Free Download First of all can I just confirm that this is NOT a rip off of Twilight Its a little unthinking and unimaginitive to assume every Vampire romance needs to be compared to The Twilight Saga I am a huge Twilight fan but I adore supernatural romance and unfortunatly vampires will always share common similarities, however this story gives a new outlook on vampires and the whole good versus evil theme This story was a beautiful love story first and foremost, between a Vampire and a human, but every good vampire love story shares this The story starts with Danielle, coming to the UK from the States to go to school, she moves in with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin Brianna Danielle is old fashioned and craves the love of a good man, who will treat her like the men from old times like in Jane Austens books On her second day in the UK she runs into danger literally, but is also saved by Ethan, a beautiful stranger who sweeps her off her feet Ethan feels something but its not confirmed until they meet again and their eyes connect, Danielle is suddenly consumed with Ethan and discovers the fairytale she always dreamt about has come true although with darker meaning Ethan is the perfect man, loving, trustworthy, protective, and the perfect gentleman, Danielle realises that they cannot be apart but doesnt want to become immortal to be with Ethan giving way to Ethans obsession for a cure This story is lovely, and the sweet romance which builds between the characters is amazing, the story and plot are different to other supernatural stories and although it does share similar characteristics, its also original The other characters build a great picture, and of course we have good and bad characters creating the angst every good story needs I would recommend to anybody who enjoys a very sweet supernatural romance. I could not stomach all the cheesy and cliche phrases that are contained in this book I gave it to about 40% generous on my part before I started skimming to the end I don t understand the other reviews that say this book is well written they must have been friends of the author I was especially annoyed with the explanations of the British slang words Either put a footnote at the bottom of the page or a dictionary at the end Don t incorporate it into the dialogue The conversations ended up sounding unnatural and awkward The story oozed of Twilight similarities or exact opposite situations which only made it seem like Twilight And then there are the constant comparisons to Pride and Prejudice Ethan is NOTHING like Mr Darcy This story is NOTHING like Pride and Prejudice other than the author used the same names STOP using comparisons where there aren t any Then on top of all these annoyances the author throws in some Mormon lingo I immediately look up her bio and imagine my surprise not really when I find out she s a BYU grad I m not saying Mormon authors are terrible, there are quite a few I enjoy But there are numerous others who think they know how to write a good story when really they don t I wish there was a warning sticker on all these gag worthy books. For Danielle Darcey When The Sun Sets In London The Magic Begins, But Just As That Magic Begins Her Fairy Tale Romance EndsA Huge Fan Of Jane Austen, Danielle Hopes To Find Her Own Mr Darcy When She Leaves Colorado To Attend Art School In London Of Course She Knows It S Silly To Wish For That, Naive Even But She S Met Enough Males Who Lacked Respect For Women, A Growing Trend It Seemed And At Nineteenwell However, On Only Her Second Night There She Gets Lost And Is Threatened By A Stalker Who Proves To Be Immune To Her Martial Arts Training Before She Is Completely Overpowered, She Is Then Saved By Ethan Deveroux While Danielle Does Find The Romance She Seeks In Ethan, He S No Mr Darcy Her Hero Is Held By A Spell Which Fractures Their Chance At A Happy Ending During The Day Ethan Is Closer To Mortal Than Immortal And Can Date Her Like Any Other Man Yet, As The Sun Sets, The Powerful Magic Of An Ancient Curse Returns And The Evil Of That Spell Is Revealed When That Magic Begins, Danielle S Fairytale Romance Ends Because Ethan Deveroux Is A VampireFateful Is A Clean, Coming Of Age Vampire Romance That Blends Fantasy And Paranormal With A Healthy Dose Of Romance And A Dash Of Humor I have to admitI was a bit skeptical of this book when I was asked to read it by the author for the purpose of reviewing I LOVED Twilight with a passion but have found it almost impossible to enjoy another vampire or paranormal book since, so I was convinced I wouldn t enjoy it This book was an exception I really liked it Fateful is about young Danielle who moves to London to go to school there and live with her Uncle, Aunt and cousin Soon after her arrival in London she is attacked, but then saved by the handsome and delicious Ethan The only issue is that her handsome rescuer is actually a cursed vampire They soon begin dating and it proves to be almost impossible for Danielle to stay out of harm s way One of my favorite quotes She loved the way her name melted from his tongue, like a tender endearment, made sweeter by his British articulation This story has a lot to be desired The characters were delightful and I couldn t get enough of the sweet romance between Ethan and Danielle The romance was my favorite part because it was sweet, and passionate yet clean Danielle is a charming girly girl that loves to wear skirts and has an innocent way about her Ethan is handsome, charming, and very old school when it comes to dating The story line was very good It did have a lot of similarities to Twilight, which is the only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 star rating, but then again, most vampire books do The differences were great though and Cheri made her story stand out There was lots action and most of the story was unpredictable The ending was unique and I devoured the story as soon as I started reading it I can t wait for the next book by Cheri Schmidt she is a very gifted author If you love young adult paranormal vampire books then this needs to be added to your list of books to read, I highly recommend it I received a copy of this book to read and review from the author My review is not biased by the fact that I was given this book I HONESTLY read and review any book whether bought or given to me If I did not like the book I would definitely not give a rave review or recommend it. I really enjoyed this book someone loaned it to me on the Nook Now im about to buy it for my self soon I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it too anyone who needs a good