Allison La Crosse, Beginning A Challenging Family Medicine Residency, Leaves The Protection Of Her Family With The Transfer, Her Worst Nightmares Come True Her Closely Guarded Mystical Talents Those Which Seldom Appeared Before The Move Unleash Themselves From Her Confinement And Reveal Their Presence With Very Little Provocation Allison S Most Terrifying Power Is Her Compulsion To Cure The Dying With Her Touch Given Her Career, This Gift Would Be Valuable If She Were Not Drawn Like A Magnet To The Ailing Person S Every Symptom Some Of Which Are Fatal At The Hospital And Surrounded By Life And Death Emergencies, Allison S Inability To Manage Her Impulse Turns Deadly When It Does, Her Mentor, Brody, Rescues Her From Her Own Demise His Resuscitation Ignites An Exciting And Tempestuous Bond Between Them Desperate For A Cure, They Join Forces And Embark Upon A Journey To Uncover The Origins Of Allison S Lethal Curse In The Midst Of Their Adventure, Allison Exposes A Secret Pursued By Many Known By Few Warriors Of The Cross Is Book One In The Warrior Series To Find Out Go To

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    As the author of this series, I love everything about it.

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    If you are looking for a fresh paranormal romance thriller, Warriors of the Cross delivers I found the summary of this book to be intriquing Allison La Crosse is a resident doctor who was born and raised in a big family full of love in LA She gets her residency at a University Hospital in Galveston, TX and moves there by finding a room to rent sight unseen When she arrives she meets Clark her landlord who is a medical malpractice lawyer and has an instant connection with him Clark makes Allie feel as though she has known him her whole life and they fall into an instant friendship At her residency, she has the stereotypical mean girls and one very hot chief resident, Brody Allie met Brody as he stormed out of Clark s just as she arrived in Galveston Brody is extremely attractive and sets Allie afire with intense looks and alternatingly avoiding her Besides the Romance, there are many layers to this unique plot It takes place in a hospital and there are medical patients and cases coming and going like a really good episode of ER The descriptions are both realistic and enthralling It really reads well and I didn t want to put it down When I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about the characters and plot There begins to be a mysteriousness surrounding Allie s dreams and strange healing abilities She seems to take on the patient s symptoms and therefore suffers with each healing Brody helps her through and Clark is the ever present friend There are several clues about the real struggle that is the underlying plot of good and evil going on such as shadows, pulsing bright radiant light, and ornate crosses This books is so good I refuse to ruin it with any other spoilers about the plots For me this is one of those books that once your find out the secrets it is so illuminating that you want to go back and re read the book to see it from an enlightened prospective I can t wait to read the next book I can only hope it won t be too long of a wait For a limited time, this is a free book on Kindle and definitely worth putting on your to read list You will not be disappointed.

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    I would categorize this novel as a young adult Christian romance with a smidge of the paranormal I actually enjoyed most of the book, however the use of excruciating detailed segments made me want to give the book up in its entirety Here s a quick list of both positive and negative aspects I found throughout the book Negative The author s political and religious views leaked through every page, especially around 60% Since this book was not labeled as a Christian romance, I was unaware of what I was getting myself into I believe the book could have done so much better without the long healthcare rants Not only did it take up a large chunk of the novel, it flat out got to the point where it took the focus away from the story As for the author s religious views, when I read a romance, I don t expect the main character s virginity status to be constantly slapped in my face throughout the story I also didn t enjoy having bible verses, the constant mentioning of God and the author s feeling on sex before marriage to be so heavily enforced I m not sure whether the author intended to do so, but it really got annoying after a while Typos galore I understand I should not expect much when it comes to a free eBook, however there were times that I had to stop mid sentence to understand what was going on There were also times where the words were missing all together, so the sentences looked something like this I missing went to the store Positive I absolutely loved the author s writing style, I just wish her extremely long rant towards healthcare was focused on something else The story had an overall enjoyable plot Those who enjoy a detailed Christian romance would definitely enjoy this book.

