I started this book without reading the GR synopsis for it and so I wasn t prepared for what happened.What I liked about the book Almost 5 pages into the book and the MC died..she actually died The story started with a bang and it just got better The world of the Guardian Angels is a beautiful and strange place and the author describes it well Additions like, the primate elevator operators and avian bus drivers only made the world unique Instead of all angels being perfectly sculpted and inhumanely beautiful, only the Archangels showed such qualities while the Guardian Angels came in all sizes and forms And of course, David with his cocky attitude was another reason to love this book He flirts, he s overconfident and he thinks he s God s gift to women but I still laughed at his antics What added to the credibility of the story was that there was no instant attraction between the MC and David which most YA novels include I also liked that Kara didn t become an uber demon slayer after just 2 days of training Things that interfered with my enjoyment of this story David s attitude when he found out about the demon mark was so unlike him and unnecessary in my opinion.How conveniently Kara develops Elemental powers and I felt there should have been some foreshadowing about it.Other than that, the book is an enjoyable fast read and will only leave you anticipating the sequel as soon as you re done with this one. An awesome, fun and funny read that I just gobbled up and finished lickety split. No I don t speak to traitors I kill them I didn t like this book The only reason I decided to read it was because it got a 2011 Readers Favorite awardI know I shouldn t judge anyone for liking this, but, I mean, I m at a loss It s probably meant to be read by pre teens and not those of us trying our best to forget we were ever awkward teenagers I don t know, but people need to raise their standards.Fuck, that sounds so mean and, again, people are entitled to their own opinion and than welcome to like whatever they want with a few restrictions, of course , but damn Y all vote for buy these mediocre books then they get some kind of award sticker on the cover which excites me so much that I will literally stop everything I m doing just to read the new masterpiece y all are raving about ANd what do I get Dissapointment, regret, headaches.I always fall victim to the hype And please believe I hate myself for it.So, this girl named Kara gets run the fuck over by a bus and dies She ends up in this place called Horizon She has been chosen to become a guardian angel Since she is a rookie, she has to be trained by a Petty Officer Her Petty Officer is young and extremely handsome, with blond hair and piercing blue eyes And you know we can t forget the lips, he has full lipsNothing exciting happens during most of the book Then what do you know, it turns out this flat chested, artist part time ballerina impersonater is special She s chosen to do something no one else can do.Everyone in this story infuriated me The only person I didn t absolutely hate was the head Demon guy His name started with an A Hold on, let me go back and check..Ok, it s Asmodeus.He was at least tolerable most of the time.Kara She thought she was so bad ass She goes around asking monkeys what they re smoking when she s not too busy yanking off their butt hairs I cannot make this up, people I watched her not ACTUALLY watched, but you get it stick her head in a toilet full of old lady poop She stuck her head down a crapper, fell on her face a few times, got buzzed off of gin and tonic, and yanked hair off of monkey butts Good ol Kara She also has the world s worst attitude and to top it all off, she stutters than she breathes But at least she s pretty, right David Meanwhile, David s all And I m all David would not hesitate to push your head in a toilet full of wasteI will if I have to trust meUgh, I hated how he always said believe me and trust me after every sentence his tiny brain managed to string together He acts like everyone loves him when in reality everyone would like to rip him a new one Especially me He s cocky and he s a douche This fool thinks he can get away with anything and everything just because he s extremely handsome Listen, he gave this girl the cold shoulder for days on end then in the end he s gonna act all nice and friendly And like an idiot, she forgives him I got 2 words for you David Jump off a cliff, you snob.Oh, and he s weird as hell And not charming weird, just weird weird I swear to God this freak starts dancing at random ass times After saving a soul, after killing a demon, you name it and he ll dance after doing it.I think I would prefer reading TwilightThe moral of the story It doesn t matter how stupid or rude you are as long as you re good looking.Unless you re in middle school, or I wanna ruin your day, I wouldn t recommend this book to you. Marked is another example of why the self published route is so flawed It had a good idea behind it and elements of the story were well imagined However, it was in dire need of an editor to take a red pen to it Kara was a promising protagonist, but her voice got lost She tended to think in witty one liners which were often so incongruous to the situations she was in that it was hard to take her seriously Her character tended to take even the most bizarre situations with a flippant acceptance When I expected contemplation, confusion and dramatic pause, she ploughed on through the narrative This, inevitably, had a rather detrimental impact on the pace of the book as a whole Because Kara was dead, she didn t need to sleep This, coupled with the let s plough though style of the writing, meant that everything seemed rushed and under described Considering the setting, there was little world building involved and I found that I simply could not suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy the promising story.Overall, this is one of those books which had potential I wonder if Richardson tried to go the route of conventional publishing but didn t get anywhere I ve found that a lot of agencies ask for the first 