During His Earthly Ministry, Jesus Performed Many Miracles, Including Healing Numerous Diseased And Disabled Bodies But Perhaps His Greatest Miracle Was The Healing Of People S Souls, The Forgiveness Of Sin Jesus Offers Us That Same Miracle On The Same Terms Sincere Repentance In The Miracle Of Forgiveness, President Spencer W Kimball Gives A Penetrating Explanation Of Repentance And Forgiveness And Clarifies Their Implications For Church Members His In Depth Approach Shows That The Need For Forgiveness Is Universal Portrays The Various Facets Of Repentance, And Emphasizes Some Of The Serious Errors, Particularly Sexual Ones, Which Afflict Both Modern Society And Church Members Most Important, He Illuminates His Message With The Brightness Of Hope That Even Those Who Have Gone Grievously Astray May Find The Way Back To Peace And Security Never Before Has Any Book Brought This Vital And Moving Subject Into So Sharp A Focus This Classic Book Is A Major Work Of Substance And Power After, All Who Does Not Need The Miracle Of Forgiveness I read this book as a supplement to a RS lesson I was teaching I d read chapters in this book before when I was struggling with those topics , but hadn t made it past chapter 6, which everyone should skip Chapter 6 is an out of date view on homosexuality The church approaches homosexuality differently now, and withcompassion.Some of the things were hard for me to take like his opinion that women shouldn t wear shorts and that teenagers shouldn t drive cars But when you focus on the doctrine and ignore some of the out of date funny stuff, he s right on We all need repentence, and it is a miracle when you know you ve been forgiven and you feel clean I marked in my copy all the parts that I liked, and I have a separate book where I wrote pages and pages of quotes There is some priceless stuff in here And I HIGHLY recommend chapter 19, even if you don t read anything else It s about forgiving others and it s phenomenal.I d be willing to let anyone borrow this book to read Though I did do a lot of marking in it, and highlighting things I struggle with, so it ll be possibly too insightful into my life Yeah, that list of sins on page 25 86 specific sins listed, plus a catch all I marked 30 as sins I have or have had a problem with I m sure there sBut that s why we have the Atonement And that is a miracle. This book could be highly recommended for perfect people as a device to flay themselves.I am an active member of the church This is not coming from an anti Mormon or from someone with an ax to grind with Pres Kimball I don t believe everything that a leader of the church says or writes is scripture, especially before he is the Prophet This book is a case in point.I remember when I first read it as a teen, I went into a depression for about a month thinking that I was definitely going to hell It filled me with despair, not hope It made it sound impossible to ever get forgiveness For example, To try is weak To do the best I can is not strong We must always do better than we can How does one do better than they can I revisited it as an adult as it is such a must read book for Mormons While it seems many people have found it helpful to them, I think this could be an equally harmful book The heavy handed dispensing of guilt is out of balance with the Atonement I found it disturbing that individuals are shamed for things for which they are not responsible He said suicides are guilty of committing a controllable offense Of course, people should not commit suicide, but I think that mental illness needs to be taken into account as limiting one s agency Our ills are usually of our own begetting They must be corrected by ourselvesa healing process in the spirit and mind must come from within from self will For one thing, not all of our ills are our own begetting For another, while I understand that we must put forth effort to repent and to improve ourselves, I don t think the solution is our superhuman strength of will I think that the healing comes from the Atonement and that we DON T have the ability to do it alone That is why we have the Savior Many passages in this book are presented as if we have to make ourselves perfect and then maybe, just maybe, we will receive grace.I found it harsh and offensive in many places It suggests that a women would be better off dead than give in to a rapist What Even in a forced contact such as rape or incest, the injured one is greatly outraged If she has not cooperated and contributed to the foul deed, she is of course in afavorable positionIt is better to die in defending one s virtue than to live having lost it without a struggle Would it really be better if she or I would make it he she died than didn t struggle enough against their attacker I can t think of adamaging thing to say to a survivor of sexual assault How he discusses sex didn t feel right to me in general It is not an evil thing, it is a beautiful thing, and only wrong when it is misused I found it equal parts offensive to gay people and laughable that he wrote about how masturbation makes people homosexuals If that were true, there would sure be a lotpeople who are gay Also, that people who even have homosexual thoughts are evil I won t go into my personal feelings on this issue here, but what he wrote is not even currently in line with the church s current stance.Oh and don t forgetit may also lead to bestiality Please don t take this review as blasphemy or a sign of slipping faith I have made peace with my faith I don t think that this book does good things for certain kinds of people It was written for the righteous It seems to lack a sinner s perspective It can also be a dangerous weapon in the hands of a zealot In my case, I almost lost my soul to the utter hopelessness that this book made me feel I told my Stake President about this and he immediately told me that he felt that I should read the Book of Mormon instead He also told me that I wasn t the first to tell him that and that he had stopped recommending this book to people As far as the argument that a prophet or a soon to be prophet wrote the book, and therefore the book is doctrine I say phooey Have you read any of Ezra Taft Benson s early books, some of them are scary, scary, right wing lunacy Further, do we believe that everything a prophet has ever said, in thier whole life, is doctrine Of course we don t We have our own discernment to bridge that gap Approach this book with clean hands and intact faith In fact, I would recommend Believing Christ by Stephen Robinson in place of this book, simply because Robinson focuses on grace rather than guilt Maybe that is the bottom line, I believe that this book is too heavy on the guilt end and not heavy enough on the forgiveness end. The first half of this book will tear you down and make you feel like you need to go see your bishop for even the smallest little thing like taking the last Oreo cookie out of the cookie jar But then the last half of this book will show you the true power of the atonement and what Christ has done for us I would recommend this book to anyone but remember to finish the whole book before you talk to your bishop.