Trials and Tribble-Ations

Almost a century ago, Captain James T Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise TM first encountered the irresistible and astonishingly prolific life form known as the tribblesTM, resulting in one of the most unusual adventures in the annals of Starfleet Now Captain Benjamin Sisko and the

The Missing

An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek Deep Space Nine a direct sequel to the New York Times bestselling story arc, The Fall Deep Space 9 is once again becoming an important way station in the Alpha Quadrant for many different people with many different agendas Uniquely crewed by

Disavowed (Star Trek: Section 31)

Amoral, shrouded in secrecy, and answerable to no one, Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet, a rogue shadow group committed to safeguarding the Federation at any cost Doctor Julian Bashir sacrificed his career for a chance to infiltrate Section 31 and destroy it from

Invasion: Time's Enemy

Millenia ago, an apocalyptic battle was fought in the Alpha Quadrant The losers were banished, but what became of the victors The Federation is threatened by this ancient mystery when a battered and broken version of the Defiant is found, frozen for five thousand years, in an icy cloud of cometary