My sister happened to give me this book a long while ago She wanted me to read it, for whatever reason I remember why I don t often read the same things she does, now Nonetheless, humorous, but not for my age group It also reminded me of why I no longer read young adult fiction, I m just past that stage, now. Think coming of age story for the 21st century Think Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the mature teen Think self deprecating humour by a misfit, that has developed a cult following Add these all up and you ve got this hilarious, laugh out loud, quick witted novel, Spanking Shakespeare.Shakespeare has the terrible misfortune of having a father who drinks too much, a nagging mother who is constantly pushing him towards a therapist s couch, and a brother named Gandhi with a propensity to be malicious Sound like the end of the world Well, it s not, and deep down inside he knows it s not But being a teenager full of angst, it is Shakespeare s dutiful responsibility to wallow in his own self pity and blame anyone and everyone for the continuous catastrophes that make up his life In this regard Wizner does an outstanding job of capturing the essence of the teenage psyche Shakespeare is the downtrodden victim representing all 17 year old boys and their dilemmas with popularity, prom, girlfriends, sexual frustration, et cetera, et cetera My only contention with this story is its blatant disrespect of religion, as its sacrilege in the last few chapters was a little unsettling, and even seemed unnecessary My best guess is that Wizner has some pent up anger resulting from the circumcision of his member, and has been viciously seeking revenge against God and the covenant as a result Once I got passed that, I could admit that this was quite an enjoyable book overall, and it s sure to be appreciated by any teen 16 and up, boy or girl For some reason, I ve been on a YA reading kick the last few weeks Maybe it s a desire to pad the stats in the books read list for the year or maybe it s a desire to return to a simpler time in my life when all I had to worry about was doing well in school and trying to get members of the opposite sex to notice me.Or it could be that there are a lot of really well written young adult novels coming out these days and I find myself wishing they or novels like them had been around for me to read in my formative teen year Of course, that would have meant putting down the tie in Doctor Who and Star Trek novels Jake Winzer s Spanking Shakespeare is one of those books that I wish had come out when I was younger Heading into his senior year, Shakespeare Shapiro has a couple of goals get into a good college, finish his year long senior writing project and maybe landing his first girlfriend Over the course of the novel, Shakespeare will succeed and fail at each of these goals, often times with humorous results Spanking Shakespeare is one of the those books that I fully expect to land on the banned book list at some point in the future Shakespeare yes, that s actually the name of our first person narrator speaks like an authentic teenage boy with all the foibles, obsessions and thoughts of one There s a lot of dark, twisted humor in these pages some of Shakespeare s essays that he writes are hysterically funny and equally dark at the same time and there s a lot of time spent thinking about the one thing that is on all teenage boys minds girls.The first half of the novel has some wittily observed moments and moves along at a good clip However, it s one the novel reaches the halfway point that things take a serious turn and the novel loses some of its momentum Shakespeare s connection with his classmate Charlotte and his eventual discovery of the nature of her home life and situation gives the novel a bit of a serious issue to work through and the second half of the books feels radically different from the first half It s also a shame that Shakespeare s essays and asides begin to wear thin once the Charlotte plotline kicks into high gear in the second half.And while the novel makes a bit of a comeback in the final pages, the contrast is still enough that it left me feeling a bit perplexed about the novel as a whole However, the I reflected on the book, the I think that Jake Wizner is trying to have the story reflect how life can be for teenagers ups, downs, funny, dark and serious all over the course of a year.When Spanking Shakespeare is on its game, it s an absolutely delightful book. This book turned out to be a pleasant surprise I will straight up admit, that Young Adult Humor ie pubescent humor is so NOT my thing If I had seen that before downloading this one, I might have scrolled right on by Some of this was crude and disgusting It had me saying, Ewww, and it was definitely TMI, as far as I was concerned But I have to say, this was well written It was witty and creative all throughout I even laughed out loud in public than a couple of times The poem that Shakespeare Shapiro writes to impress a a girl, was brilliantly done I loved that.and the scene in the therapist s office There were scenes that were well written and disgusting at the same time, but somehow, the author managed to not send me running the other way I really was pleasantly surprised by this But even with all of that said, this genre is not my thing, so 3 stars seems fair. i liked the beginning of the book much better than the end, though i suppose all the posturing of the dry sarcasm had to have some point i also like that the main character shakespeare doesn t really change all that much except, i guess, in his idea of what the point of senior year is i liked the secondary characters almost the best wicked brother ghandi, mr parke and his left testicle, combat katie, bowel movement neil, and most of all charlotte charlotte is awesome i did not like celeste i loved the ending writing in each other s yearbooks it is very, very smartly written, and it s really quite hilarious it doesn t get five stars because i didn t quite get the right emotion out of it, i don t think, but still, it was a fun, funny read i would love to read his next book also absolutely hilarious look into the mind of adolescent boys so enlightening Eh It was okay I didn t find the humor very humorous Shapiro is a sad sack with a decent heart who has a weird name and experiences all sorts of embarrassing situations The writing is fine The problem I had with the book