10,000 words 3 chapters of a manuscript That chunk of this book was so rushed that I can see why the book would have struggled in mainstream publishing It did get better, but that s not much of a recommendation really, is it This could have been a four star story, but it s two star prose So that s what I m giving it As always, remember that this is just my opinion Plenty here on Goodreads disagree with this rating, as evidenced by the average review rating. I pride myself on reserving judgment on novels until I ve finished them Leaving books unfinished leaves a bad taste in my mouth until I get around to read them in full, and I don t think it s fair to review a book you haven t completely read, just in case the end compensates for some of the flaws.But for once in my life, I find myself unable to make myself finish a book It was that bad I m 83% through it and i just can t make myself finish it First off, there s no content in this book It almost completely consists of dialogue, and that s it We don t need the crappy commentary, mostly consisting of Oh my god Oh my god, I can t believe I m doing this or Crap crap crap usually in capital letters And I m not kidding when I say it was pretty much all just dialogue Come on, Kim Richardson, you re giving us the mere skeleton of a story where s the flesh and bones Were you never taught how to write than a few lines without someone talking Speaking of speaking, the dialogue itself is simply terrible I ve honestly never read such melodramatic, poorly done dialogue Let me pull out a few gems, pulled exactly from the text and completely unchanged Oh, my God Oh, my God Oh, my GOD pg 232 And I thought monkeys were the ones on crack pg 189 Ha Take that Stupid Mark You ve been zapped pg 176 AHHHHHH multiple occurrences clearly, writing he she it screamed shrieked screeched howled was too hard Wow I m like a super hero A super hero chick pg 81 YOU RE MARKED Only demon spies are Marked Don t try to fool me again, traitor pg 154, apparently when the author realized she could use italics These are just a tiny, tiny fraction pulled from a few random pages.Not to mention the terribly undeveloped characters, who manage to go the entire 232 pages I read without ever developing any semblance of a personality except for as follows All archangels except for Raphael are big, scary, bureaucratic assholes.David McGowan is a cocky, incompetent, shallow moron.Kara Nightingale is a weak, incompetent, shallow moron.So, let s go on to our main character, a black ballet flat wearing sixteen year old artist whose mom is a guardian angel, because why the hell not She also has the mental maturity of a twelve year old Oh, and Kim Richardson doesn t want us to forget the fact that Kara has no boobs, because that little fact is apparently important This is a reoccurring theme throughout the novel Kara thinks she s unattractive and plain mostly because of her tomboyish figure and the fact that she was never visited by the boob fairy Also, David is good looking Readers are reminded of these facts constantly throughout the novel Nothing else seems to matter, despite that they re in Heaven Horizon, where most people would assume that it doesn t matter whether you have tits or not.At one point, Kara says the following She hated herself for being so sensitive, so typically female Good one Kara I ve become one of those girls I hate. No, darling, you ve been one of those girls one of those empty headed, banal, vapid idiots the entire time 37 pages before that, Kara thinks thatperhaps he was embarrassed and hated himself for kissing a girl whose feminine curves had been flattened by a giant spatula Aren t you excited by the prospect of reading about a sixteen year old s insecurities and how she never gets over them Not to mention, that Kara is a class A moron Despite living in Heaven Horizon, surrounded by people with tattoos on their foreheads and various primates, she seems to be completely unable to grasp the fact that she s dead as a doorknob She somehow manages to completely forget the fact that she s a guardian angel now, despite being inundated with reminders.A few things The first bad guy we are introduced to, Benson, hates David solely because David was responsible for Benson s friend s death Somehow, that s not supposed to be a valid reason for hating someone The elevator monkey gimmick was stupid Flat out retarded Please stop It wasn t funny, at all I can t even express how stupid it was The only things that can be remotely humorous when it comes to elevators are as follows old people, music, and farts Note that primates are conspicuously missing from that list You don t learn to sword fight after one practice session, or even two or three or ten This is a recurring problem in fantasy novels Knock it off If David was Kara s GA, why did he ask her how he died Either the author decided to randomly stick that in there, or she forgot about it A note to the author You re Your Please learn the difference. This is possibly the hardest review I ve had to write Not because the book was bad, in fact I was rather impressed by it No, the reason that it s been hard to review is that it s closest book I ve come to on my review blog that could be classed as chick lit It s unfamiliar territory for me.But don t let this stop you from reading it The majority of my blog s readers are male, but I would still say that they should consider this book Especially if they are looking for a light, easy read.But it doesn t matter how hard I found it to write the review, what matter is the book itself I really did enjoy it, and the thing that stood out most was the afterlife Apart from the fact that it was staffed by various primates, it was such an imaginative place that was really uplifting to read about And kind of made me jealous that I wasn t there It s interesting to think of heaven as a kind of office albeit an odd office where angels administer the world s affairs I really enjoyed the scenes set in this Angel Office, called Horizon, although it was interesting to note that while it was referred to by the names of various paradises