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    I would give this stars 9 stars if I could It would be 10 if it had gone through the editing process one timethe typos were abundant I have had very few books that I can t get out of my head, and this is one of them Great job I can t wait to read the next one in the series UPDATE It has been 2 days since I finished this book I can t get it out of my headI have tried and stopped reading 3 books since thenI think I m going to have to read it again starting tonight

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    The book earns its 3 Good rating I am curious about the sequel, pleasantly curious.I did have a few problems with the book It s Christian Fiction, which is normally a genre I avoid Most is either so saccharine it hurts my teeth or so horny for the end of the world and hell on earth it creeps me out those who know me will find this amusing I find those Left Behind style books kind of blasphemous I have to say I was taken aback when I realized its genre BUT I was pleasantly surprised in the end It is neither saccharine nor does it display a disturbing lust for the end of things.The lead characters last name is La Crosse Really The bad guys are Satan s Sect Really Allison, a 24 something year old woman who is devastatingly beautiful is a virgin Really Her beau isn t a virgin and that s okay but the girl must be pure Kind of a double standard.Going jogging immediately after the revelations of the previous night Okay points for moving the plot along, but frankly that makes her ten kinds of stupid Now what I like I like the sexual tension between Allison and her two male suitors though I wish she were less clear about her desires a little ambiguity goes a long way, and as a best friend who eventually got the girl I kind of hate Dr Studly and feel for the best friend Here s hoping the warriors cannot marry for some GOOD reason And on that note I kind of wish Dr Perfect were a bit less sure concerning his female relations I like that she picks up skills from those she saves But shouldn t she have picked up a tad of violence fighting from the be crossed killer in the ER That those she has saved align to protect her That s nice It might be interesting if that eventually affects the murderer she healed Nothing like a jailhouse death row convert The medical bits I am only a dabbler, but I love those kinds of things they make a story feel so much real and true And the fact that Allison didn t solve all of the issues surrounding medical billing in five minutes, damn refreshing Addendum I made a snide comment about the villains being called Satan s Sect, and I have to admit that even though I think it s kind of silly it is probably a name Satanists might choose thus probably pretty realistic My dealings with Satanists, Settites they prefer Setian, so being the ass I am I call them the name they HATE , and other various Dark Path practitioners have certainly colored my view of them Most are complete and utter morons with the creativity and intellectual capacity of a deranged toad and the few who actually do have a positive IQ are narcissistic asshats that thrive on intimidation and conflict I have learned that giving them any kind of attention is bad, they thrive on it and use the connection to suck you dry Psychic Vampires All I don t find them intimidating, though they can be dangerous mostly I find them sad little people In fact I think the saddest thing I ever encountered was an Iranian Satanists My god, with all those thousands of years of wonderful nastiness to choose from ever look into Zoroastrianism and this dimwit went with Satanism There was another pretty pathetic case, a guy using Satanism as an excuse for homosexual activity talk about self hatred.Oh, and don t get me started on the LaVeyans All they are interest in is their next donut and their next sexual encounter.

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    Warrior of the Cross is the story of Allison, a young woman who s eager to learn all about curing the ill by starting a hospital placement in Galveston Medicine has always been part of Allison s life, not just because her family s involved with it, but also because she possesses psychic abilities that involve drawing Allison to a sick person like a magnet, literally urging her to touch those dying in her compulsion to cure them, which she does through her touch that usually leaves her distraught, faint and weak.Allison s ability to alert her of oncoming danger has kept her awake for the past few weeks At this point, she doesn t know that it s just a premonition, just like the one she had when her brother, Brion, almost died from internal bleeding after a fall from a cliff But this time, it s not about saving someone else it s about saving her own life.Meeting Clark, her new roommate with whom she feels a strong connection, a bond if you will, Allison thinks she s finally found someone she can trust, someone who might just turn into her first real love But Clark isn t just any good looking guy, and the monthly agreement involving amenities suitable for a mansion sounds just too good to be true After setting foot on a sect s sacred ground, something happens inside Allison and her abilities break loose Soon, Allison realises she might just be one of the disciples that very sect has tried to annihilate for centuries.I thought Warrior of the Cross was a fantastic read with a great story and a believable voice Allison wasn t the usual whiney character we often meet in YA and paranormal literature nowadays She had fears like everyone else, but she also had a strength in her that allowed her to be there for her dying brother and her emotionally suffering sister going through the motions of a divorce I liked Allison s empathy for others, but also the fact that she wasn t oblivious to danger This made her seem real and clever to me.The twist involving Allison s true heritage was interesting There were plenty of clues throughout the story, but I didn t see its magnitude until the very end All in all, a great read.

