F ck this book to the moon and back for breaking my heart during my summer vacation If I took a sip of alcohol everytime my heart twisted in pain for Ben, I d be in a coma F ck the angst F ck the raw emotions, f ck how real everything feltf ck the heartbreak F ck that Nicholas Sparks moment.F ck this book because 5 stars are too few to rate it.This is the best YA, NA, coming of age story I ve read in some time I m sobbing like an idiot as I write this review on my phone on this stupid goodreads app I ll get home in two weeks and write a proper review then at my computer.There are 2books in the series and I don t think my liver can take 2books Of course I bought those too F ck my liver. Meh Just meh This book is basically two books sold as one Part 1 on its own would have gotten 3 stars from me It was okay, kind of uninspiring YA, but it steered away from all the melodrama I was expecting That counts for something.I m a strong believer in judging YA themed stories by the adult characters Our cast in Something Like Summer includes many of the usual cliches Rich Neglectful Parents, Abusive Controlling Tyrants, People So Liberal in Child Rearing It Borders on Criminal otherwise known as the cool parents who seem okay with treating their kids like inconvenient social equals after a pretentious lecture from a self righteous teenager all we re missing is the Hip Teacher dishing out sagely life advice.In fairness, there are some attempts to move beyond these stereotypes and make the archetypes richer andcomplex but not much Ultimately this is a m m love story.And about that love story It grew on me Tim is kind of an ass, but you see enough of his good side to tolerate it Ben, is kind of pathetic but pathetic in the way teenagers in love typically are.So again, not over the moon, but there was enough sweetness to help me enjoy the trials and tribulations of Tim BenThen Part 2 came.Part 2 was a train wreck, an absolute train wreck in which all the likable characters from the first part might as well have been eaten by zombies The characters we were supposed to rally around were bland and undeveloped There was nary a rational thought in sight.Take for example Ben s best friend Allison Part 2 starts with a three year jump Everyone has gone away to college, Ben has moved across the country He returns home view spoiler because Allison s father has died hide spoiler Love, Like Everything In The Universe, Cannot Be Destroyed But Over Time It Can ChangeThe Hot Texas Nights Were Lonely For Ben Before His Heart Began Beating To The Rhythm Of Two Words Tim Wyman By All Appearances, Tim Had The Perfect Body And Ideal Life, But When A Not So Accidental Collision Brings Them Together, Ben Discovers That The Truth Is Rarely So Simple If Winning Tim S Heart Was An Impossible Quest, Keeping It Would Prove Even Harder As Family, Society, And Emotion Threaten To Tear Them ApartSomething Like Summer Is A Love Story Spanning A Decade And Beyond As Two Boys Discover What It Means To Be Friends, Lovers, And Sometimes Even Enemies Find all of my reviews at at that bright and shiny 4.17 Goodreads rating You know what that means, right Usually I m willing to take the hit and say it was me, but not this time I picked up Something Like Summer mainly because it was free, but also because the synopsis interested me I bumped it up on my TBR because the cover was pretty I mthan willing to admit I m shallow Alright, so this was the story of Ben and Tim, the new boy around the block that Ben takes a fancy to When a not so cute meet cute happens Ben offers to help Tim out, a friendship develops, and eventually even though Tim claims to be 100% hetero, somehow he ends up requesting Ben to You know what happens next, rightTeach me how to fly, my beautiful butterflyAnd then I may have had a feeling because we re talking about teenage boys, one of whom was firmly planted in the closet so you know things weren t going to be totally peachy keen and I thought for sure I was reading a 5 Star book But then Part I ended and a fastforward occurred that brought us to Part II and everything became nothing butFrom the cardboard cutout which was Ben s adult love interest to the new and way unimproved Tim to the awful love triangle that left me wanting to punch everyone in the gonads to the ending that was JUST SO CONTRIVED The air was quickly let out of my 5 Star balloon. Holy Fucking Shit That s what this book should be retitled, or maybe that can be the subtitle I don t know, I ll get back to you on that Either way, it needs a lot of exclamation points because Holy FuckSandwich does this book kick so much ass.When reading fiction, it bothers me when I don t care about the characters, or even worse, a goddamn contrived love triangle that bores me when it should interest me Not here I was so emotionally invested in these characters that I lost my shit when bad things happened to them Seriously, I cried Twice And I never cry When I told my roommate Amy Kennedy about that, she started accusing me of being human and having feelings and shit but after SHE read this book she was all kinds of touched by it too So who s the human now, bitch Here s a gist Ben is obsessed with Tim Tim and Ben start a careful romance, but Tim s not out yet and he s kind of a jerk but you feel for him so it s sort of okay The years go on and they go their seperate ways, and Ben meets up with this awesome guy named Jace and everything seems okay but then Holy Fuckdoodles Tim is back Normally I despise love triangles but in this it feels so real It kinda reminded me of the Luke and Noah and Reid thing on As the World Turns, which I never would have fucking watched but then I caught clips on YouTube and got addicted and stayed up one whole weekend watching it I lost my shit with those guys and thanks to SLS I lost it again What s nice about this book is that everything that happens to these characters feels believable, and you can empathize with them and the decisions they make Also, no vampires, and these days, that s a plus.I know I m rambling, but I think Amy mixed up my pills or put an extra shot of B12 in my smoothie this morning because I m screaming at the screen as I type this READ THIS FUCKING BOOK Audio edition re read Just as good as the first time Ben and his two great loves Neither is better than the other and neither is stronger than the other Just different Different, but equally perfect and fitting for Ben.This is a review for both Something Like Summer and Something Like Winter since I don t see a way to talk about one without the otherWhy couldn t people s insides match their outsides The world would be such a wonderful place if the nicer someone was, thebeautiful they becameI really don t know where to begin with this review Both books have left me with such high emotions that I m still sitting here quite speechless I can tell you this, when I started I was