Heaven was not one of them.With all books there a few things that I think could have been done differently, and I would say that I thought the beginning is a little too fast The main character dies straight away, which is fine the book is about her death, not her life but then gets to work as a GA almost immediately I felt that she should have had training before going out on a mission.But Overall I found the book to be an enjoyable read, an easy read it wasn t hard to follow, and a unique read The plot, which I haven t spoken about much here, for fear of revealing too much, was interesting, and well written In an recent interview to promote my blog I stated that the best books are the ones that I m disappointed to finish reading, and this one of those The price of the eBook on is currently 0.70 1.14 UK US , and to be frank, I think that it s worth than that Actually, despite finding eBooks difficult to read, and despite being given a paperback version to review, I payed the 70 pence for the kindle version because I think the book is than worth that I find that I m quite likely to read it again, and that I look forwards to the sequel. Marked was a great read with a fun character, Kara, who used to live a rather mundane life that consisted of painting and eating ice cream all the time before she s hit by a bus and dies Waking up she finds herself in an elevator, light engulfing her as she s taken to Orientation Pretty soon it becomes clear prior to her birth, Kara was marked and now she s dead and alone in Heaven, waiting for her apprenticeship to begin David is supposed to teach her how to be a guardian angel, which is the responsible position of leading souls safely to where they re supposed to go Now that Kara would rather leave to someone she feels is suited for the task, like David.David does his job well, and soon Kara realised she likes him than she should, which is a major distraction because something s wrong You see, Kara is supposed to save mortals from demons who feed on their souls But instead, of saving the ones she s supposed to save, Kara keeps drawing demons to her, risking both her and the mortals souls.It seems the angels were not the only ones who marked Kara David and Kara are running out of time in their endeavours to find out what s going on before Kara is lost forever.Marked is original, well written and surprisingly easy to follow and to get into, which I didn t expect given the strong need for world building due to the ethereal setting and fantasy elements I liked the voice Kara picking a sword because it sparkles and is pretty was so funny It s also a fast paced story, and it s certainly very refreshing to see something that hasn t been done before The story kept me guessing until the very end I couldn t put it down The romance elements were laden with chemistry I hope there s going to be a sequel soon I recommend this one to all YA and fantasy readers. This book is terrible In its defense, it s not offensively terrible, and it has a certain so bad it s good amusement level, but there s something very immature about the whole thing, as though it were written by a sixteen year old instead of simply starring one All of the characters behave in an extraordinarily melodramatic fashion, making most of them come off as cartoonish caricatures, an impression not helped by the sheer silliness of some aspects of Horizon All dialogue is riddled with unnecessary italics, slipping into all caps when italics are no longer emphatic enough Once past her initial wave of confusion and disbelief, Kara s desire to return to her mortal life seems arbitrary and lacking any real emotional drive, especially considering the reader is never provided than the briefest insight into what her life was like before she was hit by the bus to begin with Her relationship with her mother is only barely addressed Kara mentions wanting to see her mother again in roughly the same terms she mentions wishing she could have a slice of pizza, and a mid book revelation regarding her mother which seems as though it should be, and presumably was meant to be, critical to the revelations of the book s final act is treated as an item of curiosity and then summarily forgotten.And then of course there s the climactic revelation itself, which could have been carried off or less successfully if the book as a whole were better written, but as it is it fails to impress and simply comes off as cheap. READERS FAVORITE AWARDS WINNER Sixteen Year Old Kara Nightingale S Ordinary Life Is Suddenly Turned Upside Down When She Dies And Wakes Up In A Strange New World With A New Career As A Rookie For The Guardian Angel Legion Kara Is Pulled Into The Supernatural, Where Monkeys Drive The Elevators, Oracles Scurry Above Giant Crystal Balls, And Where Demons Feed On The Souls Of Mortals With The Help Of Her Petty Officer And Friend, David, Kara Hurtles Towards An Adventure That Will Change Her Life Forever Marked is kind of hard to write a review for I feel so unsure of how I should rate it or write it since I ve already read 4 books into this series Okay, so the first book is pretty interesting It could have been amazing than it was..if the main character wasn t so annoying.Okay, so Kara, THE MC, was just an okay kind of character She did nothing for me Yes, she was funny and caring but that s about it Then there s David, who was an asshole I wanted to punch him so many times or stab him I didn t care for their romance because I wanted David to die I swear, ANY other guy in this book would ve been a better romance interest I kept praying to god that David was just a fluke HECK, I even started plotting his death Other than that, I guess I can accept Kara as an Mc because she didn t magically become a super bad ass which typically happens in books I just wish someone would have given her amnesia or something so that she didn t remember who David was Then there was the PERFECT villain ever created for this series I really liked and enjoyed that character Even though I already read books 1 4 can I still say that I hope my review for the second book will be better