read I can relate to Danielle in the book because I am a huge Mr Darcy fan and lets say you get 14 days with lend me and I read it and stayed up all night One of my absoulute favorite reads My signed copy of it came in the mail yesterday YES Okay guys we have a Must read new author Cheri Schmidt I can honestly say I love this book and can t wait till the next two come out Yup we are lucky this is the first book in the three book series I was quickly pulled into this story and loved every minute of it Cheri is a very creative writer and knows how to tell a story This book contains magic, vampires good and evil lots of passionate kissing, fairies, suspense and some unexpected twists This book is for everyone I really enjoyed how Cheri told a modern day story with an excellent plot and romance You will not want to put this book down Worth every penny A must to own I will be reading this one again very soon As I can t seem to get the story out of my mind My Review Nineteen year old Danielle Darcy who is a huge Jane Austen fan and a karate whiz Leaves Colorado to stay with her aunt Charlotte, uncle Nick and her cousin Brianna in London while attending art school She hopes to find her own Mr Darcy when she s there, of course she knows it s silly to wish for something that, naive even But in the past she has always seen men lacked respect for woman, a growing trend it seemed However that all changes on her second night there in London, when she gets lost and is threatened by a stalker name Lucas who proves to be immune to her martial training Before she is completely overpowered, she is then saved by a young man name Ethan Deveroux As the days go by after her rescue by her hero Danielle does find the romance she seeks in Ethan, but he s no Mr Darcy She sees that she has a weird feeling that she knows him, and that when she s near him she gets dizzy, oh and those silver eyes of his Have her in a trance of some kind When she discovers that her hero is held by a spell by which fractures their chance at a happy ending During the day Ethan closer to being mortal and can date her like any other man But when the sun sets, the powerful magic of the ancient curse returns, and the evil spell that has Ethan trap during the night is revealed Danielle enters unto the dark world that Ethan and his family has keep hidden for centuries, and there is no turning back My Thoughts I love this book It was a very fun read I love how there was so many elements in this book, and how the plot was done in London After I read Clockwork Angel in January, I just love when books are place in London and also Paris I also enjoy the amazing journey that Danielle goes on with Ethan to find the cure, while at the same time discovering what he is The characters in this book were very enjoyable and very interesting to read Danielle was a strong and tough character, there was a few times that she got scared but she was always ready for a fight I also enjoy her passion for painting and how the author wrote the feeling of how Danielle paint Because there was this one painting she did, and the vision I had of how it look was amazing feeling I also enjoy her family too, they were so fun and funny at times Ethan was also a strong character too He had a passion for string instruments and was also looking for a cure to be mortal His family was also very interesting to read too I also enjoy Danielle and Ethan s relationship with one another too They were passion about one another, and how far they will go to keep each other safe from any danger So any other words this book was very good, and you should read it for yourself And to enter Danielle and Ethan s world in Fateful by Cheri Schmidt. I ve been seeing a lot of this book lately It just seems to keep popping up, and I realized I haven t written a review yet Gasp I read this book for the first time hmm, a few years ago I believe, but I didn t just stop at the first reading After I was finished, I had to grab the other two, and ever since have been trying to wait patiently for books by this fabulous author to come out Ok, not so patiently lol On to the story Danielle is a girl I really liked from the get go In a few ways, she reminded me of myself, and that helped me to feel right at home with her character She gets hopelessly lost, loves martial arts but loves fru fru skirts, and doesn t play the wishy washy, oh someone save me, kind of heroine She s strong, but not razor edged, sweet, but not sugary, and for me, I really liked that about her Ethan is a man who s under a curse He can be somewhat normal during the day, but once the sun goes down, his body turns cold, his heart slows, his senses become acute, his strengths become pronounced, and he s able to mesmerize hapless prey Only he doesn t Because Ethan is the GOOD guy I loved that Ethan had flaws What girl wants to fall in love with someone perfect anyway I loved the relationship that develops between he and Danielle, and I absolutely loved the way he treated her Despite Danielle s strengths, he treats her as someone that is precious and cherished In today s YA literature, I have to tell you, that alone made it a goldmine The character development in the series is excellent, and I truly believe one of the strengths of author Cheri Schmidt There were funny scenes, tender scenes, sweet scenes, and scenes that got my imagination firing If you love romance, vampires that are a bit different, good storytelling, and characters that you ll fall in love with, you ll want to get this book Wow This book sucked so much it hurt It felt like it was written by a 13 year old girl who s afraid of the dark How about, don t write a book about vampires that makes Stephanie Meyer s vampires look bad ass And that s saying something Seriously The dudes in this book especially the hero were lukewarm pansies No bad assery what so ever I m usually specific on what s wrong with a book, but there are so many things wrong with it that it would be like explaining why my 3rd grade essay on hammerhead sharks isn t compelling to any who stumble upon it Just know that I am not the reviewer who gives out 1 star lightly This was truly bad. Poorly written copy cat book with contrived situations and annoying characters I downloaded it because I was looking for something to read while on a trip I should have just banged my head against the plane window repeatedly instead at least then I would have just had a headache instead of a headache AND all of that sappy language going through my mind Take my advice, don t be wooed by the.99 price it takes for the electronic download and use your money to buy a candy bar instead.