Legacy of Magick (Legacy of Magick, #1)

So it turns out Magick runs in the family Autumn Bishop was just your average grad studentwho happens to be a Seer When she moves in with her long lost aunt and cousins, they look like a relatively normal family from the outside, however they turn out to be so much When ancient traditio

Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic.

A witch is a wise woman, a healer Yet for so long the word witch has had negative connotations In this book, third generation hereditary witch Lisa Lister explains the history behind witchcraft, why identifying as a healer in past centuries led women to be burned at the stake, and why the witch

The Witch Squad (Witch Squad Mystery #1)

Nineteen year old Mercy Habernackle is a witch gone off the rails Causing problems with the law in her hometown, she s faced with two options Go to a correctional institution or get shipped off to witch boarding school, or as her mother prefers to call it, finishing school Choosing the latter, Me