better as you learn and everyone has that same trouble Candra is a split for me Sometimes, I wanted to slap her for being childish, BUT as a teenager that s exactly what they do Always think they know it all and then it bites them in the face literally She s so clueless about being shipped off the her aunt and uncle s that She has no idea what s gunna hit her And when it does, she almost loses it And then she makes some MORE stupid decisions, typical tennager, that almost costs her her life And then there s Ben He s also got me split I really want to love him, but I seriously don t trust him He does something really nice and follows up by something totally jerk ish We ll have to see how it goes I can cheat and say that since I read book 2 immediately after, this book was a little less for me than book two, but it sure got better, MUCH better, 3 PAWS for me