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    I chose to read this book on read to review I liked the premise, it sounded new and interesting Unfortunately, I was deeply disappointed by it I m sure, buried somewhere, there was a story that was new and interesting, but I never found it There is a lot of weird stuff going on in the book like some strange love triangle that I never figured out She has the hots for her landlord and her chief resident, but there is zero tension She has these powers to heal the dying so I expected to see use of them in the book she is a doctor after all, although stuck in medical billing for waaayyy to long Then we have this mysterious force that wants to destroy her because of who she is and we don t really hear about them or feel threatened by them until the end of the book Sure there is an occasional ooh, I m scared moment but nothing truly threatening I started to count pages by about page 70 The book kept dragging on and on Medical billing, no matter how criminal is just not interesting Mention it once and move on I don t want to be too harsh about a book, it has potential, but it needs mucho revision before it should be sent to the general public The romance had to be tightened up Juggling two hot guys has got to a lot harder and they should have to work at it a little There needs to be real threat involved The scene at the beginning with the wall was cool, the book needs of that There needs to be a lot less medical and hospital stuff in there, sure she s a doctor, but we only need enough technical lingo to move the plot, this isn t a medical text Lastly, please edit Find some friends, believe me they are always happy to help proofread and point out errors There is enough originality in this that it could be good with some work I d say this was a first draft and has tons of potential, but it s not ready to be a published work.

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    Though I did begin reading this book with excitement, I wasn t very thrilled by it I d like to begin by saying that it was unnecessarily long 433 pages were just too much to endure I did bail in the last couple of chapters, and don t really regret it Even the action that was squeezed in them wasn t good enough to make me reconsider Some scenes seemed to be prolonged outside of the ordinary, and got kind of boring Some scenes repeated several times with no real reason At times the action didn t seem to stall and just hang in limbo The conversations didn t sound real, and at times I couldn t imagine the characters saying their lines There was too much internal dialogue, too much telling and too little showing The descriptions overwhelmed me at times, making it hard for me to follow them I noticed several inconsistencies, and than a handful grammatical errors that bothered me The male characters felt so unnatural, it was hard to picture them the way the author portrayed them They were all good boys completely devoted to Allie the female protagonist They didn t see her flaws or weaknesses, they just worshiped her unquestionably Correct me if I m wrong, but no guy acts like that Or perhaps out of everyone one guy could be mushy like that, but all the guys in the book Even the bad guy I don t think so They were acting like acolytes at best, following Allie s every desire Sure, she wasn t selfish, but stillThose 3 stars are there only because the story itself was good I liked the ideas behind all the writing, and I liked the Christian twist in it But even the couple of times when we heard God s voice, the words sounded like someone was dictating them Too dry and weird to be spoken by God I don t know if I would recommend this book to anyone I just barely endured it myself.

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    Warriors of the Cross proved to be everything the very promising blurb said and much Allison LaCrosse has a gift of healing that can bring patients in critical condition back from the brink of death At the same time she is discovering that she might have other psychic abilities stemming from this healing power Where there is light and healing however, there will always be darkness and evil to counter it.This book had my attention from the word go and kept me turning the pages up to the almost cliff hanger ending Although there are moments of unbearable suspense, the story is comfortably paced and gives the reader ample time to get acquainted with all the key characters and their world The characters are well described and uniquely crafted the kind of characters a reader gets to like as though they were real people As the story contains very accurate detailed descriptions of medical procedures and hospital protocol, I was extremely impressed with the amount of research the author must have put into this book The romance in Warriors of the Cross is extensive but tastefully written The clich d old love triangle, of which there are at least two in this book, is so uniquely and maturely handled that I actually thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself choosing sides Deeply spiritual and full of the love that emanates from most of the key characters, this story touched me profoundly For a read filled with excitement and a little suspense balanced by a gentle depth and a wry touch of humor, I highly recommend Warriors of the Cross and happily give it and the gifted author five stars Ellen Fritz

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    I received a copy of this through the Read2Review program here on Goodreads Where to begin with what s wrong with this book Let me start with the characters, the main character Allie has to be the most spineless, whinyugh and her love interests in the book were just as bad Interesting characters have flaws, they get pissed off, sad, frustrated or whatever, the whole book all they did was tell Allie how lovely and special she was, while she was constantly on the verge of tears You had a love triangle with absolutely no tension.The plotwell there wasn t one until the last 2 chapters then it was barely interesting What you did have was too many chapters about jogging and medical billing I expected paranormal or fantasy elements, where there were very few but I will chalk that up to my expectations and not necessarily blame the writer for it I understand authors ending on a cliffhanger especially in a series, it generates interest for further books, but have some kind of closure.There was a ton of editing errors, spelling mistakes, wrong names being used and repetitive adjectives, if I never see white knuckled again I will be a happy little reader I won t be reading any further books in this series.