expecting a cute little coming of age tale Ha Yeah right What I got was beautiful, heartbreaking, wonderfully written story that left me a blubbering mess One that is on my mind and will continue to be on my mind for days In the beginning of both books we meet Ben, an out and proud teenager, and Tim, a boy who is still trying to figure himself out and how he fits in the world When they meet they start up a secret relationship because Tim, having to worry about his social status, can t very much be seen with the local gay kid Yeah, whatever Tim The boys become closer and their relationship turns into a sexual one which then leads Ben to wanting exclusivity with Tim Tim is still young and still scared Scared of his own feelings, of his parents feelings, hell, he s basically scared of the world So he ran In Something Like Summer we have the story told through Ben s POV Ben had just been left by his first love and is in pieces Pieces With me right along with him He is forced to move on and move on he does He has a few boyfriends but he eventually finds love again with the ever perfect, Jace I loved Ben Jace s story Even though Ben never stopped loving Tim and he is still a very real presence in Ben s life, Ben Jace s relationship felt just as real and was wonderful to witness Jace was everything Ben needed and deserved after his massive heartbreak Jace was understanding, forgiving, loving and just completely there for him Like I said, perfect In Something Like Winter the same story is told through Tim s POV, but it didn t feel as though I read the same story twice They first 20% or so was Tim Ben s relationship they had in high school and it was interesting to read what happened in Tim s eyes Let s face it, it was going to take a lot to redeem some of Tim s actions Yes, Tim was redeemed but no, his actions were not excused Not only did Tim break Ben s heart but he tore his own into pieces by running Right along with my heart After he realizes his mistake, it s too late Ben has found someone he loves and deserves, Jace Tim thought his life was over after Ben and struggles to get it back He floats through life he finds some successful relationships and some very damaging relationships along the way His story was the most heartbreaking for me, he was so broken and so lost Nobody to really love him except his best friend, Eric, but I really can t go there right now Still too many emotions running wild But, eventually, he was able to put the pieces of his life back together Not for Ben but because of Ben and the love they still had.Throughout the 10 year or so span of these books Ben Tim touch each others lives, coming in and out for brief moments but they were never able to find the right moment to be together Well, in the end they finally found their moment And it was beautiful.Oh my, this was so emotionally intense I cried like a little baby in both SLS and SLW I don t think I ve cried like that while reading since Dobby died You know what I mean Yeah, that kind of cry I was happy, sad, devastated, heartbroken, hopeful, just every emotion hit me, BAM over and over again Next up is Something Like Autumn where we get to read Jace s story It s ready to go on the Kindle but I still need some time to mend my heart before picking this story back up. This started out hands down a 5 star read, but I am so angry about what happened at 95% that I have to rate this 2 stars Actually, the anger set in earlier, I was just hoping things would turn out differently.I feel so emotionally manipulated And not in a satisfying way grumbles and checks Kindle for damage This THIS is why I d never want to relive my teenage years.All that doubt, wondering, alienation Ugh Ben is a great narrator At times, you want to cringe and others cheer, but like life, it has its ups and downs To know something about yourself at a young age that makes you significantly different is an experience that isolates Growth is different, changed and lonely Ben s early teen years came with a harsh lesson Not all epiphanies lead to happiness But like a good sword, it gets stronger with each fold and hammer blow Ben doesn t falter His resilience is admirable and he s so far ahead of others in his personal growth that he has no confidant to share his hopes, dreams and desires except for his best friend, Allison Allison is the consummate friend who will support you, cheer you, and tell you when you re an idiot or fuck off when you ve screwed up, but in the end they re there I liked that there was a good give and take to their friendship and not everything had an easy solution And let s face it, they have serious disagreements about Tim Tim We all had one of these at some point, the elusive, unreachable, ungettable get Ben is goofy and awkward and squeezes his way into Tim s life as barren as it is Ben is the best thing that s ever happened to Tim and he can t accept it Heart ripped out 1.Sucks, but first loves are like that Reboot What happens then is Ben s journey to find love Real love The kind that is proud, never hides, and surrounds you like a blanket Jace Talk about wonderful Fucking love Jace so hard, and so does Ben But, the past doesn t always stay in the pastHeart ripped out 2 bad choiceHeart ripped out 3 I don t want to talk about it Took me three days to even think about writing this review because of it Maybe I m a masochist, but I liked this story I liked that there was a slightly non traditional trajectory with some realism At the end, part of me felt like we got to eat our cake and have it, too It s just a bittersweet cake Overall, an emotional journey that slaps you aroundFavorite quote Teach me how to fly, my beautiful butterfly He reached out and ruffled Ben s hair, his version of a parting kiss. 1.5 stars HOLY CRAP This book exhausted me in every way This isn t going to be a review, review I m simply just going to blurt out some thoughts Some will be spoiler taggedHelp me organize my thoughts, Beyonc Tim is an obsessed, narcissistic stalker All of that stuff he did to Ben and Jace in Ben s college yearsfumesI see some of my fellow readers loving Tim, but I can t even COUNT the number of times I ve bitch slapped him in my head His face is all red and ugly looking right now Jace is a doormat who is too perfect That s right, I said it He is TOO PERFECT If my man view spoiler cheated on me hide spoiler My twirling has gone into overdrive here.I m on a bit of a roll with all the 5 Stars I m throwing about but this one definitely deserves it I absolutely loved, the writing, the characters, the drama, the angst,Yes,it s not all sunshine and roses.I couldn t read through the tears at one point..but this book is the reason I love reading,I was swept up it this story and I m so glad I read it.The only thing I didn t love was not getting Tim s pov but that s about to be rectifiedoff to start book two and get inside his head.Highly Recommended.