is that the characters feel like stereotypes Shakespeare himself seems to crave pity for being a victim He s dorky, a writer, and awkward around girls It just felt like I d read about this kid before I admire Wizner s attempt to stuff an entire school year into a short novel This was what first drew me to the book The back and forth between earlier childhood experiences and current experiences is easy to follow, and Wizner focuses each chapter tightly with a few specific scenes When he skips forward a month, he doesn t summarize the compressed time, which makes for a quick read It never felt slow in that sense What did drag, though, was that each scene was of the same Few of the plot lines moved forward Instead, the scenes felt random.This was somewhat funny, but the humor wasn t enough to carry the whole book. This book was filled with one dimensional, stereotypical characters, the biggest one of all being the main character himself, Shakespeare I understand that this book was supposed key word being supposed to be a coming of age story with a relatable teenage character and his teen angst who later matures, but it failed Shakespeare s angst came off whiny than relatable His self pity was pathetic than it was humorous.Like most YA male leads, he wonders why his life sucks, avoids all blame or responsibility, and continues to pine after various girls he barely even likes this being the major plot of the story and his greatest qualities Explain to me how a 17 year old boy feels he has the right to whine about how he can never get a girlfriend or get laid when he spends his Friday nights incessantly masturbating while watching porn on his computer He FINALLY gets a look at the outside world when he s forced to get his head out his ass by talking to a girl who has actual problems The biggest factor to his long awaited maturity turns out to be surprise, surprise the girl The mysterious and elusive girl with the tremendous inner strength who makes him think of someone besides himself The only girl he actually treats whole heartedly like a human being rather than objectifying her to a sex doll.His two useless best friends The sidekick or sideshow freak and the one of the guys, cold hearted tough girl who won t take crap from anyone but will give everybody else crap Talk about dimension.This plot or lack of plot was overdone, the characters were overdone, and the lewd humor wasn t funny enough And let s not kid, he wasn t even a good writer. Spanking Shakespeare, by Jake Wizner, is a cringe worthy story that will have you laughing and shaking your head at the antics and mental babble of a seventeen year old guy Much to my chagrin, I have to admit I enjoyed the story, but it s not for the prim and proper, as some of the content can be crude and down right foul However, it is told in a way that has you laughing the whole way through Shakespeare Shapiro is a teenage boy who is plagued with a name he loathes, one that he is convinced was bestowed upon him by his parents as a sick joke The novel unfolds as Shakespeare chronicles his life as a senior class writing project, and in the end he hopes to deliver a prize worthy memoir Shakespeare is a victim of crazy parents, unsympathetic friends and unlucky circumstances The novel is a compilation of embarrassing recounts, unfortunate events, hilarious observations and actions that will have you recoiling in disgust as only a teenage boy can enjoy If you don t laugh out loud at least a half dozen times when you read this story, I suggest you see your general practitioner as your funny bone might need mending It was hilarious, but be warned the content is crude at times Plenty of good laughs, though. The book Spanking Shakespeare was one of the funniest books that I have ever read The author, Jake Wizner, wrote this story to entertain a reader who loves humor and comedy I think Wizner wrote this book for teenage boys and for adults who love comedies to remind them of what their high school years were like The theme of this book is a senior boy in high school who is struggling with girls, his parents, and life in general The main character of this book, Shakespeare Shapiro, has been embarrassed ever since he was born Shakespeare s parents named him that as a joke and his birthday was on Adolf Hitler s birthday His best friends, Katie and Neil, help Shakespeare through his tough times Shakespeare struggles with his social life, such as girls and at times feels very awkward Shakespeare likes a couple of girls, but does not know how to approach or how to speak to them At Hemingway High School the senior class has to write a monologue about their life Mr Parke, Shakespeare s teacher, loves Shakespeare s monologue and so does his class which could possibly change his popularity The overall theme of the book is what it is like to be a boy who is having the most embarrassing moments of his life in his high school years Spanking Shakespeare is a narration style book This book is a story that is told month by month as Shakespeare s senior year goes by Shakespeare also tells stories about his childhood in between each of the chapters Those stories were told as he was growing up from his younger days to his teenage days The stories told the reader about his life as he has grown up to be who he is today I personally loved this book because Jake Wizner added some of the funniest lines that I have ever read I thought all of the stories that Shakespeare told in the middle of the book were absolutely hysterical There was not one thing in this book that I did not like because it was so funny I would not change anything To be honest, I have never read a book like this one, and would rate this book 10 out of 10 SHAKESPEARE SHAPIRO HAS ALWAYS Hated His Name His Parents Bestowed It On Him As Some Kind Of Sick Joke When He Was Born, And His Life Has Gone Downhill From There, One Embarrassing Incident After Another Entering His Senior Year Of High School, Shakespeare Has Never Had A Girlfriend, His Younger Brother Is Cooler Than He Is, And His Best Friend S Favorite Topic Of Conversation Is His Bowel MovementsBut Shakespeare Will Have The Last Laugh He Is Chronicling Every Mortifying Detail In His Memoir, The Writing Project Each Senior At Shakespeare S High School Must Complete And He Is Doing It Brilliantly And, Just Maybe, A Prize Winning Memoir Will Bring Him Respect, Admiration, And A Girlfriend Or At Least A Prom Date