The Road In Front Of Dr Louis Creed S Rural Maine Home Frequently Claims The Lives Of Neighborhood Pets Louis Has Recently Moved From Chicago To Ludlow With His Wife Rachel, Their Children And Pet Cat Near Their House, Local Children Have Created A Cemetery For The Dogs And Cats Killed By The Steady Stream Of Transports On The Busy Highway Deeper In The Woods Lies Another Graveyard, An Ancient Indian Burial Ground Whose Sinister Properties Louis Discovers When The Family Cat Is Killed Stephenking And the most terrifying question of all may be just how much horror the human mind can stand and still maintain a wakeful, staring, unrelenting sanity.2nd reading, and it still remains my favorite book that I ve read so far Once upon a time when I was a child, I remember talking with my family about horror movies Somebody asked what was the scariest movie you ve watched, and my mom without thinking saidPet SemataryI remember laughing and sayingHow on earth could a movie named Pet Sematary be scaryFast forward to now, I changed my mind This book is the scariest and creepiest book I ve ever read, and I m sure it ll stay number 1 for a long time It made me think about stuff I don t want, or refuse, to think about One being death Most of us don t want to think about death, cause we think we re invincible But we re not Like this book said, Oz the Great and Terrible or should I say Gweat and Tewwible is always close waiting.At a few parts, I even thought about putting the book down, because it was all too much, but I just couldn t I wasn t even able to stop reading, cause I was dying no pun intended to know what was going to happen next I guess horror books do that do you.In conclusion, amazing book, and I m definitely gonna re read it in very, very distant future. Wow Just wow I ve put off reading this one for years because, well I m a wimp There, I said it. When one of the most well known names in the contemporary era of the horror genre says something is his scariest book, I take note It seems bizarre that I finally chose to tackle this one while having children the same age as Louis Creed s, it was precisely the perfect time to pick this up I listened to almost the entire book over a 24 hour period while road tripping, and the experience was unparalleled to any I ve had in the scope of reading thus far Side note, Michael C Hall was the most excellent narrator for this What likely was a 4 star read initially became a 5 star with no second thought If you haven t experienced this version I cannot recommend it highly enough.Rather than a gory, blood and guts type of horror, this is a slow burning, queasy unease that explodes in the final chapters The suspense nearly did kill me by the final 25% I found myself wringing my hands and grinding my teeth, preparing myself for the inevitable that I knew was coming, deep down, ever since the beginning I don t think I could have fully appreciated what King intended to accomplish with this novel if I d read it before having children of my own That s not to say that people without kids won t appreciate this as highly, just as statement in my own personal journey Only King can accomplish so much horror with so little bloodshed I finished this days ago but have held off on reviewing until now because I feel like I m still processing and I can t stop thinking about everything that occurred to this family I had spent so much time prior to reading this book in preparing myself for the big things that I was completely taken aback by how connected I became to the Creed family This is why the detailed, slow burn if I didn t care about this family, their neighbors, and the town in general, why would what happens at the end stick with me for the long haul Oh sure, I would have gasped and guffawed at the disturbing nature of the plot, but I wouldn t have been emotionally invested If you ve been hiding under my big rock for the past few decades and are just catching up on your Stephen King backlog, like me, I highly recommend picking this up It s not just about the scares with this one, but the contemplation on how grief can turn any of us into a monster By far the best audible book I ve chosen yet. While reading this book, all I that runs through my head is the song the Ramones made for the movie So, I m going to link the video so all of you can have it running through your head as well Kickin it old school Pet Sematary The RamonesOkay, let me just go ahead and say there will be SPOILERS for those that haven t read the book or seen the movie I have seen the movie about 6 million 5 hundred and 8 times And I love it THIS is the first time I have read the book, and as there are a few differences in the book and movie, they both rock monkey butt The book didn t scare me at all for some reason I think because of the said 6 million 5 hundred and 8 times that I have seen it that maybe it acclimated me to the book Although, the movie is still creepy as hell I totally freaked at the introduction to the book Mr King tells about moving to said place, teaching at the school, they had a cat named Smucky, their son was running to the road chasing the kite string like in the movie, but uh, didn t get killed And some other things It was like a whole new little world right there for me that he actually wrote this based on some home stuff Remember in the book where Jud the wonderful neighbor takes them out to the Pet Sematary SMUCKY THE CAT, one crate board marker proclaimed The hand was childish but careful HE WAS OBEDIANT.Okay, so there was a real I wonder if it s still there Pet Sematary and their cat Smucky is buried there and that is what Mr King s daughter wrote I mean, I can t even I want to go visit there now and see if the place is still there So wonderful Jud from across the road has a great friendship with Louis and the kids, a little iffy with Rachel Anyway, Jud is the one that has Louis bury Church the cat when he gets hit on that damn road all of those crazy trucks would fly down But little did Louis know that Church was going to come back, even when the poor boy from the school Pascow who got hit by a car and killed, came back as a ghost to warn Louis Why don t people just listen So now Church is back home and he isn t the