Gang Town

Cape Town is two cities One is beautiful beyond imagining, known since its beginning as the fairest cape in the world Here tourists come to lounge on beaches, scale misty peaks and dine in fine restaurants The other is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, where police need bullet proo


Just another murder in a country where killing is a national pastime nWealth insulates Michael Lane and his family from South Africa s violent crime epidemic until trouble comes from within the high walls of their Cape Town mansion one night when his teenage son commits an act of unspeakable s

Wake Up Dead (Cape Town #2)

An amphetamine fueled thriller about a bombshell American widow on the run in Cape Town s violent badlands from a writer being compared to George Pelecanos and Richard Price n nA split second decision with no second chance get it wrong and you wake up dead n nOn a blowtorch hot night in Cape Town, Ame

Song for Sarah: Lessons from my Mother

In this, Jansen s most personal and intimate book to date, South Africa s beloved Professor contemplates the stereotypes and stigma so readily applied to Cape Flats mothers as bawdy, lusty and gap toothed and offers this endearing antidote as a praise song to mothers everywhere who raise families

The Cape Doctor

The fascinating novel based on Cape Town s infamous Dr James Barry, born Margaret Anne Bulkley, an Irish girl and who changed her name, lived as a man, and revolutionized medicine in the Western world n n She died, so I might live n nDr James Miranda Barry was a brilliant nineteenth century Irish p

Khayelitsha: uMlungu in a Township

The gunshots came in rapid succession There were three of them, followed by screeching tyres and a screaming engine In a matter of seconds I recalled the conversation I d had with Mary She d been right after all You ll be fine for a few days, she d said, but after that they ll turn on you Ou

Dance With A Poor Man's Daughter

My name is Lily Daniels and I live in The Valley, in an old house at the top of a hill with a loquat tree in the garden We are all women in our house My grandmother, my Aunt Stella with her hopalong leg, and me The men in our family are not worth much They are the cross we have to bear Some of

Icarus (Benny Griessel, #5)

South Africa s preeminent crime fiction writer, Deon Meyer is internationally acclaimed for his razor s edge thrillers, unforgettable characters, and nuanced portrayals of contemporary life in his native country The fifth pulse pounder starring Captain Benny Griessel, a lead detective in South Afri

The Apartment

A high concept psychological chiller about a troubled married couple on a house swap from hell An Anchor Original n nMark and Steph live an idyllic life with their young daughter in sunny Cape Town until one day when three men in masks violently break in Traumatized but physically unharmed, Mark an