same anyBut the family didn t find out anything happened to him while they were out of town They just think he s weird and stinks when they get home Uh, yeah So then, it all goes to hell in a hand basket Gage is killed on the road and in the movie you get to see who presides over the funeral Yup, the King and then don t do itdon t to it He does it, Louis takes Gage to the Pet Sematary and yeah Gage isn t the same when he comes back He kills Jud Damn it all and Ellie had been having bad dreams about her daddy so Rachel comes home and goes to Jud s house and she gets killed because Gage isn t Gage anyAnd Louis finally takes out Church and Gage, but does he learn from his lesson Nooooooooooooooo, he takes and buries Rachel in the Sematary Well, you can use your imagination for the rest of that one This was an awesome book to read for Halloween time or any time really but it s extra special at Halloween MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List Cause what you buy, is what you own And what you own always comes home to you Louis Creed and his family have recently moved to the town of Ludlow, Maine Behind their house there is a path that leads to a Pet Sematary , where the children of surrounding areas have buried their beloved pets in years gone by Deeper in the woods there lies an ancient Indian burial ground, that Louis discovers has some sinister properties when their family cat diesIt s no secret that Pet Sematary is my favourite King book, but this is the case for a number of different reasons When I first started reading horror I couldn t imagine words on a page actually scaring me, I always felt like I needed something visual to keep me up at night Then I found Pet Sematary I d never had an experience before where I actually felt scared to turn the page this was of course in the climax at the end of the novel My heart was racing, my palms felt sweaty, I just kept thinking, There s no way this book is going to go THAT dark clearly I didn t really know King yet And then it did And a King junkie and Constant Reader was born IT was my first King, but Pet Sematary was where I became hooked NB Plenty of spoilers ahead Now it s time to get personal grief and loss has been a huge part of my life When I was younger, my dad was diagnosed with MS, a debilitating disease that quite literally drained the life from him in front of our eyes I guess this is similar in some ways to the Zelda and Rachel storyline, apart from the fact that my dad was never angry or resentful over his illness or if he was, he never showed it in front of me He progressively gotandill, over time losing his ability to speak, walk, eat Death was ultimately a relief But what about those who are left behind It s strange because even though I was only 10 when he died, which is around 18 years ago, there are still days or times when the unrelenting grief can come out of nowhere and floor me The loss of a parent is something you never get over, it is simply something you learn to live with The only thing that can possibly be worse is the loss of a child King s depiction of the grief and loss that both Louis and Rachel go through is so accurate it hurts This book really resonated with me on a deep level, as I had never before read such a harrowing and realistic outlook on death and loss There are so many passages that I ve made a note of and will revisit over and over again.The way King crafted a book that is terrifying and heartbreaking in equal measures will never fail to astound me Because this book IS terrifying to lose someone is terrifying, to have to try to move on is terrifying, for them to come back different is also terrifying Sometimes on instagram I will see people criticising Louis decisions or making out that he s a bad parent and it makes me want to scream Grief and loss does not allow for rational thinking It does not allow for good judgement It can be all encompassing to the point where you feel like you can t breathe I defy anyone to tell me that if in a similar position you wouldn t even consider it not forgetting the fact that there are other forces at work here I know I would Couple that with the overwhelming devastation and loss and your decision is pretty made So to label Louis as a bad parent is absolutely ridiculous to me Don t get me wrong, there was Ellie to consider, he still had that to live for, but in those heady initial days following such a heartbreaking loss, rational thinking ain t happening.It s a bit of a slow build this book, but the pay off is worth it I enjoyed getting to know the Creeds, watching them form friendships with the Crandalls across the road All the good stuff, you know, before shit hits the fan And when shit hits the fan, it is almost too much to take Gage s little Star Wars shoe in the middle of the road the cap full of blood Images that send chills down my spine Then the unbearable dread as Louis digs up that coffin, not knowing what exactly he is going to be presented with The way Louis initially thinks that Gage has no head as there is a dark moss covering his face THIS IS THE STUFF OF NIGHTMARES The little figure appearing in Louis room as he sleeps, the child s laughter that Jud can hear Ellie having these vivid dreams and knowing that her family is in danger This is really a masterclass in how to craft well written, piss your pants horror I bow to you, Sai King Some of King s best writing in here and one of his best endings too There s also some unforgettable characters in Louis Creed, Jud Crandall, Victor Pascow and Zelda PUH LEASE can I find a Jud Crandall that can act as a father figure to me The adaptation for this book is also pretty decent Louis is a hot dad, Fred Gwynne was born to play the role of Jud, Zelda will trigger a cold sweat to run down your backI could quite honestly write an entire thesis on Pet Sematary, so I ll end it here All I ll say is this if you didn t feel something when reading this book you need to check yourself insert sassy emoji Always my number 1 King book 5 stars from me obviously.Update listened to audiobook in April May 2018 Incredible narration by Michael C Hall Still 5 stars Obviously.Update 2 reread in March 2019 in anticipation of the new movie